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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

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1969 or 1970 Michelle van der Westuizen is searching for her half brother JOHANN VAN DER WESTUIZEN or KUHN (name before adoption) Her mother was KARIN KUHN and she writes- I am looking for my half-brother & half-sister who were given up for adoption before I was born.
6th January 1969 Monday The adoptive mother of Bernadine Jean Rossouw (birth name) born in Cape Town, wishes to find Bernadine's BIOLOGICAL MOTHER probably a MISS. ROSSOUW, who was 26 years old, was a nursing sister and had 2 sisters also nurses at the time.
10th January 1969 Friday Willem Trollip/Trollop is looking for his biological mother, was born 10 January 1969 in Pretoria, and adopted shortly afterwards.
5th February 1969 Wednesday Quinton Booyens (birth name) a baby boy is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Quinton was born in Mondeor Johannesburg. No other details are available at this time.
13th March 1969 Thursday Robert Mawman ( a male adoptee) who born in Bloemfontein, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He has brown hair and green grey eyes. No further details are available at present.
24th March 1969 Monday The biological mother (Silvia Ludewig) of a baby who was born as ASTRID ANGELIKA LUDEWIG  would like to trace Astrid, who was born in Johannesburg and adopted through the Cotlands Baby Sanctuary Turffontein Jhb.
8th April 1969 Tuesday 
2/12/2000 FOUND
This young gentleman from The Netherlands namely Schalk Van der Westhuizen (birth name) who was born in Johannesburg, is trying to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She was 24 years old, worked for the Receiver of Revenue (probably Johannesburg) at the time. She also has 2 brothers. 
2/12/2000 Schalk's mother has been found.
8th April 1969 Tuesday  Thora Milne nee Pienaar is searching for her Biological mother name unknown. I was born in East London.
14th April 1969 Monday Sonette du Plessis, born Elsabe Vermaak in Pretoria is looking for her Biological Mother, Alta (Vermaak)
17th April 1969 Thursday Debra who was born in Durban or Tsolo Transkei is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER who was the matron at Tsolo Hospital at the time. Her biological father is Noel Vincent Wittstock
23rd April 1969 Wednesday Would like to make contact with my biological mother. Any information that could assist me in contacting her will be greatly appreciated.
28th April 1969 Monday A baby girl born as Louise Swart at the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Louise was adopted on 28th April 1969.
8th May 1969 Thursday Shelly Simmonds a biological mother is trying to trace her adopted daughter that she named JAQUELINE SIMMONDS at birth. Jaqueline was born in Nelspruit and was adopted a week later. Her father is Willem Christian Bouwer also of Nelspruit at the time of adoption.
13th May 1969 Tuesday
09/03/2002 New Info

17/08/2007 New Info
Rene' Little is looking for her adopted sister named KIM LITTLE at birth and now called KIM BOTHA, who now lives in Cape Town.  Kim was born in Cape Town. Her biological mother was Katherine Gladys Little nee Barnack, and biological father Allan Keith Little.
09/03/2002:The sad news is I have not heard a thing from my sister Kim Botha, who now as I heard lives in Johannesburg.
She is I believe married now. If I may send this letter to Kim saying, Kim where ever you are, I would really honestly like to meet you. I just don't understand why you are not interested?. It would be so wonderful if sisters could connect, as I always wanted a sister, and the sad thing is I
do have a blood sister that I cant seem to meet. To give you my details again Rene de Goede nee Little - Cape Town, looking for Kim Botha -now married and lives some where in Johannesburg.
17/08/2007: Rene's adopted brother Grant Shelly has been found through this website.
22nd May 1969 Thursday Andre Swanepoel a baby boy born in Cape Town wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. presumably a Miss Swanepoel. No further details are available at this stage.
25th May 1969 Sunday
24/07/2002 Found

Mandy Gilbert - searching for birthmother. A registered nurse, She came to Zambia from England, 1968. I was born May 1969, Luanshya Mine Hospital, Zambia. She was 23years old at the time. She married, February 1970 however,  was divorced and remarried later.

th June 1969 Wednesday A baby girl born in Pretoria now called Kim Joyce Mc Nicoll (Adoptive name) is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Unfortunately no further details are available at this time. Watch this space.
6th June 1969 Friday "Martha", I think this is your name. You have been looking for me way back in 1995/6, I think. It was impossible to get back to you. You were born on 6th June 1969 in the Standerton Hospital. If you get back to me, I will explain everything. Maybe 33 years are long enough in keeping a secret.
14th June 1969 Saturday

Ek is gebore as Petrus Jacobus Nell en is  al baie jare op soek na my biologiese moeder, Doloris Nell. Ek will definitief niemand se lewens ontwrig nie, maar ek het soveel vrae sonder antwoorde. Enige kontak sal streng vertroulik gehou word.

1st July 1969 Tuesday I would like to locate my biological father Tommy Goddard. He was a singer in Johannesburg in the late 60's and moved to Rhodesia just after I was born. His sister Anne and the rest of the family were aware of my birth. My mother remarried in 1979 and my stepfather adopted me.
14th July 1969 Monday on is desperately trying to get into contact with my biological parents and especially my biological sister who I have never met. I am married with a son of 2 and would like him to meet his family.
25th July 1969 Friday Biological father John Lumgair wishes to find his adopted daughter, who was named KIM GROENEWALD at birth. John writes:- Kim, I have wanted to meet you since the day you were born and have missed being part of your life for 32 years. Please contact me. Your birth father, John
15th August 1969 Friday A gentleman born in Kitwe,  Zambia now named Guy writes :- I would like to find my birth mother, I was adopted by an English couple and came to England when I was seven, I believe my natural mother was very young and was made  by her parents to have me adopted. Guy's BIOLOGICAL MOTHER is believed to have been a MISS TAYLOR
14 August 1969 Thursday Desperately trying to find my biological mother, I was born on the 14th of August 1969 in P.E. and adopted by the Gates Family at 1day old. I was named Wendy Elizabeth .If anybody can help me find my mother, please contact Adoption Reunions.
14th August 1969 Hi there, I am trying to find my father, I was born on the 14th of August 1969 in Port Elizabeth to a Maureen Williams, apparently my father was German but that's the only info I have!
15 August 1969 Friday Rozette Oosthuzen (geboorte naam) skryf:- Ek soek al baie lank na my biologiese moeder. Ek wil niemand se lewens ontwrig nie, maar ek soek net antwoorde op soveel vrae.  Al wat ek van my moeder weet is dat haar naam, Anna Oosthuizen is, en dat sy woonagtig was/is te Odendaalsrus. Daar sal geen verwyte wees nie, net gemoedsrus en vrede.  Dalk kan my biologiese moeder dieselfde ervaar.  As enigiemand van haar weet (al is sy nie meer met ons nie) laat my asb. weet sodat ek gemoedsrus kan ervaar.  - DANKIE -
17th August 1969
I am looking for my birth mother and would really like to meet her. My name at birth was Jacqueline Botha, born in Gwelo Rhodesia. My mothers name was Wenda Botha nee Marsh at the time of my birth.
20th August 1969
21/01/2004 New Info

Hi my name is Cheryl Carl (nee' Foster), I am looking for my biological father, his name is JIMMEY SUMMERS.  Jimmey met my mother YVONNE JOUBERT in Salisbury - Rhodesia - now Harare /Zimbabwe around 1968 and lived in Waterfalls/Hatfield .  At that time Jimmey was in the RLI.  I was born on 20 August 1969.  My birth was registered Cheryl Joubert.  My Mother then met and married Graham Foster when I was ten months old, and he adopted me, and was then registered as Cheryl Foster.  The last contact my Mother had with my biological father Jimmey,  was when I was about four years old, he was working in Wankie at that time, he told my mother that he had married and had children.  Jimmey Summers has a brother too, his name is ROBIN SUMMERS.  Robin Summers was a hairdresser in Salisbury/Harare and then Bulawayo.  Their mother was RHODA SUMMERS.  My mother, Yvonne Joubert lived with Rhoda Summers (my grandmother) for a short while.  Since then my grandmother, Rhoda Summers has passed away.  

There will always be a connection to my biological father, I think I have a lot of his features/looks etc.  I would really like to know where I came from, as I often wonder where my children get their looks/character/build etc.  I have known about him since 1984 and would like to end this search as I need to get on with my life.  I would like him to know that he has 2 beautiful grandchildren, Brandon (7) and David (5).   I would desperately like to meet him one day.
21/01/2004:His full name is Andrew James Summers, DOB 13 Nov 1949.  He has a son, Andrew.

24th August 1969
Kristen Schroeder is trying to locate her adopted brother RODNEY VAN ZYL (birth name) who was born in Rondebosch, Cape Town. His mother is Emmerentia Schroeder nee Van Zyl.
15th September 2001 Paul Coetzee (birthname) born in Johannesburg, would like to find his biological parents.
22nd September 1969 Monday A gentleman from a beautiful city in the U.S.A. Mighael Botha is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was born in the Addington Hospital in Durban and was named Mighael before adoption.
28th September 1969 Sunday Got pregnant in Cradock, then send away to Port Elizabeth for adoption, was only 16 and was forced to give up baby at birth. My bady  I named Janine Smith should be 34 years old now. Been looking for her for a very long time.
7th October 1969 Tuesday This is strange, like writing to someone who not only lives in my mind, but is also part of me. I have no anger and understand that you were so young and so scared. I would love to talk to you, to add the missing piece of who I am. I was Michelle Smith at birth, but my name is now Pamela. I know your name is Cynthia, but I have a card you wrote which you signed Cindy.
11th October 1969 Saturday If you gave birth to a baby boy on this day, and then gave him up for adoption, you could be my biological mother. I want to find out if I am adopted.
13th October 1969 Monday Wayne Van der Merwe is searching for MIKE JONES his biological father.  MIKE then had Black hair, brown eyes and is 5'8" tall and was probably British, lived in Durban at the time.
6th November 1969 Thursday Biological mom Elaine is missing her baby daughter Michelle Bailey she was forced to give up for adoption. I very much want to find you and tell you that I still love you. 
24th November 1969 Monday Murray Brain Allison a male adoptee was born in Durban Kwazulu Natal. Born as MARK he is now searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available. Watch this space.
24th November 1969 A baby girl born as Anna Schoeman in Johannesburg, is trying to locate her biological father. JOHN ALMOND. He may have resided in Johannesburg or Durban at the time.
27th November 1969 Thursday A biological mother from Bulawayo Beverley is trying to trace her ADOPTED SON, born in Bulawayo. He was adopted through the Rhodesian Child Welfare. Please contact us if you were born on this day.
16th December 1969 Tuesday My name is Francois, I was born in Durban. I wish to find my biological mother or biological father. At present I do not have any more information.
23rd December 1969 Tuesday
09/07/2003 New Info
Ronald Grobler a male adoptee is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Ronald was born in the Robertson Hospital in Randfontein. His BM is believed to have been afrikaans.
09/07/2003: A family member claims that Ronald's birth mothers name is "Hannetjie Grove

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