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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


3rd October 1977 Monday

My name is Brynmore Cloete and I am looking for my biological father MOOSA SOLOMONS. Already met biological mother, Jo-Anne Marney from Cape Town. Do not want anything, just want to meet and chat. (may be discreet)

23rd October 1977 Wednesday

When parents get divorced, the children suffer the most. Jan Hendrik Louis Boshoff's parents were divorced on 25/4/1979 18 months after his birth. He was brought up by his father, but now wishes to trace his mother CYNTHIA PETRONELLA BOSHOFF nee VIVIERS. Jan also had a twin brother who died on 27th October 1977 only 4 days after birth. Cynthia is from the Port Elizabeth area. Her father worked at the fire station at the time.

11th November 1977 Monday Searching for Claudette Bonita Barlow you would remember me as your baby girl Michelle Barlow born in Durban. I know you were married but am not sure if the surname you gave was your married or maiden name. Now 25 years have passed. I would like to contact you.

1st December 1977 Thursday

The day  I signed "those papers", a part of me died. I never wanted to give you up for Adoption, because all I wanted was to be with my Leoni. I did not have the means to give you the things  a new born baby needs. I wrote a letter and asked the Nurses to give it to your parents, when you are 21yrs old. Also a little glass vase with a pink flower in it. Not a day goes by without me thinking of you. I will never stop my search. I love you.

19th December 1977 Monday

Seeking Carina Elizabeth Vorster - my birthmother. My birth date 19/12/1977 at Queen Victoria Hospital Johannesburg by caesarean section at 11pm.

24th December 1977 Saturday

The day before Christmas a lady gave birth to a baby girl, now named Mirelle in Johannesburg. Mirelle who has Black hair, dark brown eyes and a birthmark on her left upper thigh wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.

31st December 1977 Saturday

A young girl looking for her biological parents. She was born on 31st December 1977 and was adopted 11 day later her name in hospital was Mandy Anderson. I would just like to know that they are both well and happy. I was born in Pretoria and the adoption agency was Catholic woman's league.

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