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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


18th January 1980 Friday

Magda De Beer, the mother-in-Law of Benita Bosch (birth name), wishes to urgently, trace Benita's BIOLOGICAL MOTHER a Miss BOSCH. Benita was born in the Johannesburg area. It is believed her father was named BEN. 

19th January 1980 Saturday

Melany is looking for her half-brother, adopted in 1980. First name Barrett. Surname possibly Huges.

21st January 1980 Monday

I would like to contact my daughter Charlotte Rebecca Bailey who I have not seen for many years. Her mothers name is Julie Ann Trollip ( nee Dummelow)  All help would be much appreciated.  Many Thanks, Shane your biological father.

8th February 1980 Friday

Jacquem Adams is seeking his biological mother. Jacquem was born at the Somerset Hospital in Cape Town.

12th February 1980
I would love to meet my adopted son and should we meet, would take step at a time and hopefully in time get to know him and his family.

12th February 1980 a Tuesday

Biological Mom Jacqueline wishes to find her adopted daughter that she named JOANNE DODDS at birth. Joanne was born on the Provincial Hospital in Port Elizabeth. New info: 
Hi Just to let you know that Joanne Dodds born 12.02.1980 has been found and will be meeting in the near future. Many thanks. Jacqui Bodley (nee Dodds)

14th March 1980 Friday.

The adoptive mom of Christine Van Straten (birth name) is assisting her adopted daughter search for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Christine was born in Bloemfontein, and was adopted on 10th April 1980.
04/10/2000: We have been informed that Christine has found her Biological Mom.

20th to 25th February 1980

Erica a biological mother who was under sedation for the week of her birth as the trauma of having to give up her child was tremendous, is searching for her adopted daughter . She was born at the Lady Rodwell Hospital in Bulawayo between 20th to 25th February 1980.

16th March 1980 Sunday

I would like to know the whereabouts of my adopted son, whom I named Alex Potgieter after he was born in Bloemfontein.

22nd March 1980 Wednesday

A baby who was given to Edith Benson Baby Sanctuary namely Jethro White, and who was only adopted at the age of six years, wishes to trace his biological mother  CYNTHIA LYNETTE WHITE.

10th April 1980 Thursday

Richard Nielson (Birth name)  is seeking his biological mother PAULA NIELSON. Jonathan was born at the Addington Hospital in Durban, he was adopted on 24th September 1980. ( 5 months after birth)

16th April 1980
I had my daughter in Bulawayo in 1980 during the independence celebrations. I was a St Clair's girl so do not know much about the adoption. I moved from Zimbabwe 5 years later to the UK. I have always wondered what happened to her and hope she is okay. Please contact me.

28th April 1980 Monday

A biological mother who later married her baby's father is now searching  for their adopted daughter, that she named DOROTHY O'CONNELL, when she was born in Bloemfontein. Maureen and George wish to see how their daughter has progressed over the years.

4th May 1980 Sunday

I tried so hard to keep my son, but was pressurized into giving him up. I gave a parcel of baby clothes to welfare to pass on to his new parents. I know he looks exactly like me, and wish that I could know that he's happy.

8th May 1980 Thursday
New Info 26/01/2005

James Stanley (birth name) is a 23 year old male adoptee.  I am looking for my biological mother.  I was born in Johannesburg on May 8th, 1980.  I now live in Australia.  Mum, please contact me.
26/01/2005: I have recently learned that her name is Edwina Memoline Stanley, who lived in Coronationville. 

1st July 1980 Tuesday
27/07/2008 FOUND

This biological mother, Lorette misses her baby girl she named THERESA JONES , who she was forced to give up for adoption. She wishes to find out how her little baby is doing

7th July 1980 Monday

Karen Van Zyl (birth name) is a female adoptee trying to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She was born in Pretoria, she has light brown hair and blue eyes. Her biological mom was unmarried and 22 years old at the time of the confinement.

15th July 1980 Tuesday
New Info 20/07/2004

A biological mother Joanie Olivier who named her adopted son Andries Hermanus Olivier at birth, is looking forward to meeting her son. He was born in the Mowbray Maternity Home in Mowbray Cape Town.
20/07/2004: It has been established that Andries is a qualified electrician doing quiet well financially, is unmarried and does not like long hair. We trust that his adoptive parents have informed him that Joanie is searching for him.

20th July 1980 Sunday

Biological Mom Dawn is searching for her ADOPTED DAUGHTER: She writes:- Dawn is looking for baby girl born 20.7.80 in Bulawayo.Wants to know that her daughter is well and happy.

26th July 1980 Saturday

I am Elna Wichmann, adoptive mother of Karin. born on 26 July 1980. I am looking for her birthmother. Cornelia Elizabeth Truter (Corrie). Married to Martin Burger. Son of Louis and Jeanette Burger.

28th July 1980 Monday
02/09/2002 New Info

A baby named Johan Mans at birth wishes to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Johan was born in Johannesburg. No further details are available.
02/09/2002: It has been established that Johan's biological mother was Martha Elizabeth Mans.

3rd August 1980 Sunday

My name is Susan King, I was born in Durban, Addington hospital I think I am looking to find out if I have any biological brothers or sisters.

6th August 1980 Wednesday

 My birth name was Johan Mare’. I would just really like to meet my biological mother, maybe get to know her, maybe start a relationship (not necessarily mother son relationship) She was the youngest daughter of 5 children approximately age of delivery 14/16 this is unfortunately all I know. 

10th August 1980 Sunday

Mel Hopson a biological mother wishes to find her adopted daughter, that she named HELENE HOPSON. She was born at the Johannesburg General Hospital, in August 1980. This was a disclosed adoption. I trust that "Helene's" adoptive parents have told her that she is adopted.

10th August 1980 Sunday

Hi !! my name is Nandipha Jita, I'm 23 years old I was born in St cuthberts in the district of Tsolo.  I'm searching for my Biological Mother her name is Zanele Jita.  She left me when I was 3 years old. I have never see her since.  But now I'm 23 years old.  anyone who knows anything about her,  please contact Adoption Reunions

28th August 1980 a Thursday

On this day Lynda gave birth to a baby boy in Bulawayo Rhodesia. She now wishes to trace her ADOPTED SON, that she was forced to give up for adoption.

7th September 1980 Sunday

Hello, my name is Robyn Schurr. I'm looking for my biological mother who lives in Ficksburg. I was born in Addington Hospital, Durban on the 7th of September 1980. I would love to met my Mother! I have had a wonderful life, & I feel it is time to met her!

12th September 1980 Monday

MATHEW TROVERI (birth name) your biological mother Catherine wishes to see how you have progressed over the years. You were born in Pietermaritzburg at the Greys Hospital. Give us a call

17th September 1980 Wednesday

A baby boy born at the Parklane Clinic in Johannesburg, was adopted by a ANGELIQ and FRIKKIE BRITS in a private adoption soon after birth. Antoinette the biological mother wishes to see how her baby has progressed through the years.

25th September 1980 Thursday

The biological mother of JAUN ELS (birth name) wishes to trace her adopted son. Jaun was born at the Maryfont hospital in Pretoria. Adriana would like to see how her son has progressed over the years.

10th October 1980 Friday

To my adopted son Ryan Nothnagel ID 801010-5083-001 who lives in Roodepoort at present. Your biological mother Elizabeth wants to see you again. I last saw you when you were about 5 years old.

16th October 1980 Thursday

We are searching for Cheryl Antoinette Green (maiden name) ID. 610728 0142 008 who gave birth to Sasha Green. Presumably at the Johannesburg General Hospital. During 1980 she resided at 42 Van Zyl Street Newlands Johannesburg. Her last known address was 59 Terrace road, Bertrams Johannesburg.

29th October 1980

This is for MARIA DYSEL. Your baby, now Denise Watson, that you had to give up for adoption soon after birth writes:- Please contact me if it is in anyway possible, I would really like to meet you,  just to know some more about you.

30th October 1980 Thursday
26/04/2002 New Info

Rita Buys (birth name) a female adoptee wishes to trace her biological mother KARIEN BUYS. Rita was born at the J.G. Hospital. Karien was / is still a school teacher, She has two sisters, is about 5' 6' tall with light hair and green eyes. Rita writes: Karien, if you are interested and still around, or any of Kariens' family, please contact me.
26/04/2002 New Info: Just to let you know that Marike Bloem called me yesterday to inform me that they have contacted my biological Mother and that she is interested in having contact with me! I will be calling her (biological mother) tonight. 
Thank you so much for all your help, for this site, and making it a whole lot easier to find that missing link in ones life. Wish me luck.

4th November 1980 Tuesday

A biological mother is searching for her adopted son, she writes: Adoptee was adopted by gynocologiest in Pretoria the day after birth. Biological mother was unmarried and moved since adoption and would like to find son to see what he has done with his life since and would love to tell him that I love him, and will always think of him. I would like to let him know he has one brother, two sisters, a nephew and a niece on the way.

18th November 1980 Tuesday

A young adopted lady wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She was born in Cape Town. No further details are available.

25th November 1980 Wednesday

My name is Jennifer Nowell, I am looking for my bio mother, surname Falconer,  I have also been informed that I have 4 brothers. So if you are out there...

26th November 1980 Thursday

I am searching for my adopted son, who I named David Stevens at birth. He was born at the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria. Please make contact, as I miss you deeply.

30th December 1980 Tuesday

This young female adoptee named Magda Terblanche at birth and born in Pretoria is searching for her biological mother a MISS TERBLANCHE, who was 18 years of age, worked as a clerk, attended the Ned. Geref. Kerk, was unmarried, had passed std. 8 at the time, is 5'4" tall has brown eyes and brown hair, she was 1 of 9 children.

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