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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1975 to 1979

Anita November writes: My mom  (Cecilia November nee Stokes) pasted away on 1/6/2001. She put her children up for adoption between 1975 and 1979, I'm not exactly sure which year. I would like to meet up with them, I was told that the children were first under foster care and then were adopted. At the time this all took place in Riverlea Johannesburg.

21st January 1975 Tuesday I would like to meet my biological parents. I was born on the 21st of January 1975 in Pretoria. My mother's initials are E.L and her surname was Ward. My name would have been Marlize/Marlise. Kindly let me know if you are interested in meeting me
26th January 1975 Sunday Lorraine Marshall (birth name) and her brother Jason are searching for their biological parents, Stuart Angus and Marjorie Marshall. The children may have been placed in a place of safety in Rhodesia at the time. Lorraine was born in Selukwe Rhodesia. What a great reunion this is going to be.
11th February 1975
Any info on Kaye family from Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Make contact ... I may be your relative!

17th February 1975 Monday
FOUND 01/04/2003

The biological mother Elsie Maria Avenant (maiden Name) of EMILE AVENANT (Birth Name) who was adopted by a couple who may now be living in Pretoria, is anxious to see her son again, that she loved so much but was forced to give up for adoption.
01/04/2003: Elmara has met her adopted son after 28 years.

15th March 1975 Saturday
FOUND 06/01/2005

Analie Du Plessis ( born Dreanne Strauss), looking for my biological mother. I was born on the 15th of March 1975 and went to Maria Kloppers Childrens Home in Langlaagte before adoption.

16th March 1975 Sunday
06/02/2003 FOUND

Dear DALROY BELL, I'm so glad you initiated search for your biological mother and would very much like to make contact and meet you soon. I was told you may be either in the UK or in Australia.   Please don't have second thoughts. Love and thanks to anyone who makes it possible, Maria.

20th March 1975 Thursday
10/01/2003 FOUND

A female adoptee Robynne Becker,  born as HAYLEE DAWN VAN DER LINDE at the Addington Hospital in Durban is searching for her biological mother VILETTE VAN DER LINDE (maiden name). Haylee has a birth mark behind her right knee and was adopted on 21st March 1975.

27th March 1975

Nazlie Chetty (birth name) Looking for biological mother (ATHIELUTCHMEE CHETTY), need to meet her urgently if anyone has information or can help to trace her, please inform me it will be dearly appreciated I'm really desperate. Thanks!!!!!

31st March 1975

Yolandi Joubert (Born Rossouw) is searching for her Biological Father MACK VAN DER MERWE, who presumably lived at Leeupoot near Witbank. She last saw him when she was 2 years old. Yolandi's Birth mother was known as Kleintjie Cicillia Johanna Rossouw. She later married a Mr Kruger.

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