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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


July or August 1977

The biological father of a baby boy born in Bulawayo (Arnold Immelman) wishes to trace his adopted son "BABY" SCOTT. His biological mother was Linda Scott

5th July 1977 Tuesday Hi I'm looking for my biological mother, I have no details of her id  # or if she's married. At the time of my birth she was 23 and not married. I know she lived as a border in Birchley  Kempton Park. Her name is unusual, Alida Jeanetta Regina Mulder (Muller) I was born in Kempton Park and my birth name given as Lindie.

30th July 1977 Saturday

Shani Tolken a female adoptee writes. I would like to meet my Biological mother and obtain the truth about my adoption. Her biological mother is, JEANETTA DEBORAH TOLKEN. Date of birth: 19 August 1944, Medium build, 5ft 3in, blue eyes, medium blonde curling hair, medium tan complexion, speaks with a bray.

4th August 1977

Looking for my son given up for Adoption, born 4 August 1977. Lady Rodwell Maternity Home, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

7th August 1977 Sunday

I am looking for Barbara Du Plessis last known address was 11 e Storms River Manenburg. A family known as the Salasa took me into foster care when I was 1 half months old. We stayed in Belinda Court Manenburg. I would like to get to know you. I am 25 now married with 3 daughters I would like them to get too know their mothers family

14th August 1977 Sunday

To Derrick Hammond (birth name)  We were forbidden to marry - being so young. I did not want to give you up - but at the time being young I did not know what to do - I thought that it was best. There is not a day that goes by when I do not think of you - the hurt is still so hard. I look at my other children - I wonder about you - they are all so much alike that you must look the same. I married your father 2 years later. I wish and pray that someday I will be able to met you and explain it all to you.

17th August 1977 Wednesday
 03/04/2001: New Info

One Thursday a young lady, Briony Shaw gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at the Boksburg/Benoni Hospital in Benoni. Soon afterwards she gave him up for adoption. Briony who later married the biological father now wishes to trace her ADOPTED SON. 03/04/2001 New Info. Briony has sent us the great news that she has been reunited with her son Kevin who she gave up for adoption. See Briony's story in our story page.

18th August 1977 Thursday

Adoptive mom Elsa is assisting her adopted daughter find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER a MISS PIETERS. Hester Pieters was born in Delmas. She was adopted on 25th October 1977.

21st August 1977 Sunday

A baby girl born in Gatoma (now Kadoma) and who was adopted in Salisbury, namely Catriona, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She writes: I am desperately looking for my Birth mother who gave me up in August 1977 - Born Kadoma - adopted in Harare. Female. Please contact me....!

5th September 1977 Monday

Craig a male adoptee is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Craig was born in Cape Town on Monday 5th September 1977. No further details are available.

9th September 1977 Friday

I am a male adoptee, born in Pretoria, searching for his biological mother. I don't quite know where this is going to lead but I really like to know where I'm from and what my background is. 

14th September 1977 Wednesday

Justin Smith is looking for his BIOLOGICAL PARENTS. He was born at Lady Chancellor in Harare and adopted at birth.

17th September 1977 Saturday

If you married Colin Matthew Reynolds in Port Shepstone in court on 19/05/1976, and if you are the BIOLOGICAL MOTHER ( CHRISTINE) of a baby girl named Carol Marie Reynolds, born in Port Shepstone. Then please take note that your baby is searching for you.

17th September 1977 Saturday 
06/11/2000 new info

A baby named Crystal Bekker at birth is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available.
06/11/2000: New info: Crystal's biological mothers name has been established. She was English speaking and belonged to the Methodist church. Crystal was registered under her natural father's surname.

24th September 1977 Saturday 
26/03/2001 New Info

A biological mother named Pamela is searching for her baby girl she had to give up for adoption. The baby was born in the Lady Rodwell Hospital Bulawayo, Rhodesia and was adopted on 6th October 1977.
Pam has been able to get some information from the Welfare Department in Bulawayo. Her File Number is 332/77. 26/03/2001: Pam has established that her daughter FIONA made enquiries about her during 1990. FIONA now lives in Perth, Western Australia.

25th September 1977 Sunday

I am helping my girlfriend search for her birthmother. Anyone with any information please email me!! We are searching for Karin Slentin.

28th September 1977 Wednesday I am your biological motherís cousin helping her to find you. 
I understand that you were born on the 28 September 1977 in Mutare (then Umtali).
The little information available via social services reveals that you completed a commercial degree at a university in South Africa in 1999 and that you have a brother who completed a medical degree and thereafter an MBA probably also at a university in South Africa.
I would love to help the two of you finally meet knowing just how much this would mean to your biological mother.

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