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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1st January 1982 Friday

Jacoba Jansen van Rensburg is a biological mother who wishes to see how her adopted son has progressed during the years, since she last saw him as a baby. DEHL BRIAN JANSEN VAN RENSBURG (birth name) was born at the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria. He was adopted on Tuesday 8th January 1980

4th January 1982 Monday

Another great adoptive mother. Anita Custer is trying to locate her daughter's biological mother. Cindy Hewetson was born at the Johanneburg General Hospital, Cindy was fostered by the Custers from the age of 3 weeks for 5 years and adopted through the Catholic Family Welfare.. TERSIA HEWETSON nee WESTCOTT, lived in Johannesburg at the time but moved to East London. Tersia was married to GLENN HEWETSON but has since been divorced. Cindy has a biological brother and sister.

15th January 1982 Friday

Biological sister of FREDRIK CONRAD SCHEEPERS (birth name) namely Yolandi Harmse, would like to meet her adopted brother. Fredrik was born in Bloemfontein. He was given up for adoption because his biological mother was unmarried and too young to keep him.

28 January 1982 Thursday

Ek Delano Knoetze gebore 28 Januarie 1982 soek na my biologiese moeder CLARENCE MARAIS. Ek is in die provinsiale hospitaal in Port Elizabeth gebore.

1st February 1982 Monday   I am looking for my biological father - My father gave me up for adoption when my mother got married to my adoptive father on the 24 Dec 1983. My sister was born between the 5 and 15 February 1982.  My father also has another son aged 15. My father has always lived in the Welkom area - My mother lived in Welkom when I was conceived and born - she then moved to Benoni in Johannesburg.

25th February 1982 Tuesday

Biological mothers who gave their children up for adoption NEVER forget them. Anne Elizabeth Smuts is just such a mom. She is searching for her adopted son RONALD SMUTS (birth name) who was born in the George Provincial Hospital in George. He was adopted through the ACVV in George.

8th March 1982 Monday

Two sisters adopted by the same family are searching for their biological parents. Muchelle and Melanie Fouche (birth names) are searching for ADR MELANIE AND ROBERT FOUCHE. They lived in the Sasolburg area at the time of Muchelle's birth. Robert's ID. No. is 571008 5133 006

11th April 1982 Sunday

My biological mother Eileen Gunter named me Marlene Gunter when I was born in Cape Town. I would like to trace and to meet my biological mother.

13th May 1982 Thursday

A very young male adoptee namely Jacobus van der Walt, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was born in Mowbray in Cape Town. No other information is available at present.

15th May 1982 Saturday 

Searching for a baby girl, born on the 15th of May 1982 at the Livingstone hospital, Port Elizabeth and given up for adoption at birth. Your biological mother, Baronese would like to meet you if possible.

24th May 1982
FOUND 15/01/2011
I was born on 24.05.1982 in Pretoria. My birth mothers name is Clare OŽBrien (born 25.06.1964 in Scotland).My given name was Robert Ashley OŽBrien. I was adopted 7 days after my birth. I would very much like to meet my birth mother.

29th May 1982 Saturday

A young lady named Carol gave birth to a baby son at the HF Verword Hospital in Pretoria, then named him MICHAEL NURSE (birth name). Carol would love to meet her son.

1st June 1982 Tuesday
FOUND 30/12/2008
Deborah Holt,  is the biological mother of Candice Holt, born 1st June 1982.  She would have just turned 26.  Would dearly love to meet her.

6th June 1982 Sunday

Simone Schoeman (birth name) says - I am searching for my biological mother and if possible would really love to meet her or find out any information about her. It's just 1 of those things that you need to know.

8th June 1982 Tuesday
19/02/2008 Found

Biological mother searching for son, born in Gweru Zimbabwe needs to know that you are ok.

12th June 1982 Saturday

Born on this day in Pretoria, Zabeth Kotze a baby girl who was adopted about 3 months after birth, is searching for her biological mother, a MISS KOTZE. Miss. Kotze was born in 1951, is 1,6m tall, had blond hair and blue eyes.

6th July 1982 Tuesday

A gentleman born at the H.F. Verwoerd hospital in Pretoria, and who was named Maritz Wolmerans / Wolmarans, is trying to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available, but watch this space.

20th August 1982 Friday
Found 16/01/2003
12/05/2003 New Info
I would like to know where my Birth Mother, Brigitte Nan Munro is now. She was only 18 when I was born - she could be anywhere in the world. My adoptive parents are fully supportive.
12/05/2003: Colin has advised us that he has not actually made contact with his biological mother.

10th September 1982 Friday

My biological mother named me Cathy Jane Cowley at birth. I presume she was a Miss. Cowley, she was a Typist, was 5'2", had brown hair, blue eyes, and a light complexion. I would love to meet her.

13th September 1982 Monday

My birth name is Chantal Diana Smith, and would love to meet my biological mother one day. Her maiden name is, or was Shirley Smith. I was born in JHB Gen on the 13 Sep 1982. Please can you contact me, it would mean the world to me! Karin

28th September 1982 Tuesday

Biological mother Zinette looking for daughter born on 28 September 1982 at
Port Elizabeth Provincial Hospital.  Adoption was done by the Christelike Maatskaplike Raad
in Port Elizabeth.  Suspect that her name is also Zinette, she is married and currently
expecting her first child.

29th September 1982 Wednesday

Another great adoptive mother is helping her son search for his roots. Isabella Burger (adoptive Mom) wishes to trace the BIOLOGICAL MOTHER of Marcel Mulder (Birth name). Presumably she was a MISS MULDER. Marcel was born at the J.G. Strydom hospital in Johannesburg.

1st October 1982 Friday

I am looking for my son who was adopted at birth.  He was born in October 1982 at the Jhb General Hospital and registered as Leigh Heyns.

8th October 1982 Friday I am looking for my biological family. All I know is that my name was Vanessa Loubris or Loubrir?? They are catholic and in the medical field. I would like to know if I have any brothers or sisters. I live in Canada now and would like to know if anyone is looking for me, I was born on the 8th October 1982, at Addington hospital in Durban.
15th November 1982 Monday I am searching for my adopted daughter, who was born in Bulawayo. Not sure if she was registered under Smith or Thompson. I was 15 years old and everything was sorted out without me knowing too much.

28th November 1982 Sunday
FOUND 09/12/2003

Hi, my name is Tamaryn Gillingwater, I am looking to find any information on my birth mother. I was born in Johannesburg and was adopted there. I don't know if I was given a birth name by my biological mother as my present name is what is on my birth certificate. I would love to find out anything I can. Thanks.

17th December 1982 Friday

Hi my name is Correll Kritzinger, and I am looking to establish contact with my biological son (whom I named Vincent Dominic). He was born 17/12/82 in Johannesburg. I just want to meet him to explain, and to see if he is ok. 

18th December 1982 Saturday
FOUND 02/03/2005

I Vivienne Hough & family would dearly love to meet my adopted son born at Mowbray Maternity 18/12/1982, named Dominic Hodgson who is turning 19 this year. (2001)

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