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Welcome to Golden Hands

Golden Hands provides high quality, professional building and renovating services that are both reliable and dependable. Golden Hands is a South African owned and operated business. It is a comprehensive business service provider which has, over years of combined experience in building, renovating and woodwork services.
Golden hands provides commercial, retail, and industrial building, renovating and woodwork services at affordable rates with expertise and comfortable environment through the use of quality products.

At Golden Hands, we thrive on PRIDE, HONESTY, and HIGH QUALITY SERVICES to create and strengthen our relationship with our clients. Golden Hands is setting new standards in building and renovating services and is maintaining these standards through ongoing dedication and commitment.

As a building and renovating service provider business, we focus on the building and renovating need of our clients, and provide the utmost quality and efficient service guaranteed to exceed our clients’ expectations
Clients can save costs without ever having to compromise quality. Golden Hands guarantees that the service rendered is of the highest quality, and continuously monitors all staff while serving clients.

The manager of Golden Hands is always available to be at your site to ensure that the progress is perfect and is being done correctly. We can customize any service program to suit your needs, your schedule and your budget.

Golden Hands provides fast, reliable superior and affordable building, renovating and woodwork services for facility of any size.


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