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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


Approximately January 1978

Biological father James Ross wishes to trace his adopted son, who was named KENNETH ROSS at birth. Kenneth was born in Hillbrow Johannesburg. His biological mother is Jennifer Mary Stewart

2nd January 1978 Monday.
01/10/2000: FOUND

A baby girl Yvette Walton (present name) who was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and adopted 6 weeks after birth is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at present.
01/10/2000: Yvette's biological father has contacted us from Zimbabwe and advised us that her biological mother VIVIENNE lives in the UK.02/10/2000: Contact is made with Yvette's biological mother. YVETTE

8th January 1978 Sunday
14/09/2010 FOUND

Diana Van Niekerk (birth name) wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOM, who gave her life at Johannesburg General Hospital in Johannesburg. ROSEMARY please give us a call.

22nd January 1978 Sunday
4/02/2005 FOUND
SHARON FOUND 09/04/2005

A biological mother namely Sharon writes :-I Desperately wish to make contact with my daughter who I was forced to give up for adoption. She was named SAMANTHA DE VILLIERS at birth. She was born in Johannesburg.

4/2/2005: Unable to trace Sharon after Samantha de Villiers contacted us


31st January 1978 Tuesday
18/09/2002 New Info
Tamara Robinson  I am still looking for you have never give up looking for you. I no one day we will meet one day. Your parents will tell you that I have been looking for you all these year. Will never give up hope of finding you. Please fined it in your hearth to forgive me. You are a lady of 30 now.
18/09/2002: Heather has been advised that there is no trace of the adoption, or of Kelly Ann. We believe that it is possible that Kelly Ann has never been told that she is adopted. Kelly Ann may have been adopted be a family with the name Botha.

9th February 1978 Monday

Another baby, Emily Cairns (birth name) born during this particular week wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She was born at the Addington Hospital in Durban, and adopted on 11th October 1978.

12th February 1978 Sunday

A baby girl with dark brown curly hair and dark brown eyes who was born in Kimberley and is now called Mariska Gouws wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.

21st February 1978

Leon John Wallace (birth name) wishes to trace his three brothers namley EDGAR WALLACE, DAVID WALLACE and JOSEPH WALLACE who are believed to be residing in Cape Town. They all lived at the Bruce Dunan Home before being split up. They are the sons of Violet Wallace

1st March 1978 Wednesday

I Matthew Schoeman am looking for my biological parents. Would like to meet them if it is possible. There is an other brother with the name Quintin that I would like to meet.

13th March 1978 Friday

Rita Engelbrecht (birth name) is a young lady who is searching for her biological mother MAVONNE ENGELBRECHT (maiden name). Rita was born at the Queen Vic. Hospital in Johannesburg. Her adoption file nO. is a. 12011. Mavonne it is believed your father had his own Transport business.

15th March 1978 Wednesday

Hi, ek is opsoek na Martin en Marlene, julle moet nou ongeveer 26 en 27 jaar oud wees, ek sal graag wil kontak met julle, dit sal baie belangrik wees. Hoop om iets van julle te hoor.

23rd March 1978 Thursday

Madelein Van der Merwe skryf: Ek het Rooi-Bruin hare, groen oŽ, blond met blou oŽ as baba tot op ouderdom van 3 jaar. Moeder ongetroud met my geboorte, opsoek na my biologiese vader, moeder weet nie van soektog en weier om enige inligting te verskaf. My biologiese vader het in 1977 by Durban spoorweg gewerk, het in 1977 by my Ma sÍ beste vriendin AMELIA HEYMANS English haar familie geloseer, dit was in Reunion Durban

27th March 1978  Monday

Searching for my son who was given up for adoption when I was 18 years old. Would like him to know that I have never forgotten my loss. Wish to make contact if it suits him. I have previously tried to make contact through agencies without success. Need to know how he is.

31st March 1978  Friday

A female adoptee born in Gabarone Botswana and adopted on 2nd April 1978 is searching for her biological mother namley CHRISTINE WARD (maiden name) it is believed that she was the eldest of three children, is 5foot 2 inches tall, has green eyes, brown hair and was unmarried at the time of birth

31st March 1978 

10/06/2003 FOUND

Ek is op soek na LYDIA MARTIN, wat op 31 Maart 1978, geboorte geskenk het aan 'n dogtertjie, SAMANTHA MARTIN in die Mowbray Maternity Hospital, Kaapstad.

4th April 1978 Tuesday

A biological mother Karin Burger is searching for her baby boy she was forced to give up for adoption. She named him BRIAN BURGER and gave birth at the Queen Victoria Hospital Johannesburg.

17th April 1978 Monday

Stefan Botha (Present name) was born in Salisbury (now Harare) at the Lady Chancellor Hospital. This young man is now searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available

27th April 1978 Thursday

Ek is op soek na my Biologiese ma (J.J. Steenkamp by tye van aanneming - ongetroud.) My ma was werksaam by die Poskantoor. Ek is op 27 April 1978 gebore in Pretoria en sal graag meer omtrent haar wil uitvind, my biologiese ma wou my Monya noem.

11th May 1978 Thursday

I am now 24 years old and I am curious to meet my biological mother. I have absolutely no idea how to find you, but believe that one day soon we will meet. I hope this may help.

18th May 1978 Thursday Please help me find my biological mother. I was named Johan De Jager  after birth in Cape Town.
19th May 1978
I am currently looking for my biological parents, but know nothing besides the surname, which I currently have. I would appreciate it if someone can help me to find him or her. Thanks.

22nd May 1978 Monday

Tom Honiball is a biological father searching for his ADOPTED SON, who was born at the Umtali Hospital in Rhodesia. his biological mother was Deborah Pope of Harare at the time. Deborah is also assisting Tom to find his son.

29th May 1978 Monday

Ek is gebore as Lize Agenbach te Wynberg met Ďn krom pinkie en tone te, Kaap Stad. Ek sal graag my biologiese moeder wil opspoor.

5th June 1978 Monday

I was born in the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital in Johannesburg. I wish to find my biological mother Maria Scapin.

21st June 1978 Wednesday. 16/10/2000:FOUND

An adoptee George Mathews is searching for his brothers and sisters. DANIEL JACOBUS WOOD born 2.6.1965 - CORNELIUS JOHANNES WOOD born 5.1.1967 - JACOBUS DANIEL WALTER WOOD born 29.2.1968 - ELAINE NAOMI MATHEWS born 4.4.1976 - JONATHAN MATHEWS born 11.3.1980 and LEONORA BESTER born 15.5.1981
16/10/2000 George has found one sister Leonora Bester.

29th June 1978 Thursday

I am Stefanie and would like to meet my brothers (2), two very special people in my life, whom I never had the chance to meet. Unfortunately I have the details of only one of you.  You were born on 29th June 1978 and registered as Quinton Siacalli. I dream of the day we will actually meet, and that the rest of our lives will be filled with love and good times.

9th July 1978 Sunday

Robert Bryan Walker a male adoptee born in Pretoria as Vawn or Vaughn is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER no further details are available at present

16th or 17th or 18th July 1978 Sunday 03/11/2000:FOUND

Grace Vivienne Hadfield (maiden name) is searching for her adopted daughter whom she named JUTA SIGRIED HADFIELD before she was adopted. Juta was born at the HF.Vewoerd Hospital in Pretoria, and was adopted on 28th July 1978. She was adopted by a teacher who already had an adopted son.
31st March 2000: Grace has found her daughter and they are currently e-mailing each other.
03/11/2000: Grace has now met her daughter now named Lee and is meeting Lee's adoptive parents in December 2000. They must be great adoptive parents.

3rd August 1978 Thursday

Julie Lewis (birth name) a female adoptee wishes to find her biological mother a JACQUELINE LEWIS.(maiden name) She was unmarried at the time of Julie's birth. Her ID Number 580717 0014 107. Julie was born in Springs and was adopted on 14th August 1978. Miss Lewis was a british citizen, and may now be living in the UK.

16th August 1978 Wednesday
25/05/2003 FOUND

A young lady who gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Umtali (now Mutare) in Rhodesia is searching for her son that had the surname of LAMB. Susan who was only 20 years old at the time was forced to give him up for adoption.

17th August 1978 Thursday

Elsebe Heysteck ( birth name) a female adoptee is searching for her biological mother ALETTA STEFANIE HEYSTECK. Elsebe was born in Pretoria.

21st August 1978 Monday

This is an interesting case. The biological son of a medical doctor and nursing sister named Alfred Isaac Dedman at birth is searching for his biological parents, a Dr. DEDNAM and MRS. GARRICK. It is believed that both worked at the Nigel hospital at the time.

21st August 1978

I would like to track my oldest son (Logan Joshua birth name) down to let him know that I was forced to give him up for adoption against my will and that he has a younger brother born in the same month as he, who would like to meet him.

23rd August 1978 Wednesday

Garreth or Gavin Vermeulen(birth name) a male adoptee wishes to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was born in Bloemfontein. He has green eyes, a mole on his chest and brown hair.

30th August 1978 Wednesday

ALIDA PRETORIUS (maiden Name) a biological mother is being sought be her adopted daughter Lezane Pretorius (birth name). He was born in Port Elizabeth and adopted on 13th September 1978. Alida has brown hair, brown eyes, is thin and has high cheekbones.

1st September 1978 Friday

Do you know where Gerafina Magdalena Van Heerden (maiden name) is at present? Your adopted daughter Juanita Van Heerden wants to meet you.

22nd September 1978 Friday

Baby Raymond Wright who was born in Paarl, Cape Province and now a handsome young man wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, presumably a Miss Wright.

14th October 1978 Saturday

A beautiful Indian baby boy, born on Saturday 14th October 1978, who has now grown into a handsome young man is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Come on Mom give us a call.

18th October 1978 Thursday

Lindsay Morton, born 12th October 1978 in Bulawayo, adopted six days later. Wishing to trace biological mother, don't know many details about her, or circumstances at birth. I have red/auburn hair and freckles.

20th October 1978 Friday
January 2002 Found

Neville France a biological father wishes to trace his ADOPTED DAUGHTER. who was given the name of PATRICIA at birth. She was born in Pretoria to a young lady called Sue, who was confined to Fatima House.
January 2002. Patricia now know as Karin was found in Canada.

28th October 1978

I was born at the Lady Rodwell Maternity Home in Bulawayo. I am looking for my biological parents

2nd December 1978 Saturday My birth name was Lizel Roux. I wish to find my biological mother. At present I do not have any information about her.
12th December 1978 Monday My name is Delinda Kotze. I was born 12 December 1977. My name was Liesel Brits. I have curly black hair with blue eyes. The adoption agency used was the AFM church Children Homes, Lyndhurst in Johannesburg. Birth Mother was 16 years old. Anyone with ANY information PLEASE contact me!!!

23rd December 1978 Saturday

This baby may have been a great Christmas present for a young BIOLOGICAL MOTHER who was forced to give her baby girl, up for adoption, that was born in the Johannesburg General Hospital. This is a date no mother can forget. Caren Greaves (name after adoption) now wishes to find that young lady.

23rd December 1978 Saturday
01/04/2003 New Info
01/09/2008 New Info

A baby girl was born in Pretoria on this day with curly blond hair, blue eyes and a white birthmark on her neck. She very much would like to trace her biological mother.
01/04/2003 I was named Arina Reyneke at birth and I have established that my biological mother's maiden name was Saroline Reyneke

01/09/2008: I have found my birth mother, but due to her having her own family now, she wishes to not meet me as this could complicate her current situation. I would like to find my birth father if at all possible. I have no details unfortunately. Only the  details already listed (motherís name and mine at birth). If this seems like a lady you might have known in 1978, please contact me and we can make sure.

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