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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1976 Chantel jou geboorte van was Hamel. Ek dink jy is iewers in Klerksdorp. Jy het my (jou biologiese moeder) al van tevore geskakel asseblief kom weer in aanraking met my. Die mense wil my nie help as ek vir jou vra nie. My man sal jou ook graag wil ontmoet.

December 1975 or Early 1976.
Exact Date Unknown

Biological father is looking for his child (presumably a daughter), born in late 1975, or possibly the first week of 1976. Your biological mother Jackie; lives in Albertsdal, Alberton. I have loved and searched for you then, and I always will. Pleas contact me.

2nd January 1976 Friday. 
15/06/2001 New Info

Cheryl a biological mom from Rhodesia wishes to trace her daughter LAUREN (present name) who now lives in New Zealand, was born at the Lady Chancellor Hospital in Salisbury. Cheryl was forced to give up her baby for adoption.   LAUREN PLEASE CONTACT US URGENTLY.
15/6/2001: Contact was made with Cheryl who has been advised that we have a match.

15th January 1976 Thursday
07/11/2001 FOUND

A little girl who was adopted when she was six years old Jolene Coughlan and her sister Tracy Dale, wishes to trace their biological mother TAMRA COUGHLAN. They would love to see their Mother again.
07/11/2001; We were reunited with her a week ago and things went wonderfully. She couldn't wait to meet us.  She says she has been waiting for this moment for twenty years!!!

20th January 1976 Tuesday
18/11/2008 FOUND

Jasper Joubert (birth name) wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Jasper was born in Bloemfontein, and was adopted on 12th March 1976.

20th January 1976 Tuesday

Just a few days after the new year a young lady gave birth to a baby boy and named him COLLIN WRIGHT. This biological mother is now trying to locate her adopted son, to establish how he has progressed through the years.

23rd January 1976 Friday

Mary - Ann Millar (birth name) a female adoptee who was born at the Addington Hospital in Durban wishes to trace her biological mother JOAN MILLAR (maiden name) Joan's date of birth is 23/03/1960

25th January 1976 Sunday

A female adoptee named Maria Gericke at birth, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Maria who has brown hair and blue/green eyes was born at the Park Lane Clinic in Johannesburg.

5th February 1976 Thursday

A baby girl born in Salisbury (now Harare), Rhodesia named Hanlie is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Hanlie has a birthmark on her right arm. No further details are available.

25th February 1976 Wednesday

John Robertson (Birth name) writes:- I am looking for my biological mother who is English, an artist and has other sons and daughters. Have been thinking of you all my life! Born with pure blonde hair, now brown. Green eyes.

29th February 1976 Sunday
05/11/2002 New Info
16/08/2004 New Info
A female adoptee with Blonde hair, blue eyes, birthmark on inside of right knee, who was presumably named Van Tonder at birth, wants to trace her biological mother. She was born in Port Elizabeth.
05/11/2002: It has been established that the female adoptee was registered as Joey van Tonder. Her biological mother was Johanna van Rooyen (maiden name)
16/08/2004: It has been established that Johanna van Tonder was married at the time of giving birth. Last known address : Amatola 8 Great West Way, Kabega ,PE. 
 and worked as a bookkeeper. She died in 1994 from Leucemia. We are now searching for
Johanna's son, daughter and husband. It is believed that Johanna's parents and husband are still alive and live in Port Elizabeth. There is some secrecy about the birth of Joey. Any person who can put us in touch with any family member please click here.
5th March 1976
10/05/2011 FOUND
Jeanine Parker born 5 March 1976 at the Mary Mount in Johannesburg. Adopted through the AGS/AFM welfare division run by Mr & Mrs Poggenpoel. I would love to make contact with my beautiful daughter, her biological granny is now 85 and believes with her whole heart that she will meet her before she dies.
18th March 1976 Thursday
28/08/2002 New Info
10/09/2004 FOUND
I am searching for my biological mother Lorna Ethel Bezuidenhout. She gave me life in Pretoria and named me Lorna Bezuidenhout. I would love to make contact with her.
28/08/2002: I can give you a description of my mother.  She has auburn hair, green eyes and is 5'2" tall, is AfrikaaNs  and she was 23 when I was adopted.

28th March 1976 Sunday
28/07/2004 New Info
26/08/2010 found

A young gentleman who was born as Jonathan Mansfied, would like to find his biological mother a MISS MANSFIELD. He was born in Durban, has Brown/blond hair and Blue eyes. His biological mother was born 16th June 1956 in Zambia, hair brown, blue/green eyes, 5'2'' tall, 3 sisters, occupation at time of adoption was a student of commercial art. His father was born 7th December 1955, hair fair/light brown, eyes green, 5'6'' tall, Apprentice Diesel Mechanic.
28/07/2004: Jonathan has found his biological mother, who now lives in Australia. he is now searching for his biological father Carel Prinsloo who may be in Richards Bay.

28th March 1976 Sunday

A biological father is searching for his adopted son who was born in Durban.

4th April 1976 Sunday
15/10/2008 FOUND
5/3/2009 FOUND Carol's biological mother.

Frank a biological father is searching for his ADOPTED DAUGHTER who was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia.
Frank's adopted daughter, Carol, contacted us, we then arranged for them to make contact with one another.
Carol is still searching for her biological mother. Gillian Dolan nee Mare who now lives in Australia.

5th April 1976 Monday. 18/09/2001 Found
08/05/2002 New Info

Biological mom Kim wishes to trace her adopted daughter whom she named ROBYN CASWELL (DORMER). She was born in Johannesburg.
18/09/2001: My daughter has been found.  Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. My daughter would like to meet me, but we’ll start by corresponding and exchanging photographs – just until she feels ready. God bless you in your work. Warm regards, KIM  My daughter has been found.  Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. My daughter would like to meet me, but we’ll start by corresponding and exchanging photographs – just until she feels ready. God bless you in your work. Warm regards, KIM  
08/05/2002 new info:
Further to my search enquiry of mid-2001.  Just wanted to let you know that I first met with my daughter, Helen, on 1st December 2001.  We try to get together every two weeks or so for a family meal and to share more of our lives.  Know one can ever know the healing and wholeness I
feel, and I hope Helen feels it too. 

14th April 1976 Wednesday
17/9/2001 New Info
16/01/2003 FOUND

Wendy McFarlane was a beautiful baby girl who was born at the Addington Hospital in Durban. She has very little information about her birth parents at this stage. She now wishes to trace her  BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Watch this space.
17/9/2001 New Info: We now know Wendy's mother's full names. Her last known
address was 119 Windemere Road, Durban. My birth name given to me by her was Natanya Nienaber.

28th April 1976 Wednesday

A baby girl born at the Princess Alice Nursing Home in Johannesburg and named Gretchen McGaffin is seeking her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Gretchen has a Strawberry birthmark on her left hip and a mole in the centre of her neck.

6th May 1976 Thursday

I am looking for my birth mother. The only information I have is that I was adopted form the Magdalena Tehuis is Cape Town and that my name was Theresa Birk . Please contact me.

7th June 1976 Monday

A male adoptee born in Cape Town with red hair, green eyes and a birth mark on left calve, named Jano Coetzer at birth, wishes to find his biological mother a MISS COETZER.

10th June 1976 Thursday

I was adopted 26 years ago. My name is Nian (van Zijl) Williams and I'm desperately looking for my biological mother Kathy Lubbe or her husband Johannes Andries Lubbe, last working place known as Atlas in 1976. I need a few answers and I am sure that I'll be able to answer a few questions she might have. She gave life to me for which I'm eternally grateful. I need to tell her that I am ok, and that I loved her even though I know she had some hard choices to make. Should you know any of these two people please reply to this, you might change someone's life forever.

13th June 1976 Sunday

Shaun Van Rooyen (birth name) was born in Pretoria's H.F. Verwoerd Hospital. He wishes to trace his biological mother JACKIE VAN ROOYEN.

18th June 1976 Friday

The baby of LEIGH FERRIERA that was born on this day and who was named Lee Ferreira, would like to meet her biological mother. Lee was born in Benoni.

25th June 1976 Friday

My birth name was Theresa Smit and I am URGENTLY!! looking for my biological mother Bonnie Anne Louise Smit.  She got married in 1977.  She might have family or friends in Middelburg Mpumalanga.  Her wish was that my name should be Theresa.  I would like to hear from you!

2nd July 1976 Friday

Aan my Broer Diedrich Pieterse (Geboorte naam), Lank het ek van jou geweet. Lank verlang ma al, belangrike datums gaan verby, sonder jou.  Wil graag sien hoe jy lyk, wil graag luister as jy praat en wil graag my meisiekind aan haar oom wys.Ons soek al lank maar sonder ophou, as ons net 'n foto en of brief het sal trots en vreugde in ons harte wees van bankbarheid aan GOD!! Baie liefde en verlange. Emmie Deysel (jou sus)

2nd July 1976 Friday

Lisa desperately searching for Carolyn Mona - Re: Mowbray Hospital, Cape Town, 2 July 1976.

3rd July 1976 Saturday:
New Info14/05/2001
FOUND 06/11/2001

Jackie Robinson and her biological mother (Sandra Nicolene Byleveld) (Maiden Name) are searching for Jackie's adopted brother who was named DENNIS MARKO BYLEVELD at birth. Dennis was renamed
14/05/2001 Jackie has received a letter from the registrar stating that Theo's adoptive parents have passed away.
06/11/2001 Jackie Writes:
Hi Jack, I would like to thank you for all your asistance in helping me find my brother.  You will never know just how much it means that there are people out there who actually care and want to help people by reuniting them with their families.I am sure that I speak for many other poeple by saying that you are one in a million and Thank You again. Thanking you for all your assistance.
Jackie Robinson

1st August 1976 Sunday

Another Rhodesian baby Alison wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Alison was born in Bulawayo at the Lady Rodwell Maternity Home and was about 6 weeks premature. She was adopted in Gwelo.

28th August 1976 Saturday
Sean has found his mother in America and has made contact with her.

Sean Bezuidenhout a male adoptee now living in London,is searching for his biological mother URSULA FELDMAN (Maiden name) who may be in America.  Sean was born as David Feldman in Pretoria.

29th September 1976 Wednesday

 A baby girl Carol Chamberlain (birth name) wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER Presumably a MISS CHAIMBERLAIN at the time. She was from Cape Town and gave birth at the Mowbray Hospital.

23rd October 1976 Saturday

Dorothea and Rubina van der Merwe are looking for their parents; Ruben and possibly Dorothea van der Merwe. They also had a son shortly after the adoption. We did not part under happy circumstances, but would just like to know where you are?

27th October 1976 Wednesday
NEW INFO 4/10/2005

My birth-mother's full name is Lucille Maureen Matthew, born 27th January 1952. She was a member of the Anglican Church. Her last known address was 16 Cumberland Road Kensington Johannesburg. She gave consent for my adoption on the 1st of November 1976 in the presence of the Comissioner of Child Welfare Johannesburg.

7th November 1976 Sunday

Christine Van der Merwe (birth name) a female adoptee wishes to trace her biological mother presumably a MISS VAN DER MERWE, who gave birth in Pretoria

11th November 1976 Thursday

Justin Dienaar (birth name), born 11/11/76 at Mother's Hospital, Durban, is searching for his biological mother, Reinette June Dienaar (married named: Forrest.) She and her husband, William, immigrated to Ireland about 2 and a half years ago, possibly. My name now is Neville. I long to meet my mother - please get in touch!

25th November 1976

Looking for my adopted daughter, Registered as SHARON ASPDEN at birth. Born in the Newcastle Provincial Hospital.

6th December 1976 Monday

A short message from a biological Mother to her adopted daughter TRACEY FABEL, who was born in Pretoria. Yearning to meet you

6th December 1976


I am desperately searching for my biological mother. I was born on 6 December 1976 in Pietermaritzburg, my pre-adoptive name was Tabitha-Anne Genevieve De Bruin. Mr and Mrs Grant-Smith from Johannesburg adopted me. My biological mother was very young when I was born. (Approx 18 yrs) Please, I would like to meet you one day…

10th December 1976

CHRISTIE DU-ANNE PELSER (Birth name) now  JOUBERT, is a female adoptee who was adopted four years after she was born in Klerksdorp. Her sister Elina Pelser would love to have a reunion with her sister.

30th December 1976 Thursday

Carmen Roll seeking her biological father Wolfgang Richard Gunther Roll or her biological mother Gabriela Michele Biermann born 1955/11/02 or 1955/11/03. I do not wish to meet her or my father Wolfgang Richard Gunther Roll. I just would like to know were they are.  She also had a son with the name of Sasha allthough I do not know what his surname is, and I think he lives in Austria. I know that they lived in Windhoek Namibia (where I was born) and that there is still family living there.

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