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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1st July 1973

Warren Radley (Born:  Warren Darrel Begg) male adoptee searching for his Birth Mother MARY HELENA ANNA MARIE BEGG. Last known address was 212 Silverdale, Claim Street Hillbrow Johannesburg. He was adopted from Cotlands Baby Sanctuary, Turffontein Johannesburg at about 3 weeks.
Warren has discovered that his biological mother passed away in 1989

4th July 1973 Wednesday

Were you born on 4.7.1973, adopted by Jewish parents in the Benoni/Boksburg area on 6.7.1973?  You have a brother and sister in Israel and a mother who has stayed in contact with your adoptive parents over the years, wanting desperately to meet with you. please!

14th July 1973 
28/05/2003 New Info

Marinda skryf: Daar is 'n leemte in my lewe en ek wil dit graag vul deur te weet wie my biologiese ouers is.
28/05/2003: Marinda was named Bernadine Basson at birth, she is searching for Renier Johannes Basson, her biological mother.

19th July 1973 

I am searching for my biological father. Name unknown. My biological mother was Yvonne Helen Harcombe. She was born on 12th July 1951. If you knew her during January 1973 please make contact. 

24th July 1973 
11/02/2002 new info

A baby girl born in Stellenbosch Amanda De Klerk, wants to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She would love to know more about her and to finally meet her.
11/02/2002 New Info. Amanda was born as Cecile Marylene Van den Heever. We have her biological mother's name on our personal computer.

August or October  1973 I am looking to find my son who was born and given up for adoption in late 1973. You were born in Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg to your biological mother Sandra Martens. I understood that you were named Andrew. I have never forgotten you and hope to find you and see how your life turned out.
August 1973
15/11/2008 FOUND

Biological father, Paul Anderson would love to trace his daughter born August 1974 in Pretoria. Her birth mother's name  was Annette Mulder of Florida, Transvaal.  If she is trying to find her natural father, please help.

9th August 1973 Thursday

A female adoptee Eugenie Jacobs  (birth name) is looking for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER (name unknown) probably a MISS. JACOBS at the time of adoption. Eugenie was born at the Marymount Hospital in Johannesburg and adopted through Child Welfare on 27th November 1973.

15th August 1973 Wednesday

Chantal Suguin and her mother (Magadalene Martha Julius) would like to find Chantal's adopted brother who was named JOHN HENRY JULIUS at birth. He was born in Cape Town.

22nd August 1973 Sunday.  
New info

22nd August 1973 Sunday Biological father
New Info

Martin Koekemoer is searching for his adopted daughter named MELANIE FOURIE at birth. She was born in Cape Town. Her biological mother is Elizabeth Groenewald nee Fourie who resided in Oudshoorn at the time of the adoption.
Maree Swanepoel born as Melanie Fourie in Cape Town is searching for ELIZABETH GROENEWALD (nee FOURIE) her biological mother. 
Melanie Fourie saw in our database that her father was searching for her, then contacted us.

14th February 2000: When Maree registered with us, she noticed in our database that her biological father was looking for her. (See previous entry) She contacted us, we in turn contacted her Biological Father. We have now also contacted Elizabeth, (Maree's Biological Mother) who is also anxious to see Maree. We hope to arrange a FAMILY reunion shortly. Maree has been searching for six years for her biological mother.
Maree was reunited with both her biological parents on Sunday 19th March 2000
Martin Koekemoer  Maree's Biological father, knows where to find Elizabeth Groenewald, Maree's Biolgical Mother.

21st August 1973 Tuesday

My name is Hermanus le Roux I was born in Vanderbijl Park as far as I know. As a child I had blond hair and blue eyes. I am trying to locate my biological mother.

23rd August 1973 Monday
15/11/2008 FOUND

Another baby girl namely Cindy Lou Mulder (Birth Name) was given up for adoption just one day after Malanie Fourie. (see entry for 22nd Aug. 1973) Cindy is now searching for her biological mom known as Annette Mulder of Pretoria at the time of birth. 

12th September 1973 a Wednesday
13/09/2001 new info
10/04/2002 New Info
10/06/2002 New Info
30/10/2002 Found

A female adoptee named Gwendoline Schmahl  at birth wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. The only details available are that Gwendoline was born in Port Elizabeth. 13/09/2001: Gwendoline's mother was WENDY ROSE SCHMAHL born on 25th Feb. 1956. She resided at the Schauder Home in Buckingham Rd. Port Elizabeth while waiting for the birth of her baby. She was not a South African Citizen.
10/04/2002 Gwendoline's father was Patrik McNocher, her Grand father (who died 09/11/1971) was Karl Schmahl. Aletta (biological mother) worked at a school for mentally ill children in Bulawayo.
Anyone who may know any of these people or who had contact with the school, please give us a call.
10/06/2002: New info: Gill has found her biological mother. She is still searching for her biological father Patrik McNocher.

18th September 1973 Tuesday
21/11/2002 New Info.

My birth name was Josina Kapp, I am 29 years, now and have never met my biological mother.  I would really like to meet her to tell her that I am not angry at her and I just want to know who she is.
My mother's full names are Magdalena Josina Dorothea Kapp.  She gave permission for adoption on the 25th of September 1973 at the Commissioner of Childcare in Bloemfontien.  She is Afrikaans and at the time belonged to the N.G. Kerk. She was not married at the time

21st September 1973 Friday

Sonnet Bronkhorst wie in Springs gebore is skryf: Ek is opsoek na my biologiese moeder met die selfde name as wat sy vir my gegee het voordat ek aangeneem is.

28th September 1973 Friday
20/04/2002 Found

To a BIOLOGICAL MOTHER your adopted son Janco (Birth name) who was born in Pretoria, is searching for you.  You may have kept him from the time he was born until he was adopted. Give us a call.
 20/04/2002 Janco has found his biological mother and has had a meeting with her.

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