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Adoptees Year
of Birth

ADOPTEE BORN IN 1985 to 2002


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This page was last updated on 16 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1988 to 1990 I am looking for my biological sister. Her biological mothers name is Judy Wright. My sister was born between 1988-1990 in Cape Town. I know she was adopted by a professor at the UCT. Her biological father is Malcolm Allen who is now deceased. Your brothers longs to meet you.
13th February 1985 Wednesday Your biological mother has never stopped thinking about you Catherine. I have never stopped wondering if you are ok and would love to meet you soon.

20th February 1985 Wednesday

A biological mother writes.
Lee,Daar gaan nie 'n dag verby sonder dat ek wonder hoe dit met jou gaan nie, hoe jy lyk en waarvan jy hou nie. Kan nie wag vir die dag van ons ontmoeting nie. MOOI LOOP!
Lee was born in Durban. She has a sister and a brother.

March / April 1985 Marthinus De Beer (Geboorte naam) Al is dit reeds 24 jaar gelede, wonder ek steeds elke dag hoe dit met jou gaan. Kontak Adoption Reunions.

9th March 1985 Saturday

Veronique Kotze wishes to trace her biological brother PIERRE KOTZE. He was born in Port Elizabeth, to Lesley Anne Kotze, who was separated from Pierre's biological father at the time of his birth.

27th March 1985 Wednesday

Willem Edeling writes:- Birth father, searching for my son, adopted against my wishes, born 27 March 1985 in Bloemfontein.You were supposed to come to me and our family, and I have missed you ever since. I have two daughters (14 and 6). Not a day goes by that I don't wonder where you are.

11th April 1985 Thursday
20/11/2004 FOUND

The adoptive mother of Jonathan Eloff would like to trace his biological mother .Born in Cape Town at Mowbray Maternity Hospital 11/04/1985. ACVV handled the adoption

20th April 1985 Saturday

Iím  Pam Hart (Mountjoy) Iím tying to locate my son given up for adoption. Born in 1985 .04 .20.  Please if anyone can help me locate him. I died when I gave him up. I need to know and get my life back I miss him so.

1st May 1985 Wednesday

A baby boy named BESTER at birth was born in the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria and was adopted on or about the 3rd may 1985. His biological mother Karen Elize Bester would like to see how her baby boy is doing now.

2nd May 1985 Thursday

My name is Nicola, I was born in the Mbuya Nehanda hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe. I would love to meet my biological mother, of whom I do not have any details yet. My adoptive parents fully support my search.

15th May 1985 Wednesday
08/05/2004 New Info
I am looking for my birthmother, possibly a Miss Smith at the time of my birth. I was born in Port Elizabeth in May 1985, and adopted a month later. My birthmother was 16 at the time. My adoptive parents are fully supportive of my search.
08/05.2004:It has been confirmed that my son was registered at birth as Benjamin Smith, and that the birthmother's name was Lauren Amelia Smith.  Ms Smith consented to the adoption on 20 May 1985 in the presence of the Commissioner of Child Welfare, Port Elizabeth. At the time of my son's birth, she was 16, unmarried, English speaking and a member of the Methodist Church.  In her statement she mentioned that as the biological father was Jewish, she requested that her son be adopted by Jewish people.
22nd August 1985 Thursday Please help me i'm looking for my biological mother Avril!
27th August 1985 Tuesday Soek Maryke Theron (nie seker van ) gebore 27/08/85 JG Strydom Pretoria. Boilogiese Vader opsoek na jou. Moontlik in Krugersdorp area.

27th September 1985 Friday

David Edward John a college manager wishes to trace his adopted daughter
MELISSA JOHN (Birth Name). She was born in Cape Town

30th September 1985 Monday
 ANN FOUND ON 18/3/2009

I Anna Elizabeth Barnard are looking for my biological daughter born on 30 September 1985 in George provincial hospital named Eileen by me! I would love to meet you and see that you are ok!
Anna Please contact us we have found your adopted daughter.

15th November 1985 Friday

I am leaving my info for Baby Saul who hopefully will one day try to find me. You were born at the Mary Mount Maternity Home in Johannesburg.

1st February 1986
I need to know my daughter is happy, safe and living the life I have always hoped for her and would love nothing more than to make contact with her.

23 March 1986 Sunday

Liewe Antonie Oosthuizen As jou id nommer  50- 11- 03 -5113085 is dan is jy die persoon na wie ons soek, Jou seun is al 16 jaar oud en doen nou navraag oor sy biologiese vader. Kontak asseblief jou famile Jou ma Elize is al 78 jaaroud en velang haar ook dood na jou Indien jy nie seker is waar om haar te kontak nie tree asseblief met ons in verbinding en dan sal ons vir jou haar kontak nommers gee

3rd April 1986 Thursday

I am looking for my son Michael Barry born on 03 April 1986 in Somerset West, Hottentots Holland Hospital.  The Strand ACVV handled the adoption and I was allowed one photograph and information on the child's well being 6 months after the birth.  It was a closed adoption, so I don't know any more details, but would love to find my son, make contact and if possible meet him.  He has 2 younger brothers to meet !!.

17th June 1986 Tuesday

The adopted father of Jaimee-Lee Bailie born at Pretoria West Hospital, wishes to trace Jaimee-Lee's biological mother SONYA OOSTHUISEN nee BAILIE. No further details are available.

26th July 1986 Saturday

Arno Nico Pietersen wishes to trace his biological Mother ANNETTE SUTCLIFF (Maiden name). Arno and Nico have corresponded with one another for a few months, but no reunion was arranged for them. Arno was born in Port Elizabeth. He has two sisters Jackie and Jennifer. His Annette's mother still lives in Port Elizabeth. It is believed that Annette is in Gauteng at present. Nico's adoptive parents have agreed to a reunion.

9th September  1986 Tuesday

Ek het jou Dion genoem toe jy gebore is in Kempton Park. Kontak my asseblief. Ek dink nog elke jaar aan jou as jy verjaar. 

9th September  1986 Tuesday

Seeking son given up for adoption born 09 Sept 1986 in Port Elizabeth. Named LEEDOM (by mother) at birth and adopted by a couple residing in or around Port Elizabeth. Adoption done through welfare department as mother was a scholar. Really hoping you will want to make contact to help mend a broken heart.

19th December 1986 Friday

A biological mom is searching for her adopted son. He was born at the H.F. Verwoerd hopital in Pretoria and was named DAMIAN BRUCE BLACKMAN at birth.

28th January 1987 Wednesday
FOUND 21/08/2010

I gave birth to a boy (Richard) on the 28th January 1987 at the Johannesburg General Hospital under the care of the Princess Alice Nursing Home.  I do not know any of the adoptive parents details except that they may have been of Jewish religion.

2 February 1987 Monday
FOUND 06/10/2003

A very young adoptee Seanne Dugmore (Birth name)  who was born in Johannesburg, wishes to trace her biological mother WENDY SUSAN DUGMORE.
18/02/2004: Permission was requested from Seanne's parents for a reunion.

10th February 1987
Ek is opsoek na my biologiese ma Florence Cora Florence  Venter gebore 12 Maart 1963, sy is weg Pretoria toe net na my geboorte en was getroud met Hendrik Johannes Venter

29th March 1988 Tuesday

Baby VERONIQUE ADAMS was abducted  aged 1 year, by her mother's maid called BEAUTY on 6th March 1989, and has not been seen since. She has an identical twin sister. Her mother Junice Adams would very much like to trace her daughter.

14th April 1987 Tuesday

This biological mom is longing to know where he her adopted son is.

17th April 1987 Friday
15/02/2005 New Info
Hello, I am seeking the daughter I gave birth to - currently known as Tammy Ė named Aimie Elizabeth Pring at birth. You had a mole in your hairline - ear lobes were dimpled as if pierced and you had dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have always loved you never doubt that, I hope to meet you one day..0
15/02/2005: I have since discovered that her adoptive name is Tammy S. Fouche.

22nd January 1988 Friday

Miss Kleynhans (Now Mrs. Rinda Klopper) biological mother wishes to trace her adopted son. He was named Warren Michael at birth and was born at the Johannesburg General Hospital . It has been 17 year since your birth and time is drawing closer to the day that I could meet with you ONLY if you want to! I have not stopped thinking of you since the day you were born. May God bless you richly!!! Love Rinda.

18th November 1988 Friday Ek is op soek na my seun Riaan Brits (geboorte naam) wat gebore is op 18 November 1988 in Pretoria in die HF Verwoerd Hospitaal.  Ek was maar slegs 16 jaar oud en wil baie graag kontak maak met jou, aangesien ek te jonk was om vir jou alles te gee wat ek graag vir jou wou gee.  Ek wil graag weet dat jy nog gelukkig is.  Ek wil jou graag vra om my te vergewe.  Ek sou baie graag nou vir jou wil gee wat ek nie toe vir jou kon gee nie.

15th December 1989 Friday

Biological mom Liesel wants to know how her adopted daughter, who was born in Roodepoort is doing. She is a biological mother who is only interested in her child's progress.

14th March 1990 Wednesday

We really look forward to meeting our daughter named Ylenia Cockburn at birth, and introducing her to her sister and brother as soon as she is willing. We believe Ylenia who was born in Cape Town was named Joanna by birth parents Sue and Martin

5th February 1991
I am looking for my twins 1 boy and one girl born in 1991 but only gave them up for adoption in 1996. The girls name is Janie Baker and the boy Juan Baker before adoption.

25th March 1991 Monday

Kathleen is a biological Mom who is searching for her baby daughter GILLIAN ALEXANDER (Birth name) who was born in Johannesburg.

26th March 1992 Thursday

It is very difficult for a biological mother to ever forget the child that she gave life too. Carine Louise Myburgh is one of those mothers who gave birth to a baby boy in Pretoria and then named him EMILE MYBURGH. As he is only 8 years old at present, we trust that should his adoptive parents see this they, will feel the same as Babara Willis (see previous entry) and arrange for Carine to see Emile.

5th August 1992 Wednesday

Biological father Ernest Graf wishes to trace his adopted daughter who was born in Somerset West, he writes :- The biological mother was Married but seperated. Living in care of her mother, Mrs Anne Dobie, the Adoptive mother. An address of both biological mother and child. I need to know where the child is.

23rd December 1993 Thursday
21/06/2004 New Info
Jacques I would like to introduce you to your half brother Anthony who is looking forward to meeting you. I love you and miss you terribly. I just want to know if you are doing OK. My heart and my door is open to you anytime-remember that. Your mommy Jenny.
21/06/2004: Jacques was adopted by Ben and Madeleine Blaauw
Jenny writes: I donít want to be known as his mother, he does not have to call me mommy. I just want him to know me as auntie Jenny, would be fine! I want to know that the biggest decision in my life was the right one and that he is safe, well looked after and receiving endless love.

12th March 1995 Sunday

To Solo-Dawn Kern (birth name)
Standing with my soul in the palm of my hand. The calling of sorrow dragging me in
. As I wonder what you would draw in the sand, I wonder if you have calmness within. The howling wind is cold and the heavens are grey. This is my world and here I become wise. The day is passing, itís a little before eight. We draw our own lines on every day of our lives.

11th October 1995 Wednesday

Ashley Van den Berg  who is the biological father of LEE HUNTER, wants to find his adopted daughter   LEE HUNTER.  Lee was born at the Parklane Clinic in Johannesburg. His biological mother was Shelly Hunter at the time of birth.

8th July 1996 Monday

The adoptive mother of Bilgees Khan wishes to trace her child's BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Bilgees was born in Johannesburg. No further details are available.

7th November 1997 Friday

A biological mother namely Shirley would like to establish how her BABY DAUGHTER is doing. Her baby was born in Bulawayo in the Lady Rodwell Hospital. The biological father is Ricky Moreno Campoy.

21st July 1990 Saturday To my adopted daughter I named Fiona Forsyth and now named Mellissa. You were born in the Johannesburg General Hospital. I know you are still very young but would one day love to meet you.

13th March 2001 Tuesday
FOUND 01/03/ 2002

The adoptive mother of baby Harmony Khomotsego who lives in Hong Kong, wishes to trace Harmony's biological mother REBONAGETSE KHOMOTSEGO, who may be from the Tswana tribe.

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