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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1st January 1984 Sunday On the first day of 1984 my biological mom gave birth to me, in Port Elizabeth. My loving adoptive parents named me Megan. I was adopted on 12th January 1984. I would love to meet my biological mother. I have no further details at present.
16th January 1984 Monday
FOUND 12/04/2004
My darling baby daughter. I named you Minč Kruger after you were born in Harrismith. I would love to know how you are and where you are at present.
Enige inligting oor my dogter sal waardeer word. Ek mis haar baie en daar gaan nie 'n dag verby dat ek nie aan haar dink en wonder hoe dit met haar gaan nie.

8th February 1984 Wednesday

Jarryt Strydom a male adoptee who was born in East London and only adopted 2 years after birth, wishes to locate his biological mother RONEL STRYDOM, his biological father is ANDRE MOSTERT

8th February 1984 Wednesday

If your birth name was MARILIZE STEENKAMP, who was born in Johannesburg, then please note that your biological mother Maria wishes to trace her adopted daughter, that she was forced to give up for adoption.

9th February 1984 Thursday
05/03/2002 FOUND

Deon Kruger is opsoek na sy AANGENOME DOGTER gebore op 9 Februarie te Kempton Park. 

24th March 1984 Saturday You were named Graham (Damyon) Nuttley  after you were born in Johannesburg. Your biological mother would love to know if her son is alive and well.

13th April 1984 Friday
25/02/2003 FOUND


Biological mom Tracey-Lee wants to know how her baby boy that she named FREDERICK RENDALL at birth is doing.  She writes: You have always been in my heart since you were born, and my thoughts turn to you daily. We both know how it feels to desperately want a child. You were my gift to your adoptive parents, and you have probably given them so much happiness, pride, and joy. I have great hopes that one day you might want to meet me, and that is my dearest wish. I would like you to consider this, and perhaps discuss this with your parents. To be curious is to be alive, to sense the wonder in things, great and small, the future is not a gift it is an achievement. Though I am different from you we were born involved in one another. I hope you will read this one-day and reply soon.

4th April 1984 Wednesday

Wayne Smit a young male adoptee wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was born in the Addington Hospital in Durban.

17th April 1984 Tuesday

To my darling daughter who was born at the Martei Day hospital in Bulawayo. You were born with very dark brown 2inch long hair, you had blue eyes, You have a sister and a brother, a Granny and an Oupa, and we would all love to meet you. 

25th May 1984 Friday
FOUND 30/08/2010

A biological mom (Martie) wishes to trace her adopted daughter, that she name MARTHIE WASSENAAR at birth. She was born at the Ontdekkers Hospital in Florida.

2nd June 1984 Saturday

Johan-Lukas Van der Westuizen a male adoptee, who was born in Uitenhage, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He has Blue eyes, blond curly hair, birthmark left chest area. His biological mother is believed to have been a Sprinbok hurdles athlete at time of pregnancy. His biological father was a Springbok (skut) and married with own kids at time of affair. Went together on events, sometimes overseas.

27th June 1984 Wednesday. 
30/06/2000: New info

A baby girl born at the Santon Clinic, called  Maxine Siobahn Commins (birth name) is searching for FIONA MARY COMMINS her biological mother. 
30th June 2000: Fiona was born around 1965, is 5'2" tall, slim build, dark blond hair, blue eyes, freckles was the youngest of three children, from a staunch catholic family who lived in Cape Town, Later moved to Knysna. 

3rd July 1984 Tuesday We are searching for Louisa Aletta Kruger, born on 17th January 1968. ID. No. 680117-0004-00. Her address in 1984 was 16 Komatie street Secunda. She gave birth to Louis Kruger at the Hans Strydom Hospital in Johannesburg on the 3rd July 1984. Her father was Stefanus Jacobus Kruger born on 20th March 1944. He resided in Middelburg during 1990.

2nd August 1984 Thursday

On a Thursday a baby boy was born at the HF. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria, to Anna Swart, she named him MARCHALL SWART, soon afterwards he was adopted through the Christian Social Council. Anna is trying to locate her son's adoptive parents, just to find out how he is doing.

21st August 1984 Tuesday

The biological Mom of ROBERT WEBB (birth name) wishes to trace her adopted son. Anthea gave birth at the H.F.Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria, was unmarried and therefore not allowed to keep her baby.

4th November 1984 Sunday

My name is Dean I was born in Roodepoort hospital on the 4th November 1984 and i am looking for my biological Father / mother any one please.

18th November 1984 Sunday

I named you Jessica Healy after you were born in Windhoek Namibia. I was forced to give you up for adoption due to circumstances outside of my control. I would love to see how you have grown over the years.

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