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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth Messages

6th January 1981 Tuesday

A baby girl born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe namely Mandy wishes to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She has dark brown eyes and hair, and very fair skin. No further details are available at this stage.

13th January 1981 Tuesday

I am looking for my 2 biological daughters Janine and Toni, I gave them up for adoption to their mother Carolyn while they were living in Cullinan

17th January 1981 Saturday

Ek, is gebore, ek neem aan in Pretoria, en is dus nou 21 jaar... ek sal graag wil weet wie is my biologiese ouers?  Ek is op drie weke aangeneem... die inligting wat ek het is baie beperk en vaag... Ek is 'n meisie met rooiblonde hare en blou oŽ... 

28th or 29 January 1981 Wednesday or Thursday

Debra Ann REITZ (now Davis) is looking for any information about her biological son born near midnight on the 28th January, or just after midnight on the morning of the 29th January, 1981, at the Lady Chancellor Maternity Hospital in Salisbury, Rhodesia. I was forced to give up my precious son for adoption. The adoption was done through the Social Welfare Services in Salisbury. I have no details about the adoption. I am married to my adopted son's biological father, Paul Davis, and we have two other sons who wish to meet their biological brother. Our adopted son will turn 21 in January of 2002. We hope that his parents will see fit to let him meet his biological mother and father and to get to know his two brothers. We won't give up. We love you

14th February 1981 Saturday

Colleen is looking for her biological father, his name David Proctor; she was born 1981-02-04. all she knows about him is that he had a big motorbike accident a few years ago which cost him his arm. 

16th February 1981 Monday

Gail Edna Grimbeck is a biological mother who wishes to see how her ADOPTED DAUGHTER, she was forced to give up for adoption has progressed over the years. She was born in the Lady Grey Hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

17th February 1981 Tuesday

Another biological Mom from Zimbabwe, is searching for her adopted daughter. Her baby only known as Baby Torrance was born in Mutare, One of the most beautiful areas of Zimbabwe.

Late February 1981 

Adoptive Mother searching for my adopted daughter, born, February 1981 at Lady Rodwell mother distraught at being forced to give up daughter was sedated during labour and was not aware of actual date (last week of feb)

3rd April 1981 Friday

Onnika Hattingh born as Maud-Walter Delport writes:- I've already met my family but my mom died when I was a baby.  I lost the details to which school she went to I just want to know more about her. Gert Deysel her biological father could be of some help

5th April 1981 Tuesday

I was named Ianika Myburgh at birth. I  am trying to find my biological mother Rika Myburgh.

7th April 1981 Thursday
7/12/2008 New Info

A great adoptive mother writes: Van 'n dankbare moeder. Aan die Biologiese moeder van "Anne Opperman" wil ek net duisend dankies se vir die pragtige dogter wat sy aan my geskenk het. Ek het altyd gestry oor die feit dat ek nie kinders kon baar, maar die Here het dit so beplan dat u namens my kon baar. Ons is baie lief vir haar en wil graag vir u die geleentheid gee om haar 21ste verjaarsdag wat om die draai is, met ons te deel. Ek bid dat die Here u gespaar het en belowe om as dit u wens is hierdie net tussen ons te hou.New Info 7/12/2008: I am still trying to contact the biological mother "Susanne Opperman"
Your daughter would like to meet with you. We believe that the name of her father is Johannes Van Rooyen.?
Your daughter is beautiful and well.
We have changed her name, but for this purpose would like to stick to the name you have given her.

8th April 1981 Wednesday
13/07/2007 New Info

I'm looking for my birth father - I was born in Barberton 8th April 1981. My name is Shaun Harmse - mother's name Merrill Harmse- brother's name - Dean Harmse born 7th July 1979.
13/07/2007: Shaun has been advised that his biological father has passed away

29th April 1981 Wednesday

Roelien Havenga (geboorte naam)  staan op troue vroeg in 2003 dringend op soek na my biologiese moeder ene Johanna Magaretha Havenga gebore op 10 April 1965. Kom troue toe moeder. Laaste bekende adres was Buhrmanstraat 47 Dawkinsville Klerksdorp.

9th May 1981 Saturday

I am Stefanie and would like to meet my brothers (2), two very special people in my life, whom I never had the chance to meet. Unfortunately I have the details of only one of you.  You were born on 9 May 1981 and registered as Hendrik Smith. I dream of the day we will actually meet, and that the rest of our lives will be filled with love and good times.

16th May 1981 Saturday

Biological mother is looking for her son born in Bloemfontein on 16 May 1981 at Universitas Hospital. Given the name of Desedarius Erasmus at time of birth. Would appreciate any information.

26th May 1981 Tuesday

Looking for my son Michael Nurse that I gave up for adoption in 1981-born at Hendrik Verword hospital in Pretoria-anyone with details please help.

4th June 1981 Thursday

I am seeking my biological mother, her maiden name was Zelda Louw, born on 5.6.1962, she had a brother by the name of Boy Louw, born on 5.8.1963. They originally come from Stilfontein / Klerksdorp. Their parents are Petrus Johannes Louw (4.1.1962) and Johanna Maria Wes Van Wyk (31.8.1935). I was adopted in Durban and my birth name was Zirina Louw, So if anyone has any info please contact me.
27/01/2011: Zirina Louws sister has contacted us. Zirina has found her biological mother.

6th June 1981 Saturday
29/10/2002 FOUND

A baby girl named Louise Janet Visser at birth is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER a MISS. VISSER. Louise was born in the Johannesburg Hospital Johannesburg.

16th June 1981 Tuesday

Biological father would love to get in contact with adopted daughter.  Information was witheld during and after birth.  Need to find the missing pieces.

25th June 1981 Thursday
FOUND 20/4/2008

There was a young lady named Sanet Smit from Johannesburg who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at the JHB General Hospital, and then named him FRAZER SMIT. Sanet would like to know how her son has progressed through all these years.
20/4/2008:Informed that Sanet died in a motor car accident in September 2001.

29th June 1981 Monday

I am Des Verreyne and would like to meet my late brother Clifford Verreyne's  two  very special twin boy's whom I never had the chance to meet or to tell you that we (your family.) have and always will love you. We never had any part in you parting with us. We want you to come and take your place in the family. Which will never be filled until your return? You were born in Benoni on the 29 June 1981. We can only dream of the day we will actually meet, that and the rest of our lives will be filled with love and good times. Your uncle Des.

4th July 1981 Saturday
FOUND 11/02/2004

I would love to meet my biological mother & father,  John and Marie Louise Van Rensburg. I was born in Bulawayo, It is possible that my biological parents were married at the time of my birth. I believe I have 2 sisters : Jeannette & Diane. 2 brothers, John & Alan.  All I want is to meet them.

7th July 1981 Tuesday

A baby boy born in Salisbury at St Annes Hospital is searching for his biological mother. No further details are available at present.

7th July 1981 Tuesday
FOUND 08/07/2003

We are searching for MariŽtte Hugo born on 8th June 1957 ID. No. 570608-0089-00-3. She gave birth to a baby girl, Fiona Hugo on a Tuesday. Last known address 8880 Hoofstraat Villiersdorp, Cape Province. She was a teacher. Her postal address was P.O. Box 5393 Cape Town 8000.

26th July 1981 Sunday
FOUND 22/08/2002
see next entry

A biological mother Glenys Colleen Day (maiden name) wishes to trace her adopted daughter born as TAMMY DAY at the South Rand Hospital in Johannesburg. She was adopted through the Princess Alice Adoption Agency.

26th July 1981 Sunday
FOUND 22/08/2002
See Previous entry

I am looking for my birth mother purely out of life-long curiosity. I suffer from depression although it is mild and I am curious to know whether it is genetic. If she is somewhere out there reading this, I would like to let her know that I am all right and that although I never knew her, I think of her daily. My name is Diane Logie, I was born on the 26th July 1981. I do not wish for my adoptive parents to know about my wish to connect until I have made the connection should one take place. Hope she is out there and wants to meet me.
22/08/2002 - It has been confirmed that Glenys Day (Previous entry is Diane's biological mother. It took only 20 days to match the two.

29th July 1981 Wednesday
26/08/2003 FOUND

The biological sister, (Antoinette Karim) of SEAN SMITH (birth name) would like to find her brother who was born in Boksburg

1st August 1981 Saturday
11/08/2003 FOUND

To our daughter - we are waiting to be reunited with you. You have always been in our hearts. From  Ilze (Maiden name :Kruger) and Mike Louverdis, Angelo and Veronica (your brother and sister)

3rd August 1981 Monday

On this day I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at Addington Hospital in Durban. I named you Beverley Tucker, before you were adopted five days later. Beverley when you read this, please contact me.

14th August 1981 Friday
20/09/2002 FOUND

Marianne Dye and Karin Hofmeyr are searching for their son and nephew, Nolan (surname unknown now) who was born at the Florence Nightingale hospital on 14 August 2002 and is 21 this year. Adopted at Pretoria Child Welfare on 29.3.1984.  We have never forgotten you and want so desperately to know how you are and to meet you if possible. We love you always. Please contact us. 

24th August 1981
22/06/2009 New Info
Hello, my name was Cara Miles at birth, I was born at Tygerberg! hospital on the 24th August 1981. I am searching for my biological mother.
22/06/2009: New Info. Biological mother was Cheryl Ann Miles  now maybe Cheryl Ann Gerber.

30th August 1981 a Sunday

Biological Mom Ilse Van Zyl would like to trace her daughter she gave  up for adoption soon after birth. She named her SIMONE VAN ZYL. Simone was born in Port Elizabeth, and adopted through the CMR.

1st September 1981 Saturday
10/11/2002 New Info

Corne Nel who was born in the Boksburg/Benoni hospital in Boksburg wishes to trace his biological parents. No further details are available at present.
10/11/2002: We have established that Corne John Van der Riet. His biological mother is Patricia Rosemary Van der Riet. His biological father is David Johannes Jacobus Van der Riet. It is believed that his parents were married at the time of his birth.

16th September 1981 Wednesday
09/01/2003 FOUND

Loretta Charleston is looking for her biological son, birth name Jonathan Mark, adopted name Carl Robert, born at the JHB General Hospital. You are always in my thoughts and I would love to have contact with you.

17th September 1981
I Salome' (Erasmus) am seeking my adopted son born Fritz Brandon Omar Erasmus. (Birth name). I was 15 at the time and my parents insisted on Fritz should be adopted, which was about 3 months after his birth. I was resident in Alberton. My baby had a mark under his left nipple.

20th September 1981 Sunday

Biological father Ian Michael Clews wishes to trace his biological daughter, who was named SAMANTHA BRIGETTE VAN RENSBURG at birth. She was born in Van der Bijl Park.

7th October 1981 Looking for both my biological mother and father. Mary Stewart and Mark Anthony Spencer I have had a unsuccessful search so far, so the sooner I can find you the happier I will be, I can then live my life fully as a whole person

11th October 1981 Sunday

Jaco Jansen would love to trace his biological sister LIZE MARIE JANSEN who was adopted, through the Moeders Bond Clinic. She was born in Pretoria.

1st November 1981 Saturday
10/09/2002 FOUND

Victoria Watt is searching for her biological mother JENNIFER TAYLOR who was from Harare at the time. Victoria writes:- I am not looking for another mother as you gave me to a very loving happy family. I am just very curious about you and why you felt that you could not keep me. I was told that I am adopted at a very young age and had accepted it almost straight away so I hold absolutely no resentment towards you. As I said, I am just curious about you and who you are and if you're happy and if maybe you've thought about me or wandered about me too.

17th November 1981 1981 Friday

I am seeking my first-born child whose name is Sarah-Kate and probably living in the Bedfordview area.  I was forced into giving her away for adoption when she was born and would dearly love to meet with her.  She was born in the Johannesburg General Hospital on 17th November 1981 and I named her Amy-Jo.    She attended Saint Andrews Private School in Bedfordview for at least the first few years of her school life.  She is now 23 years old and will be 24 in November.  She has a brother who is about 3 years older than her and is also adopted. 

11th December 1981 Friday

Biological father Kevin, is searching for his adopted son, who was named SHEN SMITH at birth. Shen was born in Port Elizabeth.

25th December 1981 Friday
08/11/2002 New Info
26/04/2003 FOUND

On Christmas day 1981 a baby boy (now George Budd) was born at the Lady Rodwell Maternity Home in Bulawayo. The adoptive parents of this young man, wish to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.
08/11/2002: A lady who was in St Claires with Georges biological mother has given us her name. Her maiden name was Antoinette Marais. She married Terry or Dave Ferguson and may be in South Africa.

29th December 1981 Sunday

My naam is Ansie en ek het geboorte gegee aan 'n pragtige dogtertjie Desember 1991 in Vereeniging Hospitaal.  Ek het haar gaan registreer as Ansie De Wet wat my eie naam was op daardie stadium.  Dit was die grootste fout wat ek nog gemaak het en sal graag haar wil ontmoet en leer ken as sy my sal toe laat. 

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