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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


26th April 1940 Friday

Peter Crozet   a male adoptee from the UK, is searching for his Biological mother, probably a Miss. BROWN at the time of birth. Peter was born at Cala in the Transkei, and was adopted during April of the same year.
19th August 1940 Sunday The brother of an adoptee who we believe was never told that he was adopted is searching for his brother. Joe Stewart wishes to trace his brother possibly born Krugersdorp. He was adopted by a KLEYNHANS FAMILY. His biological parents were Nellie Ethel Stewart, father a Mr. Keogh who was Irish.
8th January 1941 Wednesday We are looking for Maria Deysel's biological parents or any other brothers or sisters. She is currently 60 years old and would like to know if she has any biological family.
29th August 1941 I was named Catherine Johnson after birth. Iwould like to find the whereabouts of my biological mother Catherine Jennie Johnson (maiden name) and any information on who my father was.
18th October 1941 Saturday
02/05/2003 New Info
Maureen Florence Parkins is searching for her biological mother, who may have left South Africa in September 1970 for England, would like to trace anyone with surname of Gradige or if anyone knows of who biological father might be, or has links with a doctor.
02/05/2003: it has been established that Maureen was registered as Florence Gradidge on 18th October 1941, by her biological mother Violet Eva Alice Gradidge, on 18th October 1941. The last  address where she was residing at was 1109,Umgeni Road,
Durban .     
1st November 1941 Saturday Marjorie Antoinette Koch (birth name) wants to know if her biological mother MARJORIE WILHELMINA ELIZABETH KOCK is still alive. She would like to make contact with her BM, her sister or any other family. Her mother was married to PETER KOCH who died in January 1939.
18th July 1942 Saturday
30/01/2003 New Info

Can any living relatives of Anna Magrieta Pretorius (maiden name) please contact us.  Anna M Pretorius lived at no 5 Wessels street, Braamfontein JHB during the early 1940's.  We believe that Walter F Reilly is her biological son and we would love to meet her.  Walter is 60 years old this year and has on many occasions before tried to find his mother.  Any help will be appreciated.
His fathers' name was Louis Botha, he moved to Cape Town when finding out that Anna  Magrietha Pretorius was pregnant. We originally believed that his father was killed during the war somewhere up in the Northern Transvaal.  We know that Walter was a sick baby, born prematurely and suffered with pneumonia.  He was only released from hospital on the 15th of August 1942. Adoption was finalized on 10 August 1943. Anna Magrietha Pretorius' schooling was completed up to std 6 at Roodepoort Farm school.

19th July 1942 Sunday
Found 05/07/2004
Helen who was born in Johannesburg is searching for her biological mother Nancy McKenzie (maiden name)
05/07/2004: Nancy McKenzie passed away on 28th March 1996. Helen's 2 brothers and one sister where found even before her entry was added to this website.
6th December 1942 Sunday Nora Joan Fourie (birth name ) who was born in Swakopmund, wishes to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available.
17th December 1942 Thursday I, Donavin Hattingh, am searching for my biological grandfather, Vincent Jones. My father, Edward, was adopted in Jo'burg in 1948 after the passing of his mother. His adoptive parents were Johannes and Thelma Hattingh who relocated to Natal. One elder sister and younger brother were also adopted by other families. 
18th April 1943 Sunday A baby born and named (Georgina) Elizabeth Anne Claire, was born at the Queen Victoria Maternity Home in Johannesburg, wishes to find her biological mother ISABEL STELLA SMITH, or any other living relatives.
23rd July 1943 Friday


Dennis Hearn (birth name) a male adoptee is searching for his biological mother, WINIFRED HEARN (Maiden name) who was born on 5th June 1925. Dennis was born in the Queen Victoria Maternity Home in Johannesburg, and was adopted in January 1944.Winifred should be about 74 years old at present.
27th March 1944 Monday.
13/05/2001 new info.
Order no 1069/47 refers to Aletta (birth name) a baby girl who was born in Vereeniging and adopted in 1947. She is now searching for her biological mother MAGGIE (maiden name). 
13/5/2001: We have been informed that Maggie has passed away, but contact has been made with relatives.
3rd May 1944 Wednesday Leonard Cloete (birth name) is searching for his biological mother Louisa Margret Cloete. She was 19 years old. Leonard was her first child. She attained an education level of std V. Was employed as a Railway Stewardess. Afrikaans speaking. She was born in Johannesburg and her parent address at that stage was 45 High Road, Fordsburg.
17th September 1944 Sunday Christina Bock a female adoptee, who was born in Hastings United Kingdom, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.
2nd April 1945 Monday A male adoptee who was born in Bloemfontein, now known as Jan Abram Du Toit is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He has Blue eyes. No further details are available.
6th May 1945 Sunday
30/10/04 FOUND
Jonathon Harvey a male adoptee, from the USA who was born in Johannesburg and adopted through Cotlands Baby Sanctuary in JHB. on 19th October 1945, is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, ANY SIBLINGS  and his FATHER. (Name Unknown) His adoption number is 1244/45.
14th June 1945 Thursday I am trying to locate my biological Parents, Alfred Robert Bassett, born in the early 1900s, and who was apparently living in Johannesburg at the time. If he is not alive, I would love to find any siblings. My biological mother is/was Patricia June Smith who had me at Addington Hospital, Durban on the 14th June, 1945 and who stayed at Oak Tree Lodge for a short while.
15th June 1945 Friday A baby girl registered as Ann Jennifer Bridgman also known as Carol Ann, who was born in Germiston, wishes to trace her biological parents. Her biological mother was Joan Bridgman who became pregnant when her husband was on active service, she was 21 years old at the time of birth. Her biological father is Norman Ryan who worked on the mines as a fitter, was 22 years old, was described as being tall ,fair with blue eyes and good looking.
17th June 1945 Sunday Penelope Joan Mc Innes (nee Heggie) a female adoptee who is currently in Brisbane Australia. Born in Pretoria on 17th June 1945 is looking for her Biological Mother - Dorothy Mc Cormack, (unwed nurse) any Siblings, and Father (name unknown) Adoption No. unknown - Dorothy would be in her 70's now.
25th July 1945 Wednesday Pieter de Waal   a male adoptee born to a MISS BARKHUIZEN (maiden name) in Springs is searching for his biological mother. No further details are available.
12th August 1945 Sunday This lady born at the Queen Victoria Maternity Home in Johannesburg wishes to find her biological mother ANGELINA WASSERMAN, Who was born about 1929 and lived in Port Elizabeth.
6th October 1945 Saturday
27/06/2004 New Info
David-Hugh Watson is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER name unknown. His biological father is believed to be Captain T.R.J. Taylor, who was one of the victums of the Ventura  crash near Malakal in 1945.
26/06/2004: David has been given the background to his adoption. His biological mother was Rosalie Colby.(maiden name)

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