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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1972 or 1973 Ek is Cathy (Koekoes) van die Vrystaat. Enige iemand wat vir Chantell in Klerksdorp ken, laat sy my asseblief kontak.
11th January 1972 Tuesday The son of HEATHER CAMPBELL-HANDCOX  Mark Alan Van reenen, who was born in Bulawayo is searching for his biological mother. Heather was only 16 years old at the time. His biological father ERIC RUGBY was only 18 at the time.
14th January 1972 Friday

Gilbert, registered at birth as Micheal du Preez and who was born the 14th of January in Pretoria at the Mary Font (ou Moeders Bond), is looking for his biological mother and father. Mother was a widow with three children and lived  in Pietersburg (Polokwane). Father was a married business man.

17th January 1972 Monday
New info 18/10/2001
A baby girl, Frances Abott, born in Johannesburg and only adopted 2 years 8 months later, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, probably a MISS. ABBOT at the time. Frances' Lower left earlobe is missing, she is Blonde and has blue eyes. Come on Mom give us a call.
18/10/2001. Frances now Julia writes:
I contacted Marike last year from your suggestion, and in June this year she found my birth mother. I have also found that my biological mother had married my father 2/3 years later after my birth and had three other children with him, my full siblings. I have met my biological mother, her husband and their 2 children, and found it was the most wonderful experience.  We got on like we had known each other for years, we have the same likes and dislikes, same mannerisms etc.  My bfather also arrived in Jersey from SA after leaping on the next available flight, and he and I are so alike it is quite unreal.
24th January 1972 Monday Jake Eddy a male adoptee born in Johannesburg wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.
3rd February 1972 Thursday A female adoptee Sophia Elizabeth Van Zyl (birth name), born in Brakpan, who has a birthmark on the lower back, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, probably a MISS. VAN ZYL.
10th February 1972 Thursday An unmarried BIOLOGICAL MOM lived at 135 - 8th street, Linden Johannesburg named YVONNE. Her baby boy Sean Craig Hollands, she had at the Joburg. Gen. in Johannesburg is searching for her.
27th February 1972 Sunday
30/08/2003 New info
Ek is op soek na my biologiese ma (Gertude Ethel Maud Rudolph).  Ek is op 27 Februarie 1972 in Ontdekkers Hospitaal Roodepoort gebore en sy het my geregistreer as Sean Rudolph.  Ten tye van my geboorte was sy ongetroud, 21 jaar oud en Afrikaanssprekend en woonagtig in Horison,
Roodepoort. Ek wil bitter graag met haar kontak maak.
30/08/2003: My naam by geboorte was Sean Rudolph, my biologiese moeder was/is Gertrude Ethel Maud Rudolph. Sy was woonagtig te Georginia straat 22, Horizon, Roodepoort.
3rd March 1972 Friday Liewe Mamma Ek is op soek na jou. Jou naam was Elsa Sophia Smit tydens my geboorte in Pretoria. Jy was in die Armstrong Berning tehuis. My naam by geboorte was Rina Smit.
Ek sou jou graag wou ontmoet, maar sal nie jou lewe omkrap nie.
9th March 1972 Thursday Simon Douglas born in Bulawayo writes: Looking for my birth mother or biological father. Have no information about them and would like to know about them. If any one has information to help my search please feel free to contact me.
24th March 1972 Friday I am looking for my biological father. My mother did not adopt me but she always told me his name was Peter Le Roux and he was my biological father. I have been living in Australia since I was 11 years of age, I have always thought about him and his whereabouts. I would like him or anyone who knows of him to contact me.
27th March 1972 Monday
14/07/2003 New Info
Clarissa Tree (Birth name) was adopted in Cape Town in 1972 when about 7 days old. I am looking for any family members to assist.  I would like to find my brother or sister who were also given for adoption. No one knows that my mother was pregnant and had another child, given up for adoption.
14.07.2003: My biological mother (Reunette Tree) is somewhere in the Cape Province. Mom I wrote you a letter but you never replied. I would love to meet you and my sister.
27th March 1972 Monday 'Susan' Aenmay, born 27 March 1972 in Germiston Hospital is seeking birth mother if she is ready for contact.
6th April 1972 Thursday I am desperate to find out who I am and where I come from.  I am on the verge of getting married and feel that I cant build a future when I have no past.  Please help me find my biological mother "Louisa"
19th April 1972 Wednesday Lucrette Adams writes: I am searching for my SHARON ADAMS, she had 2 small brothers and her mother had been recently widowed at the time of my birth. Mother was 15 years old and father 17 years old.
20th April 1972 Thursday A baby girl born at the St Augustine Hospital in Durban, Coleen Leah Madden, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOM. Coleen was adopted one day after birth. Unfortunately no further details are available at present.
26th April 1972 Wednesday Searching for my biological mother - Christine (nee Baker). Lived in Bulawayo Rhodesia. Employed by Sue Steel (Hairdresser) during and after my birth +/- 18 months after my birth, she married again, and became Christine Le Roux and had another baby, a boy +/- 1990. Divorced and married again. Adoption organized through Dr. Eric McNair and Welfare in Bulawayo. Apparently has 2 sisters possibly living in East London or Port Elizabeth. All three girls attended Montrose High School in Bulawayo. Christine possibly living in Zambia at present.
30th April 1972 Sunday ANDRE and MARY ANNE HAGGARD what happened to you? Your daughter Nicole Claudine Haggard and your son Kevin Haggard are searching for you. They were placed into the Ugie Foster Home. Their parent's last known address was at No. 8 Waterboom street Cape Town. Any person who knows what happened to these biological parents, please give us a call.
4th May 1972 Tuesday
11/01/2002 New info
The adopted daughter of Johanna Fredrika Christina Fourie namely Hannetjie Fourie, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL GRANDMOTHER or any other relatives. Hannetjie has been informed that her BM. passed away in 1988.
11/01/2002: Hannetjie has met some relatives and discovered that she has brothers and sisters. She now wants to try and find THINUS MEW and MERCIA MEW (maiden name) (nickname Poppie) there may also be a sister ADRI.
7th May 1972 Sunday Sandra Marais (birth name) a baby girl born and adopted in Johannesburg, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER a MISS MARAIS. No further details are available at this time.
9th May 1972 Tuesday A male adoptee, Steven Michael Van Wyngaardten, (birth name) who was adopted when he was 4 years old, is searching for PAMELA MARY VAN WYNGAARDTEN nee GOSS. His biological mom. Her mother was/is LIAH GOSS. She has a sister and 2 brothers. Pamela was married to STEPHANAS MICHALUS VAN WYNGAARDTEN.
31st May 1972 Wednesday The adoptive mother of Schalk Burger (birth name) is helping her son to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She completed std. 10 was at university for 1 year. She also has a sister who is a teacher, and a brother who was at varsity, at the time of birth.
1st June 1972 Thursday
29/04/2003 FOUND
A biological mother Aldina is searching for her adopted daughter, who she named JANINE PIERINE TRAVERSO at birth. Janine was born in Mowbray Cape Town. Aldina later married Janine's biological father.
2nd June 1972
Ons soek na Maria Magdalena von Welligh (nooiens van) wie op 5 Desember 1954 gebore is. Sy het geboorte gegee aan Willie von Weilligh in die Queen Victoria Hospitaal in Johannesburg. Haar laas bekende adres was Huis No 11, Nuwe Gevangenis, Standerton
9th June 1972 Friday
19/07/2002 FOUND
June a young biological mother gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl at the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria. She named her baby MADDALEEN HAMILTON. June would love to see how her baby has progressed over the years.
19/07/2002: I traced my daughter, unfortunately she passed away at the age of 22 as a result of a motorcar accident. Thank you.
11th June 1972 Sunday Looking for biological father.  Resided with biological mother (A Smith) & his mother in Kibler Park, JHB south in early 1970's.  He was engaged to biological mother until his mother forced him to make a choice between her and my biological mother.  My biological mother resided for short time with Betty & Geoffery Smith (both now deceased).  Daughter born in June 1972, Lady Chancellor Home, Zimbabwe & would like to be reunited with biological father.  No details of biological father known except that his blood type is very possibly A-.  Any info received will be of great assistance
25th June 1972 Sunday My name is Mavourneen Hoover. I am trying to locate my birth mother Mari-Anne Goosen. I was born at Magdalena Huise, Claremont, Cape Town, and registered as Stefanie Goosen.  I now live in the USA and am married with four boys. I would dearly love to know my biological background.
26th June 1972
Amanda Tertia Wiese worked in Stellenbosch as a Secretary, my biological father was studying at Stellenbosch Agricultural School. He moved back to Natal to run his family farm, Amanda apparently never told him that she was pregnant. Janet Wiese was born in Wynberg, Claremont on the 26th June 1972. After some research I have been told that Amanda Tertia Wiese passed away about 14 years ago. I now live in England with my 14 year old son, and would very much like to find out more about my biological family. Any information would be fantastic. regards Karen
5th July 1972
I was born in Harare (Salisbury) Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) on Wednesday the 05 of July 1972. I was named Andre Paul.
 My biological mom's surname was Steyn. I was adopted on the 11 August 1972.
25th July 1972 Tuesday Biological mom Annetjie has been searching for her adopted daughter. since 1990. SANTEL WENTZEL was born in Pretoria and had light hair and blue eyes.
11th August 1972 Friday I was born somewhere in Natal. I am looking for my birth mother. She registered in the hospital as Mrs. Kapp. I have no other details, as my parents have never discussed my adoption with me. I have a sister who was born on 26 February 1965.
14th August 1972 Monday MAGARIT PREIS gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in Pretoria on Monday 14th August 1972, and named her Mary Preis.(now Shirley Anne) Mary is now trying to find her biological mother Magarit, who may still have the adoption document No. 69108C. Magarit was an English member of the Roman catholic Church.
24th August 1972 Thursday I was born in Pretoria prison and am searching for my biological parents. Have no details of mother but have made contact with my brother Braam. Our adoptive and biological parents stayed in Pretoria gardens across the road from each other.
21st September 1982 Thursday I am an adoptee named Leeanora Wolfaard when I was born in Durban. I am searching for my biological mother Valarie Denise De Winnaar.
2nd October 1972 Monday Baby girl named PATRICIA VEAL born in Guildford, England on 2nd October 1972 searching for birth mother CELIA VEAL at that time from Jo'burg
5th October 1972 Thursday David Stock who was born in the Benoni/Boksburg Hospital, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at present.
14th October 1972 Saturday Joan Coetzee is the name that her widowed biological mother gave her baby, before joan was adopted. MARIA, your last known address is 19 Crossways Hotel Brighton Beach, Durban. Joan would love to meet you.
16th October 1972 Monday Hi, My name is Shelley Docking, l was born on 16th October 1972, at Marta Day Hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  I was adopted on 3rd November 1972.  Would love to find my birth mom.
25th October 1972 Wednesday My biologiese moeder, wie ek graag wil ontmoet, was 18 jaar oud en ongetroud toe ek gebore is te Pretoria. My naam is nou Stefan. Ek het geen verdere besonderhede omtrent my biologiese moeder nie.
9th November 1972 Thursday
26/10/2006 FOUND
A baby girl born in Bulawayo Rhodesia, now known as Cara Anne is searcning for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Cara has a birthmark on her right shoulder blade. No further details are known.
14th November 1972 Tuesday Nicole Fram ( a female adoptee) born as Mary Massey in Springs wishes to find her biological mother CARAL MARGARET MASSEY (maiden name) who lived in Springs at the time of birth.
20th November 1972 Monday I was born Geraldine Martin on the 20th of November 1972 in Cape town. I would very much like to contact my biological mother, known as Sandra Ann Martin at the time of my birth.
24th November 1972 Friday A female adoptee born as Natasja Bauman is trying to locate her biological mother a MISS. LOTRIET at the time of birth. Natasja was born in Victoria West. Her biological father was known as FRANK BAUMAN. She has a brown birthmark above her right knee.
27th November 1972 Monday SHEILA MARTIN (maiden name) gave birth to a baby boy at the Queen Vic. in Johannesburg then named him Rowan Martin. Rowan now wishes to meet his biological mom.
30th November 1972 Thursday Brenda Penberthy, the biological mother of Tanya Penberthy (birth name) is searching for Tanya's biological father, IAN SANGSTER. Tanya was born in Durban, and adopted in April of 1973
11th December 1972 Monday
20/08/2007 FOUND
Ek is gebore as Juan Potgieter en is op soek na my Biologiese moeder wat geboorte gegee het aan my op die 11 Desember 1972. Na my onlangse 30 ste verjaarsdag het ek net die ontsettende behoefte om met my Biologies moeder in aanraking te kom as dit haar goedkeuring weg dra. Kontak my asb. as U my kan help om my Biiologiese moeder op te spoor.
28th December 1972 Thursday
25/11/2009 FOUND
Just before the end of 1972 you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in Bulawayo. My name now is Nicolette. I would love to meet you and get to know you. Please make contact.

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