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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1983 Exact Date
Not Known

We are searching for Ruth Eileen van der Merwe who was born on 2nd February 1967. She gave birth at the J.G. Strydom Hospital. Her last known address was 128 Fourth Avenue Mayfair. During 1983 she resided at 77 Princess Street, Mayfair in Johannesburg.

6th January 1983 Thursday

Debbie June Watson a Biological mother wishes to trace her adopted daughter whom she named LISA WATSON at birth. Lisa was born at the Ontdekkers Hospital in Roodepoort and was adopted through the Florida Baptist Church on 11th January 1983.

10th February 1983 Thursday

Biological Mom Tracy-Lee wants to trace her adopted daughter TAMRYN-JADE LAWRENCE (Birth name) who was born at the Lady Rodwell Hospital in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.

14th March 1983
I am searching for my adopted daughter who was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe at the Mate Dei Hospital. As you know, adoptions can leave big holes in your heart and many sleepless nights. Just knowing she is OK, is wonderful, but to actually meet and talk with her would be the most amazing thing in my life.

14th April 1983 Friday

Vadia Van Vuuren (maiden name) is a biological mom trying to find her ADOPTED SON, he was named VAN VUUREN at birth, and was born in Port Elizabeth and adopted through the P.E. Child Welfare.  His father was David Cooper who passed away before the birth.

27th May 1983 Friday

A baby girl wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL FATHER. She was born in Cape Town.

3rd July 1983 Sunday

Leslie Ann van der Velde, biological mother: was a scholar when I gave up my daughter, Candice, for adoption through the Child Welfare Society Wynberg, Cape Town. Her adopted parents renamed her Kim. I believe that she is studying a BSc. I would dearly like to make contact with her.

8th July 1983 Friday

My name is Diana Tunmer and I am looking for my birthmother, maiden name being Leith. I was born in Bulawayo at Lady Rodwell Maternity home.

12th July 1983

Jaco Grunder (Christopher Venter at birth) looking for biological parents. Was born 12 July 1983 in Mowbray, Cape Town. 

14th July 1983 Thursday We are searching for Elizabeth Johanna Bothma born on 1st July 1965. ID. number unknown. She gave birth to Christine Bothma at the Ontdekkers Hospital in Roodepoort. Her last known address was 6 Cedar street Lindhaven Roodepoort.

27th July 1983 Tuesday

Lucas Andre, born 27 July 1982 in Rustenburg. Your biological mother is desperately trying to make contact. There is so much I want to tell you, and so much I want to hear. Please!! Make contact.

1st August 1983 Monday

Tercia Killian looking for biological mother. Born in Johannesburg at Maria Klopper Tehuis and adopted 3 months later. Would like to meet you to say thank you for ....

18th August 1983 Thursday

A biological mother named Wendy, wishes to trace her son who she gave up for adoption as a young lady. SEAN ELSTON was born in Kempton Park. Sean's BM. later married his biological father.

29th August 1983 Monday

A young mother wishes to trace the daughter she gave up for adoption. Natasha named her baby daughter MELANIE ENGELBRECHT, who was born at the J.G. Strydom Hospital in Johannesburg.

29th August 1983 Monday

We are searching for Sannie Johanna Swart, a biological mother who gave birth to a baby girl namely, Hendrika Swart at the Evander Hospital. Her last known address was 13 Gainsborough Street Secunda. Sannie was born on 5th April 1965.

29th August 1983 Monday
26/06/2006 FOUND

I would like to make contact with my adopted daughter, named Genevieve Ann Cockburn at birth.
26/26/2006: Genevieve Ann Cockburn called Adoption Reunions today. Contact has been made with her mother.

16th September 1983 Friday

My name at birth was Michael Cameron Jones. I'm looking for Lisa Jones who gave birth to me on 16 September 1983 at a hospital in MosselBay. I'd love to meet her, and hopefully my father too. She might have gone to the U.K. to study dietetics after matric.

19th September 1983 Monday

Hi there Darren Kets (birth name), I hope that we find you because you have a grandmother and grandfather, 2 sisters, a brother and a mother who would love to meet you and get to know you!!

1st October 1983 Saturday

Desperately searching  for Sandra Nett, who gave birth at Coronationville Hospital on the 1st of October 1983 to baby girl with dark brown curly hair and brown Chinese looking eyes.  Sandra was between the ages of 13 - 15 years of age (approximately) at the time.

2nd October 1983 Sunday

A baby boy who had blond hair when he was born in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) and now known as Sean Fourie, is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Sean was adopted on 7th October 1983.

14th October 1983 Friday

My birth name was Cindy Pritchard and I was born on 14th October 1983 in Cape Town.  I now live in the UK with my adopted parents and I would like to contact my birth parents or other relatives.

2nd November 1983 Wednesday
12/11/2002 FOUND
I wish to contact my birth father Rui Caldeiro. I was adopted by Lawrie & Sandy Perlman on the 19th. August Jhb. I then emigrated to Canada with my adoptive parents soon after. My Order of adoption certificate has the Registration # 14/1/2/83/86 and the registrar's ref# is 108155. My adoptive parents support my search, and have failed to contact my birth father through other means.

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