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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


10th April 1977 Sunday

Sandra Van der Merwe (Birth Name) is a female adoptee who was born in Brits. Sandra wishes to trace her biological mother HEILETJIE VAN DER MAERWE (Maiden name). She also wants to find her BIOLOGICAL FATHER.

13th April 1977
An amazing woman named Amelia Davis Els gave birth on the 13 April 1977 to a gorgeous baby named Frans Els,who is desperately searching for her, and hoping to be reunited soon. You have the two most loving grandsons and the most beautiful daughter in-law. We love you

15th April 1977 Friday

Adrian Munro (birth name) who was born in Cape Town, wishes to trace his biological mother a Miss. Munro.

29th April 1977 Friday
18/06/2007 FOUND

A baby girl named Lucielle Clinton at birth who was born in Benoni is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER (Name unknown) No further information is available   at present. Watch this spot.

4th May 1977 Wednesday
New Info
17/08/2007 FOUND

A young lady Anne, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in Ladysmith Kwazulu Natal, is searching for her ADOPTED DAUGHTER.
05/09/2003: Contacted by sister of adoptee in Canada. The adopted daughter did not want to make contact at present.
17/08/2007: Anne's adopted daughter now wants to make contact with her biological mother.

5th May 1977 Thursday

Jakobus Hendrik Gouws who was brought up by his biological mother, is now trying to trace his biological father ANDRIES J. VAN DER WALT who is now about 47 years old, and worked for Babcoco in Isando. Jakobus's grand father died in 1982 or 1983 and owned a plot near Pretoria.  A.J. last visited his son when he was about 5 years old.

5th May 1977 Thursday

If anyone can assist Kotie (Petronella Tait) in finding her biological mother Jeane Maurene Tait age 16 at time of adoption, she will be eternally grateful.  God Bless

5th June 1977 Sunday
05/04/2005 FOUND

Looking for Birth Mother from Fort Victoria, No hard feelings just want to know!

5th June 1977 Sunday
22/07/2007 New Info
The biological father Keith Anderson, wishes to trace his ADOPTED SON who was born at the Lady Rodwell Maternity Home in Bulawayo. Keith's mother tried to keep the baby to no avail.
22/07/2007: We have been advised that the biological mothers name was Fiona Lough at the time.

6th June 1977 Monday

Born in Gwelo Rhodesia, Baby George wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was 9Lbs at birth has blond hair and blue eyes.

9th June 1977 Thursday

Another Rhodesian baby is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Claire Pridmore was born in Umtali. She  has a oval birth mark on her right buttock.

22nd June 1977 Wednesday.
17/03/2001: New Info

Carol-Anne Ford a biological mother is searching for her ADOPTED SON, name unknown. He was born at the Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. He was adopted 2 days after birth.
17/03/2001 Carol-anne has found her son, not far from where she is living.

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