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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1977 Exact Date Unknown

A biological mother searching for her adopted daughter, registered as Jolene Van Zyl at birth. All I need to know is that Jolene is well and happy.

1977 Exact Date Unknown

Helen Massing is trying to locate her adopted sister KELLY DU PLESSIS who was born in Cape Town. Her mother was PATRICIA ANNE MASON at the time of Kelly's birth. The exact date of Kelly's birth is unknown.

5th January 1977 Wednesday
FOUND 18/05/2004

Leona and Barry Fuller are searching for NATALIE born at Greys Hospital, Pietermaritzburg on 5.1.77.  Were forced to give our baby up as we were unmarried at the time, but now are married and have three teenage daughters and we would all love to meet Natalie.

11th January 1977 Tuesday
New Info 28/05/2011

A young man from Canada, Jason Fleming wishes to trace his biological brother named JUSTIN LAMB at birth. He was born at the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria to Pamela and Donald Fleming nee Lamb. Jason writes:- Looking for my brother , born 15 January 1977. When I found out about you , I just needed to find you.
New Info:
I have a little bit of information on him now. His name now is Marius and is married with 2 children. He came looking for us at the adoption agency in Pretoria in 1999 but all of his contact Info is expired. We moved to Canada in 1997 but my parents never left any contact info.

13th January 1977
Looking for my adopted son born 13th January 1977 in Pretoria. Birth surname Lindenberg, adopted through Catholic Woman's League. Now a qualified charter accountant.

21st January 1977 Friday
FOUND 18/06/2007

My name is Barry, I am searching for my biological mother Carol Anne Van Wyk. I was born in Gwelo Rhodesia at the Berchenoch Maternity Home.

23rd January 1977 Sunday

Seeking BIRTH MOTHER and biological father. Born a couple of weeks premature at the Mater Dei clinic in Bulawayo.

4th February 1977 Friday

Edward Anderson (birth name) is looking for his Biological mother. Born in Johannesburg General Hospital.

5th February 1977 Saturday
05/09/2001 New Info

Vera Angela Bosch, probably born Angela, is looking for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She gave birth in Pietermaritzburg.
05/09/2001 New Info: Vera was named Angela Clare Fourie, we also have he biological mother's full names who was born on 29th March 1962, on our computers.

18th February 1977 Friday To Sean Roberts (birth name) You are in my heart and in my mind I need to know if you are fine. I will love you forever. From your biological mother.
25th February 1977 Friday I am looking for my daughter I gave up for adoption in 1977. I have never forgotten about you and I would love to get to know you. I never had a choice but to give you up. I hope you find me.

16th March 1977 Wednesday
17/12/2001 New Info
31/3/2003 New Info
18/07/2003: FOUND

Monique Jean Diamond who was born in Johannesburg writes: Please help me find my biological parents I was told I have a brother who was adopted out as well. Mother's name was Debrah Edith Diamond . her maiden name was Thorne. It is believed that she has been married about 5 times.
17/12/2001 New Info: Monique's brother is called Niel Diamond. 31/03/2003 We believe his name may of changed to Neil John Solomon his date of birth is 24 02 1974. Monique has also found her biological grandparents.

16th March 1977 Wednesday If you Joane Botha (birth name) are reading this, please contact me. I would love to meet you. My family knows about you and they would also love to meet you. You were born in Durban.

22nd March 1977 Tuesday

A baby boy born in Rustenburg and then named Johan Fourie by his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER now wishes to trace her. She may have been married, was dark and had 3 other children at the time. Johan has blue eyes and blond curly hair.

23rd March 1977 Wednesday
30/08/2001: New Info
19/05/2003 FOUND

Biological Mom Patricia Snowball is searching for her son who she was forced to give up for adoption. He was born in Vereeniging and was named NEIL.
30/08/2001: Neil's biological father has also started a search for his adopted son.

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