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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1959 to 1960 My mother gave birth to a baby girl sometime before I was born in 1961 and gave the baby up for adoption. Her maiden name was Petronella Christina Susanna Viljoen and she probably lived in the Pretoria area at the time of the birth. I know she nursed at the Military Hospital.
1960 to 1966 I'm Belinda (age 33yrs) looking for my two sister, born between 1960 - 1966 (different fathers) in Pretoria. I have very little info to go by, but my mother is (Maiden name): Althea Sinclair and then she married and was Althea Smith. Which is very unusual. I think her brother Gary Sinclair was with at the time of adoption. It would be much appreciated if anyone can help thank you.
25th January 1960 Monday
25/5/2008 FOUND
Mervyn Woods was the name I gave my baby boy, when he was born in Durban. Mervyn, I would love to know how you are and where you are at present.
27th January 1960 Wednesday
FOUND 17/04/2011
NORMA ELIZABETH PIERCE (Maiden Name) your daughter Vanessa is searching for you. You gave life to her in Durban on that great summers day.
31st January 1960 Sunday
15/09/2008 found
Desparately seeking Susan! My South African Birth Mother called Susan Giles, last known address was Wynberg, Capetown, she gave life to me alone in a London hospital at the end of January 1960, for that I have been forever grateful.
25th February 1960 Thursday Craig Shambrook a male adoptee is trying to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No details of her are available at this stage. Graig was born in Johanneburg.
8th March 1960 Tuesday To my biological mom Anna Viljoen who lived in Kimberley when I was born. You named me Annalize Viljoen. I would love to meet you some day and start a new relationship with you.
25th March 1960 Friday
08/05/2003 FOUND
Iím  searching for my adopted son. I was forced to give you up. I have always loved you and never forgotten you.
3rd April 1960
I am a male adoptee born in the Uitenhage/Despatch area I think. Date of birth 3rd April 1960. I have no other details as to my biological parents as nothing was ever discussed by my adoptive parents who have both passed away
14th May 1960 Saturday
19th February 2002 
New info
Rosemarie Nel a female adoptee born in Springs is searching for her biological father PAUL MEYBURG, who had an affair with Maria Magdalena Niewenhuisen (maiden name) when Rosemarie was born.
19/02/2002 New Info. Rosemarie has advised us that her biological father passed away about 6 years ago.
17th May 1960 Tuesday Wendy Sandford nee Dillon is Looking for Her Biological sister Chistine Brenner who was put up for adoption at 6 months old. You were born in The Lady Chancellor Hospital. Our mother Nancy Dillon passed away soon after your birth. Our father Roger Dillon put you up for adoption. We grew up near each other in Salisbury. The Brenners lived near us in Salisbury.
22 June 1960 Wednesday If you gave birth to a baby girl at Addington Hospital in Durban on this day, we would like to hear from you. Louise Saayman (Birth name) who has brown hair and brown eyes wishes to find her BIOLOGICAL MOM.
30th June 1960 Thursday David Van Der Westhuizen is an male adoptee who was adopted almost 3 years after birth. He now wishes to trace JOHANNA (JOSINA) STRYDOM. Who was unmarried at the time. David has burn marks on his hands, which his mother may be aware of.
12th July 1960 Tuesday Marius Fourie (birth name) born in Parow, would like contact my biological mother. She was a nurse and unmarried at the time of my birth.
4th August 1960 Thursday
13/06/2001 FOUND
Adoptee Baby Pringle who was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe at the Lady Rodwell Hospital, wishes to trace his biological mother ANITA JOAN PRINGLE (maiden name)
14th August 1960 Sunday Mathew Paul Van Zyl wishes to locate his biological mother. He was born in Cape Town on the 14th August 1960 and was registered at birth as Anton Barkhuizen. He was adopted as a baby by Basil and Magda Van Zyl.
17th August 1960 Wednesday Not to hurt my adoptive mother's feelings, I would rather not list my name. If you gave a little girl up for adoption in Durban, you may be my biological mother/father. I know Ds. Adler of the NG church in Florida was involved in the arrangements.
19th August 1960 Friday A female adoptee born in Johannesburg named Felicity Everitt at birth, and who has a birth mark on the nape of her neck, is searching for her biological mother probably a MISS EVERITT at the time of adoption. No further details are available.
23rd August 1960 Tuesday  Sean is looking for his biological father. I am is biological sister, sharing the same mother, but not father. our mother ( Noel Margaret Randall) passed away in 1965, and I found Sean in 2001. (see entry below)
23rd August 1960 Tuesday
01/10/2001 FOUND
 Jacqueline Pratt wishes to trace her adopted brother DAVID RANDALL (birth name). David was born to Noel Margaret Bruton nee Randall in Pretoria.
01/10/2001 Jacqueline writes: I would just like to tell you that, Mrs. ??? phoned me on Thursday 27th September 2001, to tell me that she had traced David, through his adoptive mother. His name was changed to Sean. He was 'over the moon' to find out about me, and vice versa. Sean, his mother and myself made contact on Saturday 29th 2001, and all I can
say is that it was extremely exciting and we are looking forward to many happy
times ahead.
15th September 1960 Thursday Nadia born in Johannesburg writes:- Nadia Hassen is trying to locate her mother (ZULEKHA EBRAHM) who was supposedly from 3 Pine Road in Fordsburg and is approximately 58 and will appreciate any help with tracing her and to find details of my Biological Father who is unknown.
3rd October 1960 Monday Barend Johannes Viljoen was adopted when he was almost 10 years old. He is now searching for his biological parents, Gillian Christoffel Viljoen and Susanna Catamaria Viljoen and his three sisters. It is presumed that the children were removed from the parents care. Both parents lived in the Johannesburg area.
18th October 1960 Tuesday
19/02/2003 New Info
I Charlotte Faurie (birth name) would like to contact my biological parents. I was born in Cape Town on 18th October 1960 at the Mowbray Nursing Home. The adoption was arranged by the late Dr. Ziervogel of Stellenbosch, Cape Town. 
19/02/2003: Charlotte has established her biological mother's names. Her maiden name was Lottie Faurie
2nd November 1960 Wednesday I am looking for my sister who was named Marjorie Anne at birth. All I know is that she was born on 02/11/1960.I is hoping that not too many white baby girls born in the Cape Town area on that date were given up for adoption.
13th November 1960 Sunday Hi. My name is Felicity.  I would like to be in touch with my biological mother. The only details I have of her is that she was a  medical/law student during the 1960's.  She is also musically talented.
19th November 1960 Saturday I am searching for my adopted son Mark Fairclough who was born in Bulawayo. Adoptive parents: Brian Anderson Fairclough born Leeds UK on13/02/1930. Rose May Fairclough ( nee Hibbert ) Born Heidelberg SA on 25/06/1934. Brother: Larry Allan Fairclough ( 6 years older than Mark). Mark, I would dearly love to see you, and get to know you. You are always in my thoughts.
22nd November 1960 Tuesday
12/01/2004 New Info
A Lady born in Port Elizabeth namely Barbara is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.
12/01/2004: I have subsequently found out that my birth mother's name was Bridget Mary Wilkins, my birth name was Beverly Wilkins.  My birth mother was unmarried at the time, English speaking and belonged to the Presbyterian Church
24th November 1960 Thursday
11/11/2002 New Info.
I was born at the Boksburg-Benoni hospital on the East Rand at +/- 8:15 am. I went home with my adoptive parents when I was 6 days old. The adoption nearly never went through because of something to do with my biological fathers religion.
11/11/2002: We have established that I was registered as Claudette Zonia van Niekerk, and my biological mothers miaden name was Zonia Hope van Niekerk. Her last known address at the time of my birth was 104A Kempston Ave, Benoni
20th December 1960 Tuesday I am desperate to find my biological mother whose name was Maria Badenhorst at the time I was born and living at 10 Kelvin Court in Pretoria.  You named me Hester, but 10 days later I was adopted and renamed Francina Oberholzer. I was born in the Moedersbond Hospital.
27th December 1960 Tuesday Maybe the BIOLOGICAL MOTHER of Darnell Sardinha was hoping to have her baby on Christmas day. Darnell (a male adoptee) who was born in Virginia OFS. wishes to find his mom and give her the satisfaction of seeing her baby  boy again.

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