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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


2nd January 1973 Thursday
11/08/2005 FOUND
Nicola Scott-Mason a female adoptee born at the Lade Chancellor Maternity Home in Bulawayo, Rhodesia now Zimbabwe is searching for her biological mother.
15th January 1973 Monday
16/01/2003 New Info
You had no hair, blue eyes.... Was the most adorable baby boy ever born .I would love to know, what your life has been like, I wish I could go back and have you in my arms, like it should have been.
16/01/2003: I got something back from the adoption to say that maybe my Son is looking for me his adoptee id no is 611,
17th January 1973 Wednesday
Found 15/10/2003
My adopted son has been searching for his biological parents and has requested me to assist him in his search. Date of birth 17th January 1973 Bulawayo. No response from Zimbabwe officials after repeated requests.
Jack Kotze owner of this website says:- What a great adopted Mom.
15/10/2003 Found through this website.
19th January 1973 Friday
FOUND 29/10/2003
William Sutherland wishes to send this message to his biological mother:-  I am hoping to find out more about you. Thank you.
29/10/2003: We have been informed that William has found his biological mother.
22nd January 1973 Monday Sean Hadon (birth name) born in Johannesburg, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at present.
24th January 1973 a Wednesday Saffron Deijkman (birth name) a female adoptee who has been reunited with her biological mom, wishes to find out more about her biological father FRED CLOETE. He was a draftsman and sadly died in an automobile accident in December 1973, without knowing about Saffron. Any contact from family or friends of FRED would be appreciated.
30th January 1973 Tuesday Baby Nicolette Grobelaar ( birth name) who was born in Johannesburg, wishes to trace SHARON GROBELAAR. Sharon was born April 1953. Was 20 yrs old, single, a student, living at home with her married brother, her father lived alone and was widowed. My birth father was 24 or 25 and a commercial artist. Nicolette writes:- I would like to contact my birth mother from Australia where I live now. I want her to know I am happy and having a wonderful life, and would cherish the opportunity to know about my blood family and history and exchange photos. Thank you!
12 to 14th February 1973 Monday Now living in NZ (since '96) and would like to make contact with my adopted son, if my son wishes to. I do not wish to intrude if no contact is wanted.
15th February 1973 Thursday Searching for my son, born William Lamont, (birth name) mid February 1973 at Addington Hospital., Durban. I am Anne Anderson (nee Lamont). Have tried finding him through Child Welfare, apparently adoptive parents refuse to advise him I am wanting to contact him.
19th February 1973 Monday Samantha Harris (now Justine Borgwardt) is looking for Sandra Mary Harris, born 12th October 1952 and  Martin John Koorts, born in Pretoria 11 Feb. Justine was given to Cotlands Turfontein, and adopted from Cotlands Turfontein in June 73. My biological parents were studying in Maritzburg.
26th February 1973 Monday I am looking for my biological father, Andries Van Staden. I have very little information about him, if someone can please help me, I will really appreciate it. Thank you
8th March 1973 Thursday Raymond (birth name, surname unknown)  a male adoptee,is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Raymond now known as Clinton was born in Durban and adopted though the Durban Child Welfare.
9th March 1973 Friday Clinton Pieter Hall who was born in Bloemhof, wishes to trace his biological father, namely PIETER VAN AARDE or VAN AARDT.
11th March 1973
I am looking for my son who was born in Bulawayo at the Mater Dai Hospital on the 11 March 1973. Please e-mail or contact Adoption Reunions if anyone has any information.
15th March 1973 Thursday A young man who was named Gerrit or Gerhard Mol at birth and who was born in Johannesburg, wishes to find his biological mother or biological father. He was adopted from Cotlands in Turffontein in Johannesburg.
17th March 1973 Saturday
24/08/2005 New Info
I have been searching for my birth mother for quite some time and would like to meet her. My twin sister and 1 were born at Klerksdorp hospital.
24/08/2005: My birth mother's name was Cecilia Johanna Maria Jordaan she was 22 at the time of my birth and originated from Stilfontein. I was named Liesel and my twin sister was named Cecile. We were born at the Klerksdorp Hospital on 17/03/1973.
20th March 1973
Jude Daniela Stefek (birth name) would dearly love to find my birth mother.
25th March 1973 Sunday Carol Braun writes: Baby named Carol Braun at birth, is seeking her biological mother from the Border (East London or King William's Town) area.  Date of birth 25/3/1973.  Does not want to disrupt life in any way of birth mother, but does have questions which she would like answered privately and confidentially
29th March 1973 Thursday I am looking for my birth mother or father.  I was born Barbara Venter on 29 March 1973 in Cape Town.  I do not know any details about my birth parents, except that my mother was very very young.

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