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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1952 Exact Date Unknown

My sister and I would like to try and find our younger biological sister. She was given up for adoption at birth as my mother was about to remarry and as she had the both of us did not feel it was fair to lumbar three children on her soon to be husband. He subsequently adopted us both on 12/12/1953 my adoption order is 1812/53 Pretoria. They married on the 1st August 1953.

1952 Exact Date Unknown

The biological sister of CECELIA DIRKIE NEL, (birth name) is trying to locate her sister, who was also adopted. Rosemarie Straatman has met her biological mother who later passed away. It is believed Cecelia is teaching at a primary school in Johannesburg at present.

21st January 1952 Monday

I am trying to locate my Biological mother & her family residing in Cape Town.  I was born on the 21st  January 1952 in Upington, Gordonia, Cape Province.  My biological father Samuel (Sam) Bellon was married to Myrtle  Moskow while he was involved with my biological mother.  As I was Samuel's illegitimate child he & his wife adopted me anywhere from 1952 - 1957.  My name was registered at the Synagogue as "Judith Bellon" but on my birth certificate it was registered as "Elyse Bellon".

4th February 1952 Monday
06/03/2004 New Info

I am Christina Van der Merwe, born February 4th, 1952 at Mount Fletcher, Transkei. Looking for my biological mother who was 16 years old at the time of my birth, she was the daughter of a Dutch Reform minister from Cape Town. Adopted parents, Abraham and Mimmie Pelzer.
06/03/2004: Op die geboorte sertifikaat staan net haar aanneem van, Pelzer. Daar was geen geboorte van nie. Die selfde dag as wat sy gebore was, het haar aanneem ouers haar op hulle naam en van geregistreer asof sy hulle eie kind is. Hierdie hele aanneming was 'n baie groot geheim.

2nd or 3rd March 1952 Sunday or Monday

Birthmother Josina is interested to know how her adopted son, named PIERRE DU PLOOY at birth is, What he did with his life, if he married, has children and his profession. She does not want to disrupt his life at all.

6th March 1952 Thursday.

Martonette Hooper wishes to trace her biological father ADRIAN MULLER. She was born in the Mowbray Maternity Hospital in Cape Town.

8th March 1952 Saturday

A baby born in Durban Jacob Labuschagne (present name) wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He was adopted on 16th July 1952.

14th March 1952

Sofia Maria Strydom (Born Lotriet)  Born in Bloemfontein is looking for her biological father.GEORGE GREYLING / GELDENHUIS OR GILDENHUIS who worked for the S.A. Railways or the Post office during 1951 in Bloemfontein or De Aar.  Her mother was MARIE SOFIA LOTRIET who later married Sofia's step father.

17th March 1952 Monday

Lynette Kathleen Oelofse who was born in Estcourt Natal wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.

20th April 1952 Sunday

A baby at Warner Beach with a small hole at the top of her right ear namely Shirley Ann Binckes wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.

17th April 1952 Thursday

Shelagh Caroline Parker writes:- I have a sister that was born at st Mary's hospital in springs on 17th april,1952. she was registered as 
MAUREEN WINDSOR (birth name), the welfare has contacted the adoptive mother who is over 70 years of age & would not allow me to contact or speak to my sister. My mom is 82 years of age this year and would also like to see my sister. The welfare says she has two children a boy & a girl. I believe she has no other relatives when the adoptive mother dies. please could you help me by putting a notice on your notice board to help me trace her.
I do not think it is fair for her not to know that she has a full sister living and looking for her, she is loved very much even though I do not know her, I personally have searched every face I pass, to see any resemblance for years. My mother was Billie, dauphine, vanity Windsor (nee) kemp - born 16th may,1920.

23rd April 1952 Wednesday

A female adoptee born in Bloemfontein Beverley Stevens (Maiden name) is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOM, name unknown. It is believed that Beverley's Biological Mother was a nurse at the time and her father a doctor. The sister who was in attendance at the birth was a Brown-Rigg.

9th June 1952 Monday.
22/11/2000 New Info

This is a very interesting case. Celeste Van den Berg born in Johannesburg, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER who may be a world renowned South African singer.
22/11/2000: Celeste was born as Marietta Hendrina Eksteen. Her biologivcal mother was known as ANNA (Surname withheld) She was unmarried at the time.

July 1952

Rita de Beer an adoptee is searching for her BROTHER, who was born at the Queen Vic Maternity Home in Johannesburg, to Elizabeth Johanna Nel. He was probably adopted through the N.G. Church Auspices.

24th August 1952 Sunday 

SHARON PAMELA PAYNE (birth name) is being sought by her brother Barry Patrick Payne after being separated in April 1959. Sharon and her sister CHARMAINE  PAMELA PAYNE were placed into Wylie House, Durban during April 1959. It is believed that both were adopted.
It has been established that Charmaine died about 10 years ago

21st September 1952 Sunday

Morris Michalowsky a male adoptee is looking for his biological mother  GWYNETH OLIVE PHILLIPS (Maiden name). Morris was born in Johannesburg and was adopted a few days after adoption. His biological parents could be Jewish, as he was raised as an authodox jew.

14th October 1952 Tuesday.
New Info

JOSHUA KEVEN VILJOEN (birth name) a male adoptee is being searched for  by his sister Patricia Viljoen. Joshua was born in the Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg. It is believed he was adopted by a family from the Richmond area of Natal. His biological mother is Patricia Cox nee Ashton. His biological father is J.J. Viljoen a mechanic in Durban.
Patricia has found her brother Joshua through the Registrar of Adoptions, and has made contact with him.

25th October 1952 Saturday

I am an adoptee named Andries De Klerk, I was born in Wepener. My biological mother passed away soon after my birth. I have been informed that I also have a biological sister who I now wish to find.

29th October 1952 

Johan Brand (birth name) Born at the Mowbray Maternity Hospital in Cape Town wishes to find his Biological mother ENGELA BRAND, or his biological father JOHAN STEYL.

19th November 1952 Wednesday

We are searching for JOAN VINCENT a biological mother who was forced to give up her baby she named Colin Deacon for adoption. Colin was born in Woodstock Cape Town

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