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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

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5th July 1971 Monday I am Megan looking for information regarding my biological father as well as siblings. A brief history which might help is the following:
I was born to an unwed schoolgirl of about 15/16 in Mothers Nursing Home Durban on 5th July 1971.She being Beverley Anne Smit came from the Port Elizabeth area. It was a large scandal there and she was sent to Durban to have me, in order to conceal her "condition". There was no apparent question of her marrying the father. So I would take that to be, that he could of also been a schoolboy, possibly even not aware of her pregnancy. According to the info I received she died of unnatural causes in the Cape in 1998- that is as much as I know. 
6th July 1971 Tuesday Another Rhidesian baby born in Umtali wishes to find her biological mother she writes: I have no other info - I have an extract of an entry of birth registered in the district of Umtali in Rhodesia. I don't have a birth certificate. On this extract there is a entry no. 162/71. I don't know if this could help.
7th July 1971 Wednesday Baby girl Mace another "Blossom Baby" born at the Lady Rodwel in Bulawayo is searching for her biological mother CYNTHEA MACE. (Maiden name)
9th July 1971 Friday
Found 06/07/2003
Laura Glen who was born at the Lady Rodwell Maternity Home in Bulawayo is searching for her biological mother Lynette Margaret Heaume.
18th July 1971 Sunday Johan  Els (birth name) birth mother was estranged from her husband at time of my birth. He and she both stated in affidavits that child was not that of her husband. Jeannie Ruth Els nee Macdonald please make contact.
22nd July 1971 Thursday Baby Van Zyl (birth name) a male adoptee with Ash Blond hair and Blue green eyes, who was born in Paarl or Wellington, wishes to trace his 
. No further details are available at this time.
26th July 1971 Monday
FOUND 12/01/2004
On this Monday a young lady MISS PENDERIS gave birth to a baby boy at Wynberg Cape Town and named him Ferinant Penderis. He now wants to meet his biological mother. No further details are available at present.
29th July 1971
I was born to Pearl Larkin denied by Cecil Larkin.I am Patrick born 15/07/71 at Addington Hospital,Durban My mum is out there please help me find her. My heart and soul cannot rest until I eet her until we meet again mommy love Patrick.
1st August 1971 Sunday If you are a BIOLOGICAL MOTHER who gave birth to a baby girl of 3,41kg at the St. Augustine Hospital in Durban, then please take note that your daughter you named Miranda Howes is searching for you. You were divorced from your first husband JOHN HOWES in 1969.
4th August 1971 Wednesday
22/03/2002 FOUND
An adoptee with brown hair, green/yellow eyes and a birthmark on his left wrist, namely Kevin Rudolph, wishes to find his biological mother MARIA RUDOLPH. He was born in Johannesburg and adopted from Cotlands.
10th August 1971 Tuesday Happily adopted son, birth name Richard Gowar curious to connect with biological family.
13th August 1971 Friday
2/09/2000: New Info
10/11/2004 :FOUND
Eureka de Meyer (Birth name) is a female adoptee who is searching for her biological mother a LOWISA MARIA REDDING nee DE MEYER. Eureka was born in Roodepoort. 
2/9/2000: Lowisa (ID 390824 0112 087) who was a member of the NG Kerk Roodepoort and who was divorced from Mr. Redding,passed away in 1980. Eureka would now like to know more about Lowisa and would like to trace MR. REDDING or her BIOLOGICAL FATHER or any brothers, sisters, grandparents or friends of Lowisa. Give us a call.
10/1/2044: Lianie's (Eureka) cousin called to say that her mother had passed away sometime ago. However! She would like to meet her cousin. Contact has been made.
 September 1971 or 1972 Tammy would appreciate any info regarding Maureen Esmé  Wise my biological sister, born in the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria.
1st September 1971 Wednesday
22/06/2000: New Info
Brett Snyman is searching for his biological sister who was born in Bulawayo Rhodesia.
22/06/2000: Her biological mother and that of Brett was Stephanie Snyman who was 17 years old at the time. Stephanie passed away in 1984.Her biological father is
7th September 1971 Tuesday
FOUND 20/05/2011
A female adoptee who was born in Durban and only adopted when she was two years old, namely Jessie May Pamela Heynes, wishes to find her BIOLOGICAL MOM. She was CAROLINE HEYNES or BOTHA who is short, has brown hair and brown eyes.
16th September 1971 Thursday On this day a baby boy was born in Durban. He is now known as Graig Nicholas, and wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.

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