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Adoptees Year
of Birth

Successes and New Developments 2002

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These are the successes and progress that we received from our members during 2002

This page was last updated 09/07/2011

Date of New Info Date of Birth


05/12/2002 5th November 1975 Kelly we have found your biological mother.  08/12/2002; Kelly and her BM are now corresponding with one another.
03/12/2002 11th November 1976 Neville's birth mother was found a few weeks ago. She lives in NZ. They have spoken on the phone and exchanged photos - he is clearly his mother's son! 
22/11/2002 30th January 1979 Anastasia Thompson has found out who her biological mother was and some details about her father and herself.
21/11/2002 18th September 1973 Jossie has established her biological mother's names.
14/11/2002 22nd June 1973 We have spoken to Justin on the telephone, contact has been made.
12/11/2002 1st September 1981 It has been established who Corne's biological parents are.
12/11/2002 2nd November 1983 Daniel has found his biological father.
11/11/2002 24th November 1960 I  have established that I was registered as Claudette Zonia van Niekerk, and my biological mothers maiden name was Zonia Hope van Niekerk.
08/11/2002 25th December 1981 We received e-mail from "Jenny" who was in St Claires Home in Bulawayo with George's Biological mother, Antoinette Marias, Thanks for the info Jenny.
05/11/2002 29th February 1976 The adoptees' birth name and her biological mothers names have been established.
30/10/2002 22nd June 1973 We have found Justin's biological mother, but are unable to contact Justin, as his e-mail address has changed.
30/10/2002 12th September 1973 Gill has found Patrick McNocher and has made contact with her family.
29/10/2002 6th June 1981 Louise has advised us that she has located her biological mother.
28/10/2002 5th May 1977 Kotie has found her biological mother.
20/10/2002 16th May 1967 We have located Laura's biological mother in Gauteng, just 7 days after Laura registered on our website.
09/10/2002 21st November 1961 Keith's mother is deceased. He has found his biological sister.
02/09/2002 1st November 1981 Victoria  has found her biological mother through this website.
23/08/2002 26th July 1981 Glenys has found her adopted daughter Victoria Watt though this website


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