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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1st October 1975 Wednesday My husband is looking for his Biological mother, all we know is that he was born in PE and that and his name Charne Pizer.

7th October 1975 Tuesday

Gwendoline Muller (birth name) is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOM ZANDRA.  Gwendoline was born in Pretoria. (BM's full names are known)

15th October 1975 Wednesday
02/01/2002 New info
27/11/2008 New Info

A female adoptee with Hazel eyes, medium brown hair,  Donna Luisa Deane at birth, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER a MISS PENNELOPE HEATHER DEANE.
02/01/2002 New info Donna has discovered that her BM's name was Penny.
27/11/2008: I now wish to find my Biological father.
His name is Anthony (Tony) Graham Serfontein, he was half Lebanese and half French apparently!  Was very tall, had an afro and rode a Triumph!

7th October 1975 Friday

A baby girl born as Thelma Bradshaw in Pretoria on Friday 17th October 1975 is searching for her biological mother  MAUREEN BRADSHAW. No further details are available.

5th November 1975 Wednesday
29/08/2000: FOUND

Carol Sue a biological mother wishes to find the baby daughter she gave birth to at the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria, and named CLAIRE ATTARD (birth name) Claire's last contact was with the Catholic Woman's League in Pretoria during 1997. The call came from the UK. "Claire" however did not leave a number. Claire please call us or email us urgently.
29th August 2000:
Just to let you know that "Claire" has been found she resides in Austria and we have exchanged our first letters.  Sincere thanks.

5th November 1975 Wednesday

I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and am seeking either of my birth parents.
Kelly's biological mother saw this entry on our website.

6th November 1975 Thursday
25/9/2006 FOUND

My name is Karen and I am a biological mother looking for my adopted son, born 6th November, 1975 at Lady Rodwell, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

15th November 1975 Saturday

A baby girl born as Mandy Sharper in Durban wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL FATHER, DANIEL. Her mother was unmarried at the time and had eight (8) siblings. It is believed that Daniel was French, worked for the South African Railways and may have lived with his parents .

17th November 1975 Monday Terence Calvert Adopted by Linda and Lionel Calvert in the 70.s in Durban from the Durban Child Welfare, South Africa, they later immigrated to Australia, I have never stopped thinking of you Terence, I did this for you because I was only 17 years old and unemployed, I agreed to the adoption. I love you deeply. Miss you so much. Love from your Biological mother. Yvonne.

17th November 1975 Monday

Susan De Witt (birth name) born in Port Elizabeth is searching for my biological father Dreyer Van Zyl. He was unmarried. Works for his sister at Gordons Bay on a chicken farm.

24th November 1975
I am a female and was born on 24 November 1975 in Krugersdorp. I would to locate my biological father, Piet Greyling. He apparently met me once as a baby.

December 1975
Exact Date Unknown

Biological father is looking for his child (presumably a daughter), born in late 1975, or possibly the first week of 1976. Your biological mother Jackie; lives in Albertsdal, Alberton. I have loved and searched for you then, and I always will. Pleas contact me.

8th December 1975 Monday

MICHELL ANNE WARREN (birth name) is a female adoptee who is being sought by her biological mother JILL BEVERLEY DE COILBERT-TURGIS Michelle was born in Durban and adopted through the Durban Child Welfare. Adoption file Number A5551. Her biological father is Neil Butcher.

12th December 1975 Thursday
09/11/2001 FOUND

A biological mother Johanna wishes to trace her adopted son who was born at the Queen Vic. in Johannesburg. She named him DAVID JOHANNES LEVINARDUS VAN DEN BERGH. It is presumed that he was adopted a couple with the name GROBLER.
09/11/2001Johanna has advised us that she has found her son

18th December 1974 or 1975 My sister was born in Port Elizabeth. There is very little information that I can gain from my mother; she feels it is too painful for her. But I would very much like to hear from my sister, not necessarily to meet, but just to know she is alright so I can tell my mother and easy my own mind.

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