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Adoptees Year
of Birth

A Message for Adoptees'

You may have a great desire to find your biological mother or father after you find out that you are adopted. You may have been told by your adoptive parents, your Grand Parents or you may have discovered the facts some other way. No matter how you found out. Never be ashamed of the fact that you were adopted, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you could not prevent what happened.

Never reject your Adoptive Parents for your biological parents. Remember even though your biological mother gave you life, your Adoptive Parents are the ones who stood by you all those years. Talk it over with them, they will probably feel a bit rejected, but assure them that you will never exchange them for your biological parents.

Many adopted people believe that they are prohibited by law in South Africa to search for their biological parents. Let me make it very clear, ADOPTED CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED TO SEARCH FOR THEIR BIOLOGICAL PARENTS.

There are many ways you can search for your biological mother, father, brother or sister. However! extreme caution must be exercised, as they may not want to be found. She may never have told her husband or children about you, and here you rock up and say "Hi Mom". It could wreck her marriage and cause much pain to both you and her.

Always ask someone to intercede on your behalf when you know where your biological parent is. NEVER approach them yourself.

PLEASE add your name to our database, your biological parents or siblings, may already be searching for you. 

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