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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1964 Exact date Unknown

Vanessa Groenewald wishes to trace her adopted brother. He was named FRANK GROENEWALD at birth. Frank was born in the Mowbray Hospital in Cape Town. His biological mother is Yvonne Jean Groenewald.

1964 - 1967 Exact date Unknown

I'm searching for my half-sister: Her birth name was Margrida Da Costa Goncalves. She was born in Johannesburg ± 1964-1968. I don't have much information. I know the fathers name: Jose Da Costa Goncalves. If she has the same features as me: she should have brown hair,  greenish bluish eyes, its like looking for a needle in a hay stack. All I know is that my father was young and got scared...I know that he registered her at the Portuguese Counselte..under his name....maybe that's a start....Please help me find her.....I need to know..

1st January 1964 Wednesday


Gaynor Duggan is a biological mother who is searching for her adopted son named ERIC at birth, who was born at the Provincial Hospital in Port Elizabeth. He was adopted through the Child Welfare. Gaynor was a Miss Harrison at the time. His father is Peter Douglas Jackson.

5th February 1964 Wednesday

Vymanda Roos (birth name) is searching for her biological mother, presumably a Miss Roos. I was born at the the Wynberg Hospital in Cape Town.

24th February 1964 Monday

Shirley, born in Cape Town on 24 February 1964, would like to make contact with her biological parents. Alternatively, any medical history of both will be welcome as well as a photo & history of adoption.

8th March 1964 Sunday. 
10/05/2000: found 

A baby girl born as Frances Loagie or Logie in the Greys Hospital Pietermaritzburg Kwazulu Natal, is searching for her Biological mother LYNETTE FRANCES LOAGIE OR LOGIE (maiden Name). her biological father is JAUN ROY GONSALES.
10th May 2000: Frances has made contact with her biological mother, who has advised her that her father has passed away.

21st March 1964 Saturday

A biological mother named Cornelia wishes to trace her adopted daughter she named DARLENE GROBLER, who was born in Bethlehem Orange Free State.

22nd March 1964 Sunday

Michelle Granville looking for birth mother.  Maiden name was Granville first names are Pamela June.  If your out there and looking for me I am wiling to be found, if you are not that’s ok, but some how would like to get medical and other information for my records. You are always in my heart.

11th April 1964 Saturday

Brendyn James Roylance (Birth name) born in Johannesburg and adopted on 13th February 1970, (This is almost 6 years after birth and should be a clue) wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL FATHER CLIVE.

24th April 1964 Friday Looking for Lynette Ray Moss (maiden name); Anglican, lived at 79 Ufees Ave, Nigel in 1964. Your daughter, born 24 April 1964 under the name of Lyndene Moss (father was Denis Marack of Kroonstad; Jewish), has been wanting to meet you for over 25 years.
28th April 1964 Tuesday After years of working in local theatre, and the entertainment biz, using my 'original' name. Ian Fraser (the one, according to Jhb Child Welfare, that my biological mother gave me) -and hoping quietly that this would cause my biological mother to make contact, I'm gradually realising that the name alone isnt going to help me find out anything of my roots.

4th May 1964 Monday

Tania Kruger is searching for her biological father FRIKKIE KRUGER, who was married to her biological mother at the time of her birth, but was later divorced. Her mother with whom she remained was Constance Merle Kruger at the time of birth. Her maiden name was Labuschagne Come-On Frikkie give us a call!!

17th May 1964 Sunday

Anton Nieman (birth name) is urgently searching for biological mother. Alida Margaretha Nieman (maiden name). Anton was born in Bloemfontein. She was unmarried,15 years old, stayed at the Susanna Coetzee Tehuis while pregnant, adopted through CMR.

6th June 1964 Friday

Biological mom Dorrie wishes to trace her adopted son VICTOR POTGIETER (Birth name). she has tis message for him: Up to now, did not know WHAT to do to find my son, who has never been out of my thoughts for longer than a day! 

23rd June 1964 Tuesday
15/02/2003 FOUND

Aan Leon Hartzer - gebore 23 Junie 1964, Marymount Pretoria. Van jou mamma - Matilda Hartzer (nou Scarfe) Ek het jou Leon gedoop, maar ons naampie vir jou was Katottertjie. Ek was so baie lief vir jou, maar ek was SO bang, want ek was maar 23 jaar oud, en ek het geen toekoms vir jou gehad nie. Omdat jy my kind was, en ek lief was vir jou, moes ek probeer om vir jou 'n beter toekoms te skep. Maar ek het SO MOOI gevra dat hulle jou moet vertel dat ek jou nie verwerp het nie! Dit lyk nie of hulle dit gedoen het nie. Dis amper weer jou verjaardag, en weereens sal ek wonder waar jy is....Ek is lief vir jou, my seuntjie.

6th July 1964 Monday 06/05/2000 FOUND.

Annalise Van Wyk born in Johannesburg on a cold winters day is searching for her biological mother . Annalise' name before she was adopted was Amore Van Wyk. What a beautiful name.
6th May 2000: Annalise has found her biological mother who now lives in the Northern province, but has refused to meet her daughter. We trust that they will be meeting soon.

13th July 1964 Monday

ELIZABETH who was born in London in July 1964 would very much like to contact her biological mother JUDITH MARY NICHOLLS.  Judith was a teacher and was in London with her sister.  They returned to South Africa in August 1964.

24th July 1964 Friday

Claude Spencer (birth name) a male adoptee wants to trace his biological mother JENIFER SPENCER. He was born at Mowbray Hospital in Cape Town

30th July 1964 Thursday
04/10/2001 FOUND

The adopted son of ???????????? (maiden name), wishes to trace his biological mother. Kenneth was born in Pretoria, and only adopted on 17th February 1965. FOUND 04/10/2001

6th August 1964 Thursday
10/09/2004 New Info

I was born Cyrinlene Carol Hayter, in Durban, South Africa, on 6th August 1964.  I am now Margaret Carol Manning (nee Kent.)
I would like to trace my birth mother and father. I want to let them know that I am happy and living in England and have two children of my own.  
10/09/2004:Margaret has found her biological mother, but is still searching for her biological father Joey Aaron/Aron who up to 4 years ago lived in the Durban area.

14th August 1964 Friday I'm the unknown daughter of Michael Delport- presently living somewhere in JHB, Michael was in the Air Force about 39 years ago. Today he is the grandfather of 3 wonderful children. It's time we met and you only have to pick up the phone and dial the number you were given!!!!!!!!

2nd September 1964 Wednesday

A baby boy is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER . He was born at the Joburg. Gen. in Johannesburg.

18th September 1964 Friday

Stephen Corbett wishes to trace his adopted brother who was born as LAVARACK (Birth surname). Biological mother is Lynette Corbett nee Lavarack. Biological father Brian Corbett

18th September 1964 Friday

A beautiful baby girl who was born in Okiep and named Charlotte Magrieta Van den Heever writes: I would like to find out where any possible siblings/half siblings and biological mother are resident.

22 September 1964
The main reason for wanting to get in touch with my birth mother is just to let her know that I'm ok, had a wonderful life and have 3 beautiful daughters. I know there must be times when you think about me,
30th September 1964 Wednesday Heather de Beer is searching for her adopted brother named Mark Broli at birth. He is the son of Coral Broli and was born in Pretoria.

3rd October 1964 Saturday

On 7th October 1964 a baby girl named Susan Uys was adopted by new parents. Susan is now trying to locate her biological mother EMMERENTIA UYS who lived in Pretoria at the time

10th October 1964 Saturday

If anyone can help me Stella Beukes (birth name)to contact my biological mother, I will be eternally grateful as I will be able to close a chapter of my life. I don't want or need anything other than just to know where I come from.

13th October 1964 Tuesday

My naam is Heine de Bruin en ek is op 13 Okt 1964 in die Wynberg hospitaal in Kaapstad gebore as die baba Christo. Ek is op soek na my biologiese ouers.

30th October 1964 Saturday. 

Indien enige iemand my kan help met die opsporing van my biologiese moeder, ene Alma Jordan, kontak Adoption Reunions dringend, asseblief. Ek is gebore  May Jordan te Claremont Kaapstad.

31st October 1964 Saturday. 
21/12/2000: New Info

A young lady whose name is unknown gave birth to a baby boy now known as Daryll De Klerk at the Lady Chancellor Hospital in Salisbury, Rhodesia. Daryll now wishes to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, who may be residing in South Africa at present.
21/12/2000: New info. Daryll's biological mother was DORIS LILLIAN WILLBRAHAM. Last given address - 35 Western Road, Greendale, Salisbury (Zimbabwe

5th November 1964 Thursday
17/08/2007 Found

Martin Mossop (birth name) is a male adoptee who wants to find GAIL MOSSOP and ABRAHAM BLOOM, his biological parents. Martin was born in Johannesburg. He writes: Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Gail Mossop or Abraham Bloom please contact us.

7th November 1964  Saturday

A female adoptee Elizabeth-Ann Koekemoer wants to trace her 
BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She has Red hair, blue eyes, fair skin and freckles. No further details are available.

5th December 1964 Saturday

If you are a BIOLOGICAL MOM, was a nurse named CURTIS and had a brother in matric at this time, we wish to advise you that your daughter you named Samantha Curtis is searching for you. Her biological father was studying Architecture in 1964. She was born in Pinelands Cape.

14th December 1964 Monday

Ek, Marlene van den Berg (Bessie Maureen Nortje), is op soek na my biologiese pa, Cornelius Martinus of Martinus Johannes Nortje. Ek is gebore op 14 Desember 1964 te Germiston. Ek is aangeneem deur Cornelis Johannes Kleynhans en sy eggenote, Marietjie Kleynhans, op 10 Junie 1965 in Kempton Park. Ek het 'n tweelingsussie, waarvan een dood is toe sy nog 'n baba was. Sy is elf maande ouer as ek. Ek dink haar naam is Cathleen (Cathy).

25th December 1964 Friday

Looking for birth mother, only just found out my sister and I adopted together have no real information except Bulawayo Rhodesia my sister is 2 years older. I am trying to put pieces together and to let birth mother know we are alright and we had amazing beautiful adoptive Parents.

31st December 1964 Thursday

Sherri-Lee Gouws looking for any family members related to Evelyn Wood nee Spargo who gave 3 children up for adoption to Americans, or Louis Gouws previously from Kitwe Zambia.

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