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1) Complete the form below.
2) Click "Submit" once. Then check your details on the Confirmation Page.
3) Forward R50 to Adoption Reunions. This is a once off payment, there are no other charges for updating your details on the website. To see what you get for your R50 Click Here. For banking details. Click Here 

Very Important: E-mail or Fax us the deposit slip or a copy of the internet transaction. Click Here for Fax details.

5) PLEASE NOTE: Your advertisement WILL NOT be added to the website until we have  received your fee and proof of payment.  


Our fee may be deposited directly into our account at any ABSA branch in South Africa, Click Here for banking details, or our fee can be Transferred electronically via internet banking to our account, or forward cash or cheque to our postal address. Please Note: Only South African Cheques are accepted. Click Here for our postal address.
Payment from countries other than South Africa can be made through your local bank.

Remember to E-mail proof of payment to
or Fax To (011) 907-8231. Please note fax or e-mail a copy of the deposit slip or the internet transaction.

Applicant's Details Must Be Completed in Full
These details are added to our personal database and will not be shown on the internet or be made known to any other person.

All x must be completed.


   First Names     x  
Present Surname   x
Residential Address    x
Suburb     x
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Country    x
Postal Code / Zip Code      x

Please note your telephone numbers are very important. 
When the person you are searching for contacts us, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail. 
Should your contact details change, DO NOT FORGET to advise us.

  Home Telephone Number   x
Cell / Mobile Phone Number   x
Work Telephone Number    
Friend or Relative's Telephone   Will only be used if we cannot contact you.
Friend or Relative's Telephone   Will only be used if we cannot contact you.
E-Mail Address  

If your e-mail address is incorrect, we will not be able to contact you, when the
person you are searching for contacts us.........

Remember to let us know, should your e-mail address change.

Who are you  Searching for?   x
Who is the Applicant?   x



First Name AFTER Adoption  

Surname AFTER Adoption  
First Name BEFORE Adoption  
Surname BEFORE Adoption  
Gender/ Male or Female   x
Identification Number   Do not use spaces or brackets.
Adoptees' Date of Birth        x e.g. 10th December 1943
Place of Birth  
Hospital of Birth  
Date Adopted   e.g. 10th December 1945
Adoption Agency  
Present Telephone Number    

Other Details about Adoptee  e.g. colour of hair, eyes,  birthmarks ,etc  



First Names  
Present Surname  
Maiden Name  
Identification Number    Do not use spaces or brackets.
City at Time of Adoption  
Present Telephone Number    

Other Detail e.g. Married,  Unmarried, Employed by at  time  of birth, etc ,etc  



First Name  
Identification Number   Do not use spaces or brackets
City at time of Adoption  
Present Telephone Number    

Other Information about 
Biological Father e.g. 
Married, Unmarried etc,


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include any contact details in your advertisement. No contact details will be added to the website.

Remember the sooner you pay the R50 fee the sooner your advertisement
will be added to this website
Your advertisement will be added to this website as soon as we 
receive confirmation of payment from you.



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