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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


10th October 1974
Gavin de Klerk (birth name) born at Queen Victoria Hospital, is searching for his biological mother and biological father. His biological mother Doris Desiree de Klerk (maiden name) was born on 1st January 1957. His biological father is Herman Tomasso Barnett Jahnie.

10th October 1974 Thursday

Gareth is a young man who was born in Bulawayo, and is searching for his biological mother. No further details are available at present.

14-17th October 1974 Monday
New Info: 29/11/2001
Biological mother Gesina Bester wishes to find her baby girl she was forced to give up for adoption. She named her baby MARY BESTER after the birth in Johannesburg.
New Info: 29/11/2001: I have learned the were-abouts of my daughter and at this point there is no hope of reconciliation as my daughter is not ready to make contact.

3rd November 1974 Sunday

I am a male adoptee who was born in George. My name is Bernard Daniel, I am searching for my biological mother. I have no other details at present.

5th November 1974 Tuesday

There was a young lady who immigrated from the UK and became pregnant at the tender age of 16 years, she was one of 5 or 7 children, lived in Port Shepstone, and her father was a bookie. She was SHARRON HENTLEY (maiden name) The baby Hannalie Kruger is now searching for her biological mother. It is believed that Hannalie has at least one sister.

10th November 1974 Sunday

A biological mother Terry-Anne Saunders (Maiden name) is searching for her ADOPTED DAUGHTER, who was born in the Lady Rodwell Home in Bulawayo, Rhodesia.

10th November 1974 Sunday

Jaco Kapp geboorte naam is opsoek na my biologiese moeder. Ek is in Pretoria gebore. Ek het ‘n geboortevlek aan my linker lae rug.

19th November 1974 Tuesday
22/08/2006 FOUND

I gave birth to a daughter at Lady Rodwell on 19-11-1974. I was at St. Clairs and worked at the Post Office in Gwelo at the time. I would now like to trace my adopted child.

2nd December 1974
I would like to make contact with my adopted son, Sarel Petrus Du Plessis (present name) who was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia on December 2nd 1974, I will never forget you, and will always remember you. I wish you a happy and peaceful life.

6th December 1974 Friday
New information

Only 1 day after her birthday in 1974 MARY DOLORES GUMTOW gave birth to a baby boy in Johannesburg or Pretoria then named him Deon Martin Gumtow. Dion was placed in the Lucy Kennedy Cottage in Regents Park, Johannesburg aged 5 months and is now searching for Mary. 
21st June 2000 Mary was born on 5th December 1954, Resided at 114 Rosabella Place, Joubert Park, Johannesburg was a South African citizen ID number 654123 680/W was 20 years old and unmarried at the time. Dion's father is said to be a "BERT"

10th or 11th December 1974 

I have tried unsuccessfully to locate my biological son through PMB Child Welfare agency, who has all the necessary info. Adoptive Parents (unknown to me) not cooperative. Please help, if possible.

18th December 1974 or 1975

My sister was born in Port Elizabeth. There is very little information that I can gain from my mother; she feels it is too painful for her. But I would very much like to hear from my sister, not necessarily to meet, but just to know she is alright so I can tell my mother and easy my own mind.

26th December Thursday

I don't know very much about my adoption. I was born in Bulawayo - Zimbabwe,  but was adopted in Salisbury - Harare. (Child welfare). I wish to trace my biological mother.
No mother can ever forget such a great Christmas gift. Come On Mom! Give us a call. (Jack Kotzé)

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