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Successes and New Developments 2003

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These are the successes and progress that we received from our members during 2003

This page was last updated 09/07/2011

Date of New Info Date of Birth


17/12//2003 14th February 1957 We have been informed by Sarah's adopted daughter that they have met one another.
09/12//2003 28th November 1982 Tamaryn's biological mother e-mailed us from the USA, after seeing the advert on this website.
08/12/2003 13th July 1974 I have found out my Biological mothers name is Susan Maud Bibby (Unmarried) and was born in England
08/12/2003 18th March 1976 I just want to tell you that I finally found my biological mother.  I have all her details, but I am still waiting for her to say that she wants to meet me or at least contact me.
21/11/2003 19th April 1967 Gerda has discovered that her biological mother was killed in a car accident when Gerda was 10 years old. She has now found a uncle and four brothers and sisters.
12/11/2003 15th September 1962 Johan has established that his biological mother was Susara Caroline van niekerk (maiden name)
02/11/2003 19th October 1968

Lyndsay has finally been  issued with a full birth certificate, revealing the following info. Birth Mother: Helen Mary Pilsworth Residential address at the time:  45 Strand Street, Gweru, Zimbabwe.

29/10/2003 19th January 1973
We would like to inform you that William Sutherland has been in contact with his mother and new found sister and all is going well. Thank you for the service you provide.Liesl
15/10/2003 17th January 1973 Sue's adopted son has been found through this website.
13/10/2003 29th September 1966 Reneker has established his biological mother's names: Jacoba Johanna Laubsher Kotze, born on 7 January 1946.
06/10/2003 2nd February 1987 Seanne's biological mother saw the entry on this website and contacted us 
30/09/2003 8th May 1974 Angela Slater (nee Dutton)  PLEASE CONTACT ADOPTION REUNIONS we have found your biological mother.
09/08/2003 4th May 1977 The adopted daughter of Anne has been traced through this website. It has now been established that we have a true match.
30/08/2003 27th February 1972 It has been established that the gentleman searching for his biological mother was named Sean Rudolph at birth. His biological mother was/is Gertrude Ethel Maud Rudolph.
26/08/2003 21st July 1981 Thought I would let you know that we have found my ½ brother - his name is Stuart Drury, he still lives in Jo'burg
11/08/2003 1st August1981 Ilze and Mike Louverdis have phoned and told us they have found their adopted daughter, with the help of this website.
06/08/2003 21st January 1962 Louise has informed us that she has now received photographs of her family, but is still searching for her biological mother.
21/07/2003 29th April 1981 Roelien (Now Elmaret) has advised us that she has found her biological mother.
18/07/2003 16th March 1977 Monique has advised us that she has finally found her adopted brother.
16/07/2003 10th August 1974 Mary has advised us about her relationship with her son. See our e-mail and letter page.
13/07/2003 17th June 1970  It has been established that Peter Goosen is presently in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.
08/07/2003 7th September 1968 Anthony has established that his biological mother was Diana Elizabeth Hudson from Zambia.
08/07/2003 7th July 1981 Mariėtte Hugo has been found in Gauteng through this website.
06/07/2003 9th July 1971 Laura has found her biological mother in the United Kingdom.
23/06/2003 27th December 1957 Pierre has found his biological mother
10/06/2003 31st March 1978 We have received an e-mail informing us that the female adoptee searching for her biological mother has found her birth mother.
29/05/2003 28th January 1966 Alan has now made contact with his biological mother.
29/05/2003 22nd November 1961 The search for Wynand Van Rensburg by his birth mother, Maureen McCarroll, half brother and two half sisters is over. After 41 years, this gap has been bridged.
28/05/2003 14th July 1973 Mirande has been advised that she was named Bernadine Basson at birth and her B/M was Reinier Johannes Basson.
27/05/2003 8th August 1979 Marlene has informed us that she has found her adopted daughter. They met on 20th May 2003.
25/05/2003 16th August 1978 Susan's son has been found after Paul saw Sue's advertisement on this website. Paul now lives about 8km from his biological mother in Cape Town.
25/05/2003 7th November 1956 We have been contacted by Debbie, the adopted daughter of Doreen after she saw Doreen's advertisement on this website.
25/05/2003 29th April 1951
Lairaine wrote : I just want to let you know that I have found my biological family.  Many thanks for allowing me to use your website for my search too.
19/05/2003 28th January 1966 Alan has advised us that he has located his biological mom in Germiston.
19/05/2003 23rd March 1977 Tricia's adopted son contacted us, after seeing his biological mother's advertisement on this website
08/05/2003 25th March 1960 David has been found by his biological mother in the USA.
06/05/2003 21st May 1979 Karla has discovered that her biological mother's maiden name was CARIN ELIZABETH OLIVIER born in 1960. She's got a Matric Certificate & a Diploma as a Dental Assistant.
06/05/2003 24th September 1962 It has been established that Elizabeth's biological father was a 4th year medical student at Stellenbosch university, during 1962.
02/05/2003 18th October 1941 We have been informed that it has been established that Maureen was registered as Florence Gradidge by Violet Eva Alice Gradidge her b/mother.
29/04/2003 1st JUNE 1972 Aldina has informed us that she has met her adopted daughter and also her grandchildren.
27/04/2003 21st January 1962 Louise has found her half brother. Her biological father died 20 years ago.
26/04/2003 25th December 1981 George Budd's biological mother contacted us from New Zealand after seeing George's advertisement on this website.
25/04/2003 28th January 1966 Allan has established his biological mother and father's names. See his entry for details. Both were from Rhodesia.
22/04/2003 19th April 1967 Gerda has established that her full names were Gerda Maree Roets and her biological mother's maiden name was Naomi Roets.
07/04/2003 26th September 1970 Jaqualine has found her biological mother JUDETH  RADEMEYER, but was rejected after several calls. See our E-mail and Letters page.
10/04/2003 23th February 1966 Francois has located his biological mother in an old age home in Springs.
01/04/2003 17th February 1975 Elmara has met her adopted son after 28 years.
01/04/2003 23rd December 1978 Nicola has established that her birth name was Arina Reyneke and her birth mother's name was Saroline Reyneke.
31/03/2003 16th March 1977 Monique has  found her grandparents and are in constant contact with them. She is also searching for her adopted brother born  on 24/02/1974.
21/03/2003 1st July 1979 Dirkie Beukes has been found through this website. His biological mother, Ina is ecstatic. Strange as it may seem, they have the same surname.
16/03/2003 17th February 1975 Elmara has made contact with her adopted son, found through this website.
01/03/2003 17th December 1959 Maria Beukes' biological mother e-mailed us and then phoned us after seeing her adopted daughter's entry on this website.
26/02/2003 13th April 1984 Tracy-Lee's adopted son Frederick Rendall (now Jason) has been found through this website. Frederick's adoptive parents helped with his search..
23//02/2003 21st November 1961 Keith has a cousin in Somerset West(Cape Town) and they met for the first time on Wednesday past.Keith will meet one of his sister over the Easter weekend.
19/02/2003 25th June 1976 Mari_Lize has found her biological mother. See her letter in our E-mail and Letter page.
16/02/2003 8th December 1957 Thank you so much for contacting us.  We have, since our first request, been in contact with Steven's biological family
15/02/2003 23rd June 1964 How I thank God my husband found your website! I have found my son after 39 years, thanks to you.
06/02/2003 16th March 1975 Just to let you know that I have made contact with my son.
24/01/2003 29th May 1979 Brenda's adopted daughter has contacted us. However we are unable to establish contact with Brenda at present. Brenda, give us a call please.
16/01/2003 14th April 1976 Wendy has found her biological mother, who now lives in Durban.
16/01/2003 20th August 1982 We have been advised that Collin has found his biological mother.
10/01/2003 20th March 1975 Robynne's biological mother has made contact with her adopted daughter.
09/01/2003 16th September 1981 The wonderful news is that I have found my son and he has made contact with me. In fact he's coming to visit next week!!
06/01/2003 15th January 1973 Hi Jack, I got something back from the adoption people to say that maybe my son is looking for me his adoptee id no is 611,


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