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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


21st January 1962 Sunday
09/11/2001 New Info
27/04/2003 New Info
06/08/2003 New Info
06/08/2004 FOUND

09/11/2001 New Info: Louise was named Karen Harrison at birth, her mother is named CAROLINA HARRISON nee PIEK and her biological father WALTER HOHL who was an interior decorator in Cape Town. It is possible that Karen's sister or brother is still running the business.
27/04/2003: Louise has found her half brother. Her biological father Walter Hohl died 20 years ago.
06/08/2003: Louise has received photographs of her family, but is still searching for her biological mother who may be in the Senekal Free State Province area.

21st March 1962 Wednesday
14/08/2002 New Info.
25/08/2002 Found


Paul Henry Lucas a male adoptee born at the St Clare Maternity Home in Bulawayo, wants to find  both his BIOLOGICAL PARENTS. No further details are available at this time. One of Paul's parents may have been Stewart or Stuart.
14/08/2002: It has been established that Paul's biological mother was / is LORNA JEAN STEWART. She was at the St. Sinclair Home in Bulawayo at the time of Paul's birth.
25/08/2002: I have great news in that I have spoken to my mother and part of my family. I still do not know who my dad was as my mother does not at this stage wish to tell me.

26th March 1962 Monday

A baby girl born in Welkom in the Orange Free State on 26th March 1962, was given up for adoption. Now known as Sonja. She would like to find her BIOLOGICAL PARENTS. No further details are available at present.

18th April 1962 Wednesday

I was born 18th April, 1962, in Johannesburg, as Ian Colin Fraser from a Maureen Fraser, whose parents apparently arranged everything. Jhb Child Welfare could only tell me she had red hair and fair skin - and she worked 'in an office' and met my father there, and became pregnant. Apparently her parents took over and organized the subsequent adoption - and they may have come in from 'out of town' to do this. Jhb Child Welfare refused to tell me my fathers name, although they have it on file. They also made a point of saying that 'records weren't kept as thoroughly in the early Sixties' - which I doubt.
If any of this information is familiar, or if you perhaps have knowledge that could help me in finding out more about my biological mother, I'd be very grateful.

28th April 1962 Saturday

Amanda Fourie (birth name) a female adoptee is trying to locate her Biological mother MARIA ELIZABETH FOURIE (Maiden name). Amanda was born at the Mowbray Maternity Home in Wynberg. Maria was about 15 years old at the time of Amanda's birth. Maria, her sisters and brothers went to a home for children, as their father could not afford to take care of them.

17th May 1962 Thursday

A gentleman who weighed 7lb 8 ounces at birth, who has Brown hair and brown eyes and who was named Johan Groenewald at birth, wishes to trace his Biological mother PETRONELLA GROENEWALD. She was 18 Years old and unmarried and completed Matric. She was employed as a typist at building society. Johan's father was Afrikaans speaking. He was employed in the SA Air force. He was 19 years old. Johan's adoptive parents were both murdered during 1977.

18th May 1962 Friday

I am looking for my biological mother, Cornelia Johanna Joubert, Last known address: Box 17, Francistown Botswana. Adoption took place: 25 May 1962 in Port Elizabeth. My birth name: Dane Joubert (the e in Dane has accent mark on it)  Love, your daughter, Linda.

6th June 1962 Wednesday

Els-Maré Van Niekerk (birth name) wishes to trace JOHANNA HELENA JACOBA VAN NIEKERK (maiden name). She was 18 years old when she gave birth to Els-Maré in Johannesburg. Her adoption file number is 7878/62

7th June 1962 Thursday
22/02/2008 FOUND

The biological mother of Denis Baker (birth name) who was born in the Vereeniging Hospital, would love to know what has happened to her baby, that she was forced to give up for adoption.

17th June 1962 Sunday

A baby girl who has now grown into a wonderful lady, who was named Elizabeth Powell at birth, in Johannesburg is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER RUTH. (Surname is known). The adoption took place in Kempton Park. File number 1815/62

26th June 1962 Tuesday

The biological mother of Denis Baker (birth name) who was born in the Vereeniging Hospital, would love to know what has happened to her baby, that she was forced to give up for adoption.

3rd July 1962 Tuesday

Michael Thomas a male adoptee is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, name unknown. Michael was born in Durban and adopted through the Durban Child Welfare.

27th July 1962 Friday

A young man Nicolaas Zwanepoel, who was born in Krugersdorp, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available.

1st September 1962 Saturday
New Info 20/02/2002

Timothy Blann who was born in Johannesburg, and adopted through Cotland Baby Sanctuary, wishes to find more information about himself and also trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further detail are available at this stage.
20/02/2002: New Info. Timothy was named Brian Bronkhorst at birth. His Biological mother is CARMA SYLVIA BRONKHORST.

4th September 1962 Tuesday
New info 23/03/2002

A female adoptee born in Pretoria as Anna Loerens at the Old Moedersbond Hospital and adopted on 8th September of the same year,  is searching for her biological mother MARTHA MARIA LOERENS. Anna writes:
23/03/2002:I would just like to be able to see where I came from and whom I look like. Just like everyone on the face of the earth - I would love to know who my parents really are.

8th September 1962 Saturday

My natural mother registered me as Brenda Loock, I was born in Pretoria. My biological mother was known as Dawn Loock. At the time of my birth she was unmarried, English speaking and a member of the Methodist church, she was born on 17th November 1945. Her last known address in 1962 was 23 Alexandria Ave. Dalview Brakpan. I  believe Dawn Loock married a man from Rhodesia. As far as I know there is no death certificate, immigration papers, marriage certificate. There has to be some trace of her?

15th September 1962 Saturday
12/11/2003 New Info

I am searching for my biological mother. I was born in Johannesburg. My biological mom named me Johan van Niekerk. She was 16 years old and her surname was van Niekerk.
12/11/2003: Johan has established that his biological mother was Susara caroline van niekerk (maiden name)

24th September 1962 Monday
06/05/2003 New Info
12/05/2003 New Info
In 1997 I finally had the courage to trace my birth mother Elizabeth Maria Bokhorst and was devastated to learn that she was deceased. I desperately would like in this lifetime to know whom my biological father was/is. It is recorded that he was 22 0r 23 years of age, unmarried, South African, White, Afrikaans speaking, dark hair, dark eyes, and a medium complexion and a 4th year medical student at University of Stellenbosch (1962).
06/05/2003: It has been established that Ann's biological father was a 
4th year medical student at Stellenbosch university in 1962.
Ann's biological father was  nicknamed "Alwo", Last known address: 18th Avenue, Boston Estate, Bellville, age: 22 years, nationality: South African Ethnological grouping: white, Home language afrikaans.
1st October 1962 Monday Looking for my biological sister who was born on 1st October 1962 at Armstrong Berning Clinic Pretoria. At birth she was registered as Sharon Langford and then adopted.

20th October 1962 Saturday
08/05/2002 new Info

A male adoptee named Mark John Nevin,  who was born at the discovery Hospital in Florida/ Roodepoort, wishes to find his biological mother HEATHER LYNN SMALL (maiden name) who resided in Chingola Northern Rhodesia at the time.
08/05/2002 new Info: Just to let you know that I have traced my biological mother. 
Thanks for all your help.

17th November

Born Elmarie, at Mowbray Maternity Clinic, Cape Town searching for my Biological mother, 21 years old at the time, father 19, both from George. Had eye infection at birth, delayed adoption. Wonderful Adoptive parents, now deceased. All records destroyed in fire at clinic. No record of my adoption.

2nd December 1962 Sunday Would love to know how my real mom is, if she is ok, how she has done in her life. Also that I understand what she did, I ended up doing the same, and wonder everyday whether my child is also wondering about me. I would love to see you and speak to you. Discretion is fine, I don't have a problem with that. I care.
5th December 1962 Wednesday I am looking for my birth mother, Pamela Margaret Harding. I do not have any information other than her name. If anyone has any information about her, I would appreciate it. I was born in the Lusaka General Hospital in Zambia.

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