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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


4th April 1973 Wednesday A baby boy born in Bloemfontein and named Stanley Grae at birth, wishes to trace his biological mother SHEILA ANN GRAE. It is presumed that she was born on 7th January 1953 and came from Zambia. She became an assistant nurse 3 or 4 months after the birth.
8th April 1973 Sunday Adoptee Clinton Lang wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Clinton was born in Pretoria, and was adopted on 18th April 1973. No further details are available at this time.
16th April 1973 Monday Michele Van Staden, a female adoptee born at the Queen Victoria Maternity Home, in Johannesburg is searching for her biologcal mother LENETTE VAN STADEN. her maiden name was LENETTE ELS. She was or is married to PIETER JOHANNES VAN STADEN. Lenette's birth date is 22nd June 1953
20th April 1973 Friday A baby boy, Martin Du Preez who was born in Cape Town ( now a handsome young man) wants to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. All that Martin has is his file number:- 52/4/70890/C
25th April 1973 Wednesday I named you Tanya, you were born on the 25th April 1973 at the New Moedersbond Hosptal in Pretoria.  The  good people of Fatima House in Pretoria North looked after me till I gave birth to you. The person who dealt with the adoption was a Mrs Zeilli from child welfare.  I would love to meet you. Your biological mother.THERESA.
17th May 1973 Thursday

My granny told me that my dad was a guy who was busy working on the Melville bridge in 1973. I want to know who he is to have closure to my have a sense of identity. Please help me get to know you dad...!!!

21st May 1973 Monday I was registered as Zane Leigh Hodge, after birth in Pietermaritzburg. I am searching for my biological father Leigh Lodge. I believe now living in Cape Town. My biological motherís name is Alta.
7th June 1973 Thursday Elma is a young lady who was adopted as a small baby. She wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER and writes:- Ek wil kennis maak met my biologiesiese ouers sodat ek meer gerus kan wees en al my onsekerhede in my lewe kan beperk - help asseblief - Dankie
10th June 1972 Sunday A baby girl born as Joanda Lourens is searching for her biological mother Anna Jacoba Grobler. Married to Gerhardus Marthinus Maritz Grobler, id 480919 5069 08 3; Living at 797 Dyeri Lane, Dorandia, Pretoria North.
19th June 1972 Tuesday A male adoptee writes: I would like to meet my biological mother to get an idea of where I come from.
21st June 1973 Thursday Charmain or Williem Lombard please contact me, I just want to talk to you OR any of my relatives. From Candice born 21/06/73 in Edenvale (Aletta Lombard) Thanks
22nd June 1973 Friday
29/10/2002 New Info
01/11/2002 Confirmed
Justin Bauer a male adoptee with  Blue eyes.  Born with blond hair.  It is brown now and who is Tall and lean, wishes to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was born in Pretoria.
29/10/2002: Adoption Reunions have been contacted by a lady who could be Justin's biological mother. JUSTIN PLEASE CONTACT US. YOUR E-MAIL HAS BEEN RETURNED.
01/11/2002 It has been confirmed that Lynette is Justin's biological mother. We are unable to contact Justin as his e-mail address has changed. JUSTIN PLEASE CONTACT US
14/11/2002: Jack of Adoption Reunions spoke to Justin on the telephone.
23rd June 1973 Saturday Biological mother Esther Robbetze (maiden name) is searching for her adopted daughter who she named ESTHER FRANCINA JACOBA BRAUN OR ROBBETZE. She was born at the Ou Moedersbond hospital in Pretoria. and was adopted through the NG. Kerk.
24th June 1973 Sunday A baby girl named Susan Koekemoer by her biological mother at birth, is now searching for her birth mother. Susan was born in Bloenfontein.

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