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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Date of Birth


 1971 Charmaine van Wyk is searching for her adopted brother. He was named FRANKLIN WAYNE CORNELISSEN or GROENEWALD or BANNOCK. His biological mother is Glodina Regina. His biological father is ERROL DAVID BANNOCK. Both were from the Edenval, Gauteng area at the time.
Date of Birth Unknown
1971 to 1973
A biological father Hilton Mather is looking for information regarding his ADOPTED DAUGHTER, who was born in Durban. She was adopted by a farming couple from Natal.  Her mother is MARGOT HOLMES. Margot was told by the adoptive mother in the 1990's that her daughter had died of leukemia aged 14 to 16 years.
1st January 1971
22/11/2009 FOUND
I was born in Harare (Salisbury) Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) on Friday the 1st of January 1971.  I have no details about my biological parents but I do know that they were married and that they going through a divorce.  My biological mother signed the papers straight away but my biological father only signed them three weeks later.  I was named Estelle Renee Stace
4th January 1971 Monday
10/06/2008 New Info
Pertonella Coetzee is a female adoptee who was born in Bellville Cape Town. I now wish to trace my biological mother.
New Info:10/06/2008: I have now found out that my biological mother was living in 78 Birdstreet, Stellenbosch at the end of 1970.
26th January 1971 Tuesday Another baby boy born at the Lady Chancellor Hospital in Salisbury (now Harare) named Simon David Westaway, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.
28th January 1971 Thursday Iain O'Brian (birth name) is trying to trace his biological mother, probably a MISS. O'BRIAN at the time of adoption. Iain was born at the St Josephs Hospital in Cape Town and was adopted on or about the 7th February 1971.
1st February 1971 Monday
Found 15/11/2008
Kevin Andre Haggard who was presumably born in Wynberg and who was not adopted, but placed into foster care between the ages of 3 and 6 years from the Ugie Foster Home, is searching for his BIOLOGICAL PARENTS ANDRE AND MARY ANNE HAGGARD whose last known address was at No.8 Waterboom Street, Cape Town. He has a sister Nicole Claudine Haggard date of birth 30/04/72 who was also placed into foster care. Anyone who knows where the Haggards are, PLEASE contact us.
3rd February 1971 Wednesday Amanda Kühn is a young lady who was born in Wynberg, Cape Town. She wishes to trace her biological parents.  MARIA JOHANNA KüHN. Maria was born on 18th August 1950, was 5'2" tall had brown hair and grey eyes. She was originally from Kaaimos. Her biological father NICO STEENKAMP had black hair, blue eyes, was born in 1948 and was a Fireman with the S.A. Railways in Johannesburg. Both attended the N.G. Kerk.
16th February 1971 Tuesday Dalene Conradie (geboorte naam) is op soek na my biologiese moeder, Fanny Jane Conradie. Sy is gebore in 1947 in Calitzdorp.  Sy het 'n 14 jarige broer en 18 jarige tweeling broers gehad ten tyde van my aanneming.  Hulle name is moontlik Aaron Johannes en Jakobus Johannes Conradie (gebore:  ongeveer 1953. Sy was lid van die Anglikaanse kerk, dalk Calitzdorp.
23rd February 1971
A baby boy who was born on this day in Pretoria, wishes to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.
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24th February 1971 Wednesday If your name is SCHALK VAN DER SANDT who was dating a young lady nicknamed "Kleinsus" who lived in Thabazimbi. Then you should know that your biological daughter Lana Du Plessis is searching for you.
1st March 1971 Monday An adoptee who has met her biological mother on 2 occasions, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL FATHER. Mandy Braithwaite was born to Yvonne Braithwaite in Pietermaritzburg. She would also like to find her brother CLAYTON BRAITHWAITE
1st March 1971 Monday Birth name Doreen Clarke.  Miss Clarke (aged approx 17 at time of my birth) apparently lived in Mondeor, had a brother who was around 15yrs younger and around 2yrs when she had me.  Her mother had a stroke not long after her brother was born and bio mom looked after baby. Want medical history ASAP.
4th March 1971 Thursday Anisa Ismail who has black hair, brown eyes and a birthmark in a shape of a leaf on her back, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.
9th March 1971 Tuesday This little baby girl Amanda (present name) born in Bulawayo, and only adopted 3 weeks later wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER who was a Fine Arts Student at a University in South Africa. Her biological father played the piano.
22nd March 1971 Monday A baby girl born at the Marymount Maternity home in Johannesburg, and now a fine young lady named Linda Graham nee Fuchs, now wishes to meet her BIOLOGICAL FATHER. The adoption was within the family. Linda has a twin brother. They were told at an early stage that they are adopted.
31st March 1971 Wednesday A female adoptee Tania van Rooyen is searching for her biological mother. Tania was born in Cape Town. I have no further details at present.

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