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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


2nd February 1965 Tuesday This lady  is searching for  ROBERT JOHNSTONE / JOHNSON / JOHNSEN who resided in Durban during the sixties.
6th March 1965 Saturday Gary Gordon Thompson born in Durban is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time
11th March 1965 Thursday Looking for biological father, John William Renwick, who worked at Salisbury (Rhodesia) Fire Brigade until 1970. May have moved to South Africa. Born in Brampton, England on 12th November 1941.
2nd April 1965 Friday We wish to find JEAN ANN SONLEY who gave birth to a baby boy, Lloyd Wayne Sonley in Durban. She was born in Durban, on 10/10/1946, is 5'7" tall, had brown hair, has green eyes and is fair. She was a short hand typist at the time of her baby's birth. Lloyd's father was employed in a bank.
8th April 1965 Thursday Somewhere in Cape Town a young lady called MARY BARNARD gave birth to a baby boy and named him Barry John Barnard. She was forced to give him up for adoption. Now Barry is searching for biological mother Mary
23rd April 1965 Friday Where is the biological mom that her son last heard from when he was at Priska High School? Eric HenryThiart is searching for JACKIE THIART nee LAZENBURY. She was origanally from England married Hendrik Johannes Christiaan Thiart on 27/11/65 and divorced him +/- 1970.
27th April 1965 Tuesday Julia Van Rooyen is a female adoptee who wants to find her biological mom, ROSELENE GERBER whose family was from Fort Victoria in Rhodesia. It is believed that they moved to Heidelberg and that she worked at the Greys Hospital in Natal.
28th April Wednesday A baby girl named Zelda Van Niekerk at birth, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, who was 19 years old and an only child at the time. Zelda was born in the Mowbray Maternity Hospital in Cape Town. Her biological father was a pilot in the S.A. Air Force, but was killed in a helicopter accident.
4th May 1965 Tuesday
16/02/2005 New Info
12/03/2010 Siblings Found
My birth name was Janetta Beatrice Van der Watt born on 4th May 1965. I was placed at Woodside Sanctuary from where I was adopted by Phyllis & John Pickett on 21st August 1970. My name was changed to Jeanette Claire Pickett. I am trying to find my biological parents
Mother: Magdalena Maria Maryna Van der Watt, nee Becker born 5/9/1924.Mother was not married to the child's father. Janetta is the illegitimate child of Mrs Van der Watt. The mother was formerly married to Hendrik Van der Watt by whom she had three children. She divorced Mr Van der Watt in 1950 and the three children were placed in their father's custody.

Mrs Van der Watt pursued a life of vagrancy. She gave birth to a daughter, Magdalena Maryna Van der Watt on 22/8/1956. When she was arrested the fourth time, she was pregnant with Janetta. At the time of the mother's confinement with Janetta at the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, the hospital authorities agreed to keep Janetta. The mother left the hospital and was never heard of or seen since.
23rd May 1965 Sunday Maryna Perks (birth name) who is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER writes: I would just like to know whether you would like a photo of me and know what I have done with my life for the past 37 years?  I would really like a photo from you I do not want to cause any problems for you at all.
6th June 1965 Saturday
12/11/2000 New info
Gary Schulze a male adoptee named Victor Grobler at birth and born in Johannesburg, is searching for his biological mother, RUTH GROBLER nee CARTER. Gary was born at the Marymount Hospital and adopted through the Catholic Adoption Agency in Johannesburg. Ruth resided in Bellevue Johannesburg.
12/11/2000: New info. Gary's birth name and his biological mother's names established. Special request to add details to website.
9th June 1965 Wednesday Jeanette Charmaine Kofman  gebore 9 Junie 1965 in Pretoria soek na haar biologiese pa, Christiaan Aubrey van der Walt wat in 1972 geskei is van Marieke van der Walt.  My oupa was Henk Kofman en ek wil graag ook jou kant van die familie leer ken, maak asb kontak met my.
12th June 1965 Saturday Our son Born Addington, Durban, 12th June 1965.  Your father and I were forced to give you up. We later married & have 2 children, & now have 3 grandchildren. We have never stopped loving you or thinking about you.  When are you going to search for us, so that we may be reunited again. Time is marching on and we need to see you and your family. Forgive us for letting you go.
28th June 1965 Monday.
  27/10/2000: New info
Roberto Dominietto  named Peter Augustus at birth, a male adoptee born in Pretoria wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at present, but watch this space.
  27/10/2000: New information Received. Roberto was named Peter Augustus at birth.
28th June 1965 Monday It seems quiet a few adoptees were born on this day. Dawid Uys (birth name) a male adoptee was born in Stellenbosch (Cape) on this day. He wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Probably a Miss Uys at the time.
10th July 1965 Saturday Lesleigh Darryl Robins Green wishes to trace his biological father DOE GREEN, who was from Salisbury. Lesleigh was born in the Lady Chancler Home in Salisbury. Doe has remarried and has 2 sons.
10th July 1965 Saturday A male adoptee born as Louis Allen, in Johannesburg and adopted through Cotlands Baby Santuary Turffontein Johannesburg on 12th July 1965, is searching for his biological mother PHYLLIS JUNE ALLEN (maiden name). Louis was born in Johannesburg.
30th or 31st July 1965 Friday or Saturday I am looking for my brother born in July 1965. All I know is that my grandparents made my mother stay at the Good Shepherd Home in Pretoria North While she was pregnant. She then went on to have my brother at the Mary Font nursing home in Pretoria.
3rd August 1965 Tuesday A baby boy Alan Findlay (name after adoption) is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER whose surname could have been CLOETE at the time of Alan's birth. He was born in Addington Hospital in Durban. It is believes that his mother was a school girl (nothing unusual).
31st August 1965 Tuesday Looking for my birth mother, Anthea Mary nee Sturgess who resided at 607 Raynard, Godrich Street, Hillbrow, Johannesburg. Born Oxford, England 03/07/1947. I was registered as Elizabeth Sturgess.  My biological mother may have returned to UK (?1970's) but also may have relatives still in South Africa. Siblings Monica and Roger Sturgess who may be in S. Africa. Any information appreciated.
9th September 1965 Thursday Elza the biological mother of Pieter van Wyk, married his biological father, after Pieter was adopted. We now want to find our baby boy, we had to give up for adoption. Pieter you were born in the Mowbray Hospital in Cape town, you also have 2 sisters and a brother.
11th September 1965 Saturday I am looking for my biological mother, I am lead to believe that my birth name was Charles Morton. I was born at the Lady Rodwell Bulawayo and adopted after three weeks by a Scottish couple. My biological father was apparently a traveling salesman.
12th September 1965 Sunday Another school girl who had a baby boy (nothing unusal) Whose surname was NESER is being sought by the baby (Johan Neser) that she was forced to give up for adoption. She was in a home for unmarried mothers in Bloemfontein until the birth in Bloemfontein. 
29th September 1965 Wednesday
26/02/2007 New Info
Nelma Conradie a female adoptee, born in Cape Town, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, presumably a Miss BRAND. Nelma's biological mother was a 19/20 year old student in Cape Town
26/02/2007: I've found more information regarding my birth mother. She was Heyla Aletta Brand and was at the time of my birth 15 years old.
1 October 1965 Friday TONY BAARD BORN 01 OCTOBER 1965 IN WYNBERG CAPETOWN a male adoptee wants to trace his biological mother.
7th October 1965 Thursday
11/10/2002 New Info
09/02/2005 FOUND
A baby girl who was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia and adopted only 2 months after birth, and named Sara Robinson by her adoptive parents, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOM. Please Birth Mom if you read this make contact.  Your name is Diana.  You did the right thing - my Adoptive parents are the best and I love them very much.  However, I need to know my roots.  Thank you, Sara.
11/10/2002 New Info: Mary has established her biological mother's name. She was 18 yrs old, and a Receptionist, her father was a 25 year old South African farmer.
My biological mother name then was
Diana Jane HARBY Neaves.
09/02/2005: Sara's biological Aunt has contacted us from Durban.
18th October 1965 Monday Michael Wales ( Birth name) a male adoptee wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Michael was born in Durban. No further details are available.
19th October 1965 Tuesday Johannes Retief (birth name) was born in Wynberg Western Cape. He now wishes to find a JOCOMINA RETIEF. She was Unmarried.  She was a member of the NG Kerk and Afrikaans speaking.  She gave consent to the adoption before the Commissioner of Child Welfare in Wynberg, mr GL Odendaal.  No information regarding natural father is available. It is believed she was from Brackenfell in the Cape.
4th November 1965 Thursday Russell Ward is a male adoptee born in Pietermaritzburg. He has brown hair and green eyes. He wishes to trace his biological mother. No further details are available at present.
5th November 1965 Friday I would like to get together with my biological parents Oliver Tobais Nicholas and Adriaan Petronella Karsten.
30th November 1965 Tuesday My name is Andre, I wish to trace my biological mother who may have been a Miss Venter. She was a trainee nurse. My father may have been a Van Niekerk and was a policeman. Both came from the Klerksdorp / Potchefstroom area.
4th December 1965 Saturday A baby girl born as Silma Smit at the Mowbtay Hospital in Wynberg, wishes to find her biological mother HELLETJIE ALETTA JOHANNA SMIT. She was unmarried, 21 years old, Afrikaans, was a trainee Nurse and trainee hairdresser and was born in 1944. Her biological father was Tall and dark, born in 1943.
18th December 1965 Saturday Nicolaas gebore 18/12/1965 is op soek na sy biologiese moeder.Ek is vroeg in 1966 (feitlik 3 maande oud) te Bloemfontein aangeneem. Ek het 'n kenmerkende geboortevlek op my regterskouer.Al wat ek van haar besit is 'n blou "charlie" en die naam Nicolaas of Nico.
25th December 1965 Saturday Louis Petrus Pieterse (birth name) a male adoptee is searching for his biological mother a Miss PIETERSE, possibly a MRS. PELSER at present. Louis was born at Kliprand in the Cape. He also has a half brother named JOHAN PELSER.
25th December 1965 Saturday A biological mom writes:- Any replies from my daughter, whom I am trying to trace.  Just to say that I love her, and have been carrying this pain for the last 36 years. I have a dream that we can find each other, and become friends.  I have not had any other children, and would love for her to become a part of my life.  There is just so much to say and work through, but I have had 36 years to try and make sense of it myself.  The hurt never goes away. Baby DOROTHY JESSUP (Birth name) give us a call.
25th December 1965 Saturday Looking for information on biological father (surname de Klerk). I was born on 25 December 1965 in Pretoria. Biological mother - Susanna Louise (Lulu) Petzer
30th December 1965 Tuesday
02/07/2004 FOUND
Almost a new years baby!  Andre Hercules De Beer (birth name) born in Keetmanshoop is searching for his biological mother AMANDA ANETTE DE BEER. She resided at 25 Robinson Street - Keetmanshoop. Andre was only adopted eight months later, and may have lived with his biological mother for that time.

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