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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


4th July 1970 Saturday A young man named Alan Johan Mothley or Motley at birth, wishes to trace his biological mother. LOUISE MOTHLEY or MOTLEY was a member of the Anglican Church, was English speaking, was unmarried at the time of giving birth. Her last known address was 32 Gillan Street Johannesburg.
5th July 1970 Sunday 
A baby girl born as Mary Mans in Pretoria on a fine winters day, would like to find the person who gave her life, her KATHERINE-ANN MANS. No further details are available at present. 
17/10/2000: Mary's BM's name established.
8th July 1970 Wednesday I am looking for my biological mother. I was adopted when I was 8 days old. My mothers name was Kathleen Veronica Magee and born 1949 08 March. Was adopted through the Catholic church in Roodepoort. That is all I know. My name was Ashley Roland Magee.
23rd July 1970 Thursday The adoptive mother of Susan Christeen Coetzee (Birth name) who was born in Vanderbijlpark, is assisting her daughter to trace Susan's biological mother, SUSAN CHRISTEEN COETZEE nee TEXEIRA who was married at the time. She has yellow/brown eyes and was born on 24th November 1950. She worked for Iscor when Susan was born.
30th July 1970 Thursday
13/09/2010 FOUND
Justin W (birth name)  a male adoptee, born in Durban and adopted on 10th August 1970 is searching for his biological mother.
12th August 1970 Wednesday Sven O'reilly (so geregistreer) in die Grooteskuur Hospitaal in Kaapstad, gebore. Opsoek na my Moeder Maureen Raath. Ek is 12 Augustus 1970 gebore. As ek reg verstaan was sy woonagtig in 'n hotel toe sy my opgegee het vir aanneming. My Vader was 'n noorweegse skipper. Blonde hare en wel gebou. My huidige naam is Conrad J. Niemand. Ek is in die Strand Kaapstad aangeneem, omtrend 4 maande laater.Enige inligting is welkom.
15th August 1970 Saturday Crallan Hawley (birth name)  wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER who was unmarried at the time of his birth, he was born in Cape Town and adopted on 5th October 1970.
16th August 1970 Sunday I would like to know who my biological father is. I was born 16 August 1970 as Rosemary Vickery in Vryheid. My biological grandparents Kay and Vic Vickery signed the papers giving me up for adoption. My biological mother was Lynda Vickery at the time who has refused to tell me who my biological father is.
31st August 1970 Monday This is a special message for WENDY BOTES. You have already met your biological mother, Sandra. You were about 19 years old, then disappeared and have not contacted her again for ten years. She really misses you and would love to make contact again. Please click here for her contact numbers.
4th September 1970 Friday

A baby born in Wynberg Cape Town and named Jurie Rall is searching for his biological mother Elizabeth Wilhelmina Rall.

4th September 1970 Friday
08/01/2004: New Info

A young gentleman born in Johannesburg on this day is searching for his biological mother. No details are available at present, but watch this space.
08/01/2004: It has come to light that David was never legally adopted. His biological mother was 17 years old when he was born. The midwife was Nora Viljoen.

6th September 1970 Sunday Louisa Magdalena Van Eden a young lady who was placed in  a Thabazimbi boarding school after her parents were divorced, and never heard from them again, now wishes to find her mother HEILA VAN EDEN or her father BENJAMIN VAN EDEN (who has lost both his legs). Louisa also has a brother Benjamin Barend Van Eden.
16th September 1970 Wednesday
01/11/2000; New Info
A biological mother Christina  is searching for her adopted daughter, who she named SANDRA BENITA COMBRINK, who was born at the Ou Moeders Bond in Pretoria.
01/11/2000: Christina has established that Sandra's adoptive parents have both passed away. We now await a call from Sandra.
16th September 1970 Wednesday A female adoptee Hester De Villiers is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Hester was born in the Western Cape. She has a red birthmark behind the right ear.
18th September 1970 Friday Searching for Biological Mother, Doreen Gillingham (maiden name) born on 29/08/1948), first married name Griffith, divorced, remarried and moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa.
20th September 1970 Sunday If your birthplace was Bulawayo Lady Rodwell Maternity Home, you are a male born between 15th -30th September 1970. Please could you contact me I could possibly be your birth mother.
26th September 1970 Saturday
New Info 22/2/2002
10/04/2003 FOUND
On this day a beautiful baby girl Jaqualine Rademeyer was born at the Willem Cruywagen Hospital in Germiston. She now wants to find the lady who gave her life, namely JUDETH DOROTHEA RADEMEYER
 22/2/2002: Judith was 21 years of age when she gave birth to Jaqualine. Judeth was born in 1949.
10/04/2003: Found but rejected by her biological mother.

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