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About Us

Golden Hands is customer focused serving customers at Fish Hoek, Simons Town, Muizenberg, Tokai and surrounding areas. We value 100% customers satisfaction and superior customer service
Golden Hands interact with clients proactively so that the needs of our clients could be anticipated and well understood. Golden Hands is also committed to achieving high standards and professional integrity. Our relationships are driven by honesty and integrity, and are maintained through respect and communication.

Golden Hands value customer satisfaction and continuously strive to enhance all services aiming for excellence at all levels of service provision. Customer satisfaction is achieved through first, an accurate assessment of the customer's need and then developing through customized service package to meet the specified need in a timely manner work within your budget and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Golden Hands guarantees customer satisfaction with reliable and efficient service! You can trust Golden Hands to fulfill all of your requirements.

Core Values

Customer First. We view our company through our customer's eyes. We realise that we have constantly try to find solutions to improve the quality of service so that we exceed our customer's expectations.

Lead Through Innovation. We are constantly working to improve our service and efficiencies in order to deliver smarter solutions. We anticipate our customer's needs by implementing the latest renovation techniques and newest technology and products. We challenge the way things have always been done. if our solutions offer a cost savings, we pass it on to our customers.

Our Company, One Team. Golden Hands strives to treat every member of our company with respect and dignity no matter what their position is in the company.

Personal Accountability for Excellence. We understand that trust is earned. When we make a promise, we keep that promise. We set our standards high with regards to performance. Golden Hands superior performance is not expected, it is a reality.

Integrity. We always want to act ethically, honestly and fairly in all situations - Whether we are at work or in the community.