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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


13th April 1970 Monday Ina De Jager (birth name) a female adoptee who was born in Pretoria, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL FATHER or FAMILY OF  her biological mother, ELIZABETH MARIA DE JAGER. (maiden name) She may be small and dark.
11th May 1970 Monday Ek Henk (Paul De Vos) is op soek na my biologiese moeder FREDRIKA DE VOS wat my laat aan neem het in Pretoria by die Fatima te huis my geboorte datum is 11 mei 1970.
14th May 1970 Thursday.
20/7/2000.New Info
31/08/2000.New Info
A young lady whose maiden name was Hildagonda Viljoen gave birth to a baby girl in Pretoria, then named her JOAN VILJOEN, and was then forced to give her baby up for adoption about 3 weeks after birth. Hilda now wishes to see how her baby has progressed through the years and would love to meet her.
Joan is now known as JOANINE she lived with her adoptive parents on a farm in the Mafiking area. Hilda has been given a photograph of Joanine when she was about two and a half years old. 
Child Welfare told Hilda that she has managed to get hold of the adoptive parents.  They are now living in rural area of the Western Cape.  Her biological daughter is married and has children of her own.  The adoptive parents told the Welfare that they would like to discuss the matter between themselves before approaching their daughter which is quite understandable.  
25th May 1970 Monday On this day a baby girl was born in the Mater Dei Hospital Bulawayo, Rhodesia. Her biological mother ELMA PIETERSEN gave her up for adoption on 27th June 1970. Elma was married to ADAM ADRIAAN PIETENS. Fay now wishes to make contact with her biological mother Elma Pietersen.
26th May 1970 Tuesday A very special baby girl who was named MARIAN NEL at birth was given up for adoption. She had beautiful blue eyes and was born in Johannesburg. Now her biological mom Gwen  would like to trace her baby. Marian was adopted through Cotlands Baby Sanctuary.
27th May 1970 Wednesday Sarie Meyers writes :- Ek was eintlik nie aangeneem in wettige wyse, maar is deur my ouma groot gemaak nadat my moeder my verlaat het toe ek net drie maande oud was.Ongelukkig kan ek nie al die vrae beantwoord nie, want alles wat ons of eintlik my ouma van my ma gehad het, is in 'n brand verwoes. Groot asb. laat weet my as u enigiets kan uitrig.
Sy was oorsproklik ook van Stanford, maar so onmoontlik soos dit klink, het sy net van die aardbol af verdwyn, want niemand kan vir my enigiets van haar vertel nie ! Biological mother was SARIE MEYERS and biological father WILLEM KAPTEIN
31st May 1970 I am desperately seeking my biological mother.  I was adopted out at 3 months.  At birth, I was either fostered or with my biological mother and was named Simone.  I was adopted out in Bulawayo because of my feeding and stomach problems and then named Maxine.  I have an olive complexion and dark brown hair and eyes.
6th June 1970 Saturday Mandy Cox (birth name) is a female adoptee trying to locate her biological mother  KATHLEEN COX, who lived at 3 UNION STREET SPRINGS at the time of her birth. She also had three other children. Mandy's mother was married to her father who died before Mandy was born.
7th June 1970 Sunday A young biological mother who was not allowed to see her son before he was adopted, would now love to meet her son she named ALISTAIRE COETZEE. He was born at the Addington Hospital in Durban.
12th June 1970 Friday My birth name was Brain Middelton. I would like to find my biological mother Gladys Middelton (maiden name) she was divorced at the time of my birth. Last known address of birth mother: flat 1301, Preston Place, Alexander street, Berea JOHANNESBURG
16th June 1970 Tuesday Biological mom Denise gave life to a baby boy at the Lady Rodwell Hospital in Bulawayo Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), then named him FRANCESCO GIOVANNI CLEGG. She now wishes to see how her little baby has progressed over the years. Give us a call. The File Number is 256/65,226/70
16th June 1970 - 1973 I am looking for a girl who was born in the King Williams Town area on 16 June 1970-1973. Her mother got pregnant from a married man and was pressured to give the baby up. The adoption took place through the red cross and we have no other details about her. Please contact me if this could be you
17th June 1970 Wednesday
13/07/2003 New Info
A baby girl born in Wankie Rhodesia now named Leandre Selyer is trying to locate her biological father PETER GOOSEN, who owned a mine or was the manager of a mine in Wankie at the time. He possibly resides in Bulawayo at present.
13/07/2003: It has been established that Peter Goosen is now in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.
Peter Goosen passed away about 12 years ago. I am in contact with my birth mother, and with his son, Peter
Jr., step-brother's daughter.

19th June 1970      Friday. 
New Info
OUR First Case

Clinton Radley (Born:   Derek Begg) 28 year old male adoptee searching for his Biological mother. MARY HELENA ANNA MARIE BEGG, (Maiden name) She lived  at 37 - 75 Von Brandis street Johannesburg during 1973. Clinton was taken to Cotlands Baby Sanctuary Turffontein Johannesburg on the Wednesday 24th June 1973. Clinton is a young man that any mother will be proud of.
Clinton's biological mother passed away in 1989. However, he has discovered that his adopted brother, Warren radley is his biological brother.
23rd June 1970 Tuesday Looking for my grandson / son who was born in Durban at mothers hospital on the 23rd June 1970 please contact  me.
24th June 1970 Wednesday It was on this day that CELESTE YVONNE SIMPSON (maiden name) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at the Addington Hospital in Durban. Her baby was named Juliet Marais, presumably after the father, who may have been working for a car manufacturing company on the South coast at the time. Juliet now wishes to meet her biological mother CELESTE 

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