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Adoptees Year
of Birth

Successes and New Information Received
 2004 to 20

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These are the latest successes and progress that we have received from our members during 2004 to 2008

This page was last updated 15/07/2011

Date of New Info Date of Birth
on This Website

New Information and Successes

01/07/2011 19th June 1979 Adopted daughter has made contact with her biological mother via Adoption Reunions.
24/05/2011 7th September 1971 Jessie Heyes' biological mother passed away in 2004. However! Her brothers and sisters have now made contact with her.
10/05/2011 5th March 1976 Jeanine Parker was found by adoption Reunions. Contact has been made with her biological mother and Grandmother.
17/04/2011 27th January 1960 Vanessa's biological mother died 30 years ago. Her three brothers have now made contact with her via Adoption Reunions.
27/01/2011 4th June 1981 Zirina Louws sister has contacted us. Zirina has found her biological mother. Both sisters have advised us that they do not want our "service" anymore. No contact has been made by the sisters.
22/01/2011 20th August 1067 Trudie's sister was found through Adoption Reunions Contact has been made. Her biological mother was found in 2005.
21/01/2011 24th May 1982 Clare O'Brien the biological mother contacted us. Contact details have been sent to her and her son.
14/09/2010 8th January 1978 Diana Van Niekerk's (Birth name) biological mother Rosemary was found by us. Contact has been made.
13/9/2010 30th July 1970 We have been advised the adopted son has found his biological mother.
30/08/2010 25th May 1984 Martie has advised us that she is meeting her adopted child soon.
22/08/2010 12th August 1966 Shelly's biological mother has been found by this website
20/08/2010 28th January 1987 Theresa's adopted son was found by this website
30/03/2010 18th June 1959 Helga's sister contacted us. We have found her biological mother and her siblings. Contact has been made.
12/03/2010 4th May 1965 Jeanette's siblings (2 sisters and a brother) has been found. Contact has been made. Jeanette's mother passed away in 1978.
25/11/2009 28th December 1972 Nikki Van Der Walt, another baby who was adopted in Zimbabwe, has advised us that she has found her biological parents.
22/11/2009 1st August 1963 Sandy (Sandra birth name) was introduced to her sister by Adoption Reunions. Contact has been made. All from Zimbabwe.
22/11/2009 1st January 1971 Estelle was found by Adoption Reunions. Contact has been made with her biological mother. All from Zimbabwe.
05/09/2009 14th April 1979 Eugene Brits has found his biological mother but has lost contact. His biological sister who was also adopted has contacted Adoption Reunions. Contact has been made for them.
18/08/2009 24th August 1981 I wish to inform you that on the 5th July 2009, I made contact with my biological mother, Cheryl Gerber.
16/08/2009 19th September 1962 Pieter's biological mother's son (Pieters's half brother) phoned Adoption Reunions and told us about his mother. Contact has been made with Pieter
20/04/2009 25th June1981 We have been informed that Sanet de Villiers who was searching for her adopted son, died in a motor car accident in September 2001. Her adopted son was informed.
See 5/11/2008
30th September 1985 Ann was found. Contact details have been sent. Ann's adopted daughter lives quiet near her, and has a great adoptive mom.
See 5/10/2008
4th April 1976 Adoption Reunions has found Carol's biological mother in Australia. See 15/10/2008 on this page.
27/01/2009 28th December 1961 The biological mother's adopted son, contacted Adoption Reunions from Hong Kong. We then contacted his biological mother. Contact will be made soon.
30/12/2008 1st June 1982 Candice called Adoption Reunions after she saw the entry on this website. Her biological mother was contacted. Contact details has been sent to them both.
18/11/2008 20th January 1976 Jasper Joubert's (Birth name) biological mother contacted Adoption reunions Today. Jasper was then contacted by us.
See 18/03/2009
30th September 1985 Anna Barnard's is searching for her adopted daughter. We have found her but is unable to make contact with Anna. ANNA PLEASE CONTACT ADOPTION REUNIONS URGENTLY.
15/11/2008 1st February 1971 Kevin's biological father's first wife contacted Adoption reunions. We presume that Kevin was born when his father was married to his second wife.
15/11/2008 23rd August 1973 Sharon and her biological father have made contact with one another. Adoption Reunions was involved.
12/11/2008 15th October 1975 Just to let you know that I have found my birth mother Penny. Everyone is really happy and it is a positive outcome, I have 3 brothers and a sister!!!!!  Now the search starts for my biological father!
See 5/03/2009
4th April 1976 Frank's adopted daughter contacted us, we then arranged for them to make contact with one another. Carol is still searching for her biological mother. Gillian Dolan nee Mare.
15/09/228 31st January 1960
I am delighted to tell you that I today finally managed to find my birth mother.
It has been a very emotional but fantastic day, I can't wait to tell my son when he comes home from school that he has just acquired another Granny, plus three aunts, three uncles and 4 cousins!
27/07/2008 1st July 1980 Thanks to your website my daughter who was born on the 1st July 1980 and given up for adoption by myself Lorette Jones have now been in contact since January this year. We are communicating  well at this stage and are hoping to meet sometime next year
06/05/2008 25th August 1974 My details are on your website under 25 August, 1974. Please note that I have been reunited with my biological family, as of last Wednesday. Thank you very much for the website service.
27/02/2008 7th June 1962 Dennis Baker phoned his biological mom today. Both are very happy.
22/02/2008 7th June 1962 Dennis Baker (Birth name) called Adoption Reunions today from the USA. We then contacted his biological mother who had been searching for him for 46 years.
21/01/2008 5th April 1971
Thank you for the info.  We have traced her and been in contact.  We found her on two different web sites.  Thanx once again
23/10/2007 21st July 1990 I gave birth to my daughter on the 21st July 1990. I named her Fiona Margaret Forsyth and she is called Melissa now. I am happy to say that she found me just last week and I am overjoyed.
20/8/2007 11th December 1972 Juan Potgieter's biological mother contacted us on 20/08/2007. We then contacted "Juan"
17/08/2007 5th November 1964 Martin Mossop's (now Jeff) biological mother Gail has contacted Adoption Reunions, Contact has been arranged. See Jeff" feelings on our "Letters" page.
17/08/2007 5th May 1977 Anne's adopted daughter has been found and is now ready to make contact.
17/08/2007 13th may 1969 Rene's Brother Grant Shelly Has been Found. We are still searching for her sister Kim.
18/06/2007 21st January 1977

Thank you for allowing me to advertise my details on your site. I have since found my biological mother and met the whole extended family. I’m glad to say it is a happy ending. From having 1 sister, I now have 9 brothers and sisters to add to that and a new “extended family”.

25/05/2007 26th September 1974 I have new information: Birth Mother: Brenda Smith. She attended Danville Park Girls High.
16/04/2007 6th October 1973 Just wish to let you know that I have found my biological Mother and we have
a wonderful relationship!!
16/02/2007 8th November 1972 My biological mother has been found in October 2006 and we are communicating and have plans to meet in March.
26/02/2007 29th September 1965 I've found more information regarding my birth mother. She was Heyla Aletta Brand and was at the time of my birth 15 years old.
26/6/2006 29th August 1983 Genevieve Ann Cockburn, called Adoption Reunions today, after seeing on this website that her biological mother was looking for her. Her biological mother joined our website in November 2003.
30/5/2006 1st August 1963 My biological mother's name was Merinda de Wet, born in the Orange Free State on 3 JULY, 1945
3/11//2005 23rd May 1947 Alf has found his biological family. he has discovered that his biological mother has passed on but he has now found his siblings.
31/08/2005 11th March 2005 It has been established that Hendro was registered as Nico Nel by his biological mother Maria Petronella Nel. (maiden name)
24/08/2005 17th March 1973 My birth mother's name was Cecilia Johanna Maria Jordaan and she was 22 at the time of my birth and originated from Stilfontein. I was named Liesel and my twin sister was named Cecile. We were born at the Klerksdorp Hospital on 17/03/1973.
11/08/2005 2nd January 1973 Nicols has found her biological mother through this website.
25/07/2005 6th September 1957 Pierre has been informed that his biological mother was/is Margaretha Gertruida Johanna Minnaar when he was born.
28/06/2005 14th June 1967 Elizabeth's adopted son was found through this website. Contact has been made between mother and son.
01/06/2005 17th June 1970 Peter Goosen passed away about 12 years ago. I am in contact with my birth mot
31/05/2005 1st March 1957 Amber Cockcroft's uncle called Adoption Reunions from the USA and told us where Amber's biological mother is living.
05/05/2005 1st April 1959 Dries has found his biological mother, who refuses to meet him. He has now found his adopted sister, whom his mother also refused to meet. Brother and sister will be meeting soon.
09/04/2005 22nd January 1978 Well I am very happy to tell you that I have found Sharon. Well I am very happy to tell you that I have found Sharon.
12/03/2005 4th January 1959 Biological mother found, but refuses to to meet her adopted son.
02/03/2005 18December 1982 I wish to advise you that through The Welfare I have found my son Dominic Hodgson born 18/12/1982, we met on the 27th November 2004 and all is absolutely fantastic.
09/02/2005 7th October 1965 Sara's biological Aunt contacted us, after seeing the advert on this website. Sara was sent an e-mail by us. She can now make contact with her biological mother after almost 40 years.
04/02/2005 22nd January 1978 Sharon's adopted daughter has contacted us, after seeing the advert on this website. However! We are unable to find Sharon as her contact details have changed and she has not updated her contact details.
24/12/2004 15th March 1975 Annelie's biological mother contacted us after seeing her daughter's entry on this website.
04/12/2004 14th June 1974 Angela's adopted daughter phoned Adoption Reunions after seeing the entry on this website.
20/11/2004 11th April 1985 The biological mother of Jonathan Ruster has been found by his Adoptive Mom. What a great Adoptive Mom she is.
14/11/2004 30th October 1955 Frances's biological sister, has been found through this website.
10/11/2004 13th August 1971 Eureka's (now Lianie) biological cousin, Ruth called after seeing the advert on this website.
30/10/2004 6th May 1945 John has advised us that he has found his biological family.
11/10/2004 3rd May 1966 Theresa Has found her biological mom. Contact will be made soon.
10/09/2004 13th August 1966 Lawrence Gregory Wilmot, has found his biological mom in Sept 2003.
10/09/2004 6th August 1964 Margaret has found her biological mother and siblings but is still searching for her biological father.
10/09/2004 30th May 1959 Biological mother found.
10/09/2004 18th March 1976 Lorna Has found her biological mom. Read her story on our "Story Page"
16/08/2004 29th February 1976 It has been established that Johanna van Tonder nee Johanna van Rooyen passed away in 1994. However! Her grand parents, brother and sister are still alive and live in Port Elizabeth. There seems to be some secrecy about Joey's birth.
06/08/2004 21st January 1962 Biological family have been found.
28/07/2004 27th November 1970 We are searching for Elaine De Wet who resided at 68 Road street, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe at the time of giving birth.
28/07/2004 28th March 1976 Jonathan has found his biological mother, who now lives in Australia. he is now searching for his biological father Carel Prinsloo who may be in Richards Bay.
28/07/2004 12th January 1974 Marius has established that he was registered as Daniel Ehlers, his biological mother is Brenda Ehlers (maiden name)
20/07/2004 15th July 2004 20/07/2004: It has been established that Andries is a qualified electrician doing quiet well financially, is unmarried and does not like long hair. We trust that his adoptive parents have informed him that Joanie is searching for him.
15/07/2004 18th August 1961 My mother unfortunately passed away in 1989, However, her cousins, aunts and uncles have been absolutely delighted to meet me and welcome me into the family. Thank you for your help!
05/07/2004 19th July 1942 We discovered that Nancy McKenzie (Helen's biological mother) had passed away in 1996. However! Helen's two brothers and one sister were located by us, even before her entry could be added to the website.
02/07/2004 30th December 1965 Andre has found his biological mother.
28/06/2004 8TH May 1971 Rosalie saw her adopted daughter's entry on this website and will now be reunited with her baby.
27/06/2004 6th October 1945 David has established that his biological mother was Rosalie Colby.
20/06/2004 23rd December 1993 Jacques was adopted by Ben and Madeleine Blaauw.
16/06/2004 6th October 1945 David-Hugh now has his biological mother's details and correct name for biological father.
14/06/2004 24th May 1951 Rita wrote: I have just spoken to my biological mother in East London and found out that I have a sister and 2 brothers.
17/05/2004 25th September 1979 We have received a large amount of information regarding the biological mother.
17/05/2004 18th August 1961 Carol has been informed what her biological mothers' maiden name was. We are now searching for Hilary Anne Featherstone.
18/05/2004 5th January 1977 Barry and Fiona have found their adopted daughter, and are in contact with one another.
08/05/2004 15th May 1985 It has been confirmed that my son was registered at birth as Benjamin Smith, and that the birthmother's name was Lauren Amelia Smith.
12/04/2004 16th January 1984 Minè Kruger has been found by her biological mother. They are visiting one another regularly.
18/02/2004 2nd February 1987 Seanne's biological mother has contacted us. We are now negotiating with Seanne's parents to arrange a reunion.
18/02/2004 27th January 1974 Guy has found his biological mother through our website.
15/02/2004 15h April 1968 I have received word that my daughter has been traced. I am totally overwhelmed at the speed this has happened.
11/02/2004 4th July 1981
Just a note to say that I have found my siblings at last. My mom & dad have past away.
16/01/2004 8th May 1974 Angela has made contact with her biological mother.

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