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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


22 October 1970 Sunday. A biological mom Anna who was forced to put her baby girl up for adoption wishes to trace her baby AMANDA OBERHOLZER.(birth name). She was born at Cotlands in Johannesburg.
29th October 1970 Thursday
08/09/2009 Found
LINDSAY DUMBRILL a biological father is being sought by his biological daughter Debra Anne De Lange (birth name) who was born in Eshowe Natal. Her mother was Coleen Anne De Lange. Debra has already found her biological mother and now wishes to find her father. Both Lindsay and Coleen lived in Durban at the time.
08/09/2009: Lindsay contacted Adoption Reunions today and told us that he is not Debra's biological father.
9th November 1970 Monday I am looking for my son who was delivered by Dr Fehrsen at about 01h00 on 09.11.70 in Bulawayo
12th November 1970 Thursday

Ian Brown, if you see this please contact me, my name is Brad, I was born on 12/11/1970, to Val Thomson. I am really keen to speak to you.

21st November 1970 Saturday Alice Swart (birth name) was a beautiful baby girl born at the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital in Johannesburg. She has now grown into a fine young lady who wishes to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Alice (now Susan) was adopted from Cotlands Baby Santuary in Turffontein Johannesburg. Recently Susan's adopted brother found his Biological mother.
22nd November 1970 Sunday Wendy Gail Griffin (birth name) a female adoptee, was born at the Mowbray Hospital in Cape Town and adopted on 2nd December 1970. She is now trying to find her Biological FATHER CLIVE VOSTER who lived in Johannesburg at the time. Her mother was Maureen Goddard.
26th November 1970 Thursday A young man named Paul Barnard who was born in Wynberg Cape Province wants to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at present.
27th November 1970 Friday
28/07/2004: New Info
I am looking for my birthmother. Was adopted in Rhodesia at Salisbury in the Lady Chancellor Maternity Home. I am a female and born on the 27th November 1970. Adoption was done 10 days after birth.
28/07/2004: We have established that we are searching for .............. who lived in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe at the time of giving birth.
14th December 1970 Monday Lorina Van Eeden, Born on 14 December 1970.  Mother lived in "Magdalenahuis" in Clarmont, Cape Town for duration of pregnancy.   Mothers name at the time was Delmaree De Bod van Eeden.  Adopted on 31 March 1971.
14th December 1970
In search of my birth mother. I was born 14 Dec 1970 at Lady Rodwell Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) and given up for adoption at birth.
15th December 1970 Tuesday My naam is Ronélle (gebore Margo Sonnekus) en ek is op soek na my biologiese ma Hester Sonnekus. Ek is in Pretoria, in die Moederbond gebore op 15 Des 1970 en in pleegsorg geplaas op 24 Des 1970.Die pleegouers het my aangeneem. Ek weet Hester het in hierdie tyd in die President Hotel in Pretoria tuis gegaan. As ek reg verstaan was sy 'n baie kunstige persoon en het 'n ligte gelaat gehad. As jy my nie wil sien nie, sal ek dit waardeer indien jy my telefonies kontak sodat ek weet wat van jou geword het.
21st December 1970 a Monday
3/11/2007: New Info
Just before Christmas a young lady gave birth to a baby boy in Wynberg Cape Town and named him Michael Slight. Now Michael wishes to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. The adoption took place on 18th February 1971.
3/11/2007:My biological mother’s or father’s surname was Slight or at least this is how it appears on my birth certificate.

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