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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


7th July 1974 Wednesday

A female adoptee named Heibrecht Koorts at birth wishes to find her biological father WIESIE BRITS. At the time he drove a green Triumph Sports car and presumably studied at the University in Pretoria. He frequented the Three Fountains in Stilfontein. He held his child only once.

13th July 1974 Saturday
08/12/2003 New info
07/09/2004 New Info

A baby girl born at the Lady Rodwell maternity Home in Bulawayo, and now known as Laura wants to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She was adopted about two weeks after birth. She has Dark Brown hair, almost black, lots of it at birth, green eyes and weighted 2.4Kg at birth.
08/12/2003: I have found out my Biological mothers name is Susan Maud Bibby (Unmarried) and was born in England.
Mother  was born Susan Maud Bibby on the 26 January 1958 making her 16.  Her mother (my grandmother) was Alice Flintoff (Nee Chadwick), father (my grandfather) Peter Bibby (Who was a labourer at a Steel Foundry.  Born in Bolton District Hospital , Farnworth, part of the Lancaster County .  Lived at 84 Lever Street , Bolton prior to leaving for Zimbabwe to live.

15th July 1974 Monday

Biological mother looking for JACQUES RIAAN MEYER (name before adoption) born on 15 July 1974. I have 3 lovely children and do not intend interfering in his life in any way, nor do I wish to come between him and his adoptive parents, I just want to meet him, get to know him, know that he is well, etc. I have a lovely grandchild, and my children would also love to meet their half-brother.

21st July 1974 Saturday

This gentleman from the U.S.A. Paul John Acutt who was possibly given the name of Blackberg at birth, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was born in Pretoria.

28th July 1974 Sunday

JOHANNA MARGARET MARY DU PREEZ nee STANFORD (born on 10th December 1943, is 5'8'' tall, blue eyes and auburn hair) your adopted daughter Pasquale du Preez is searching for you. She was born in the Addington Hospital in Durban and has blue eyes. Your husband was killed in a car crash in Pietermaritzburg in November 1971, your last known address was 8 Hans Van Rensburg Street, Pietersburg. Your father (John) was a school teacher and your mother was Afrikaans.PLEASE GIVE US A CALL

10th August 1974 Saturday 
30/07/2001 New Info

Biological Mom Mary Koster wishes to trace her adopted son, who she named as DYLAN KOSTER at birth. He was born in Cape Town and was adopted on the 15th August 1974.
30/07/2001 Mary has informed us that she has found her adopted son, and has spoken to him on the phone.

12 August 1974 Monday

A biological mother Colleen Fismer is searching for her adopted son whom she named JOHN RICHARDSON at birth. He was born at the Old Grey's Hospital in Pietermaritzburg. His present name is unknown.

17th August 1974 Saturday

A female adoptee, Born in Bulawayo is searching for her birth mother and information about her birth father. I was adopted at 6 days old.

21st August 1974 Wednesday

If you are a male adoptee, born on this day, then please call us at +27(011) 907-8231 or see our contact page.

25th August 1974 Sunday
06/02/2008 New Info
06/03/2008 New Info
06/05/2008 Found

A baby boy born  in Bellville Cape Town and named Robin Bond at birth, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER and siblings. He was born in the Karl Brehmer Hospital at 17h50.
I have found out that my biological mother's first name is Jeanette
06/03/2008: When I was born, Jeanette was 21 years old, staying in a flat in Durban Rd, Bellville and working as a bank clerk.

6th September 1974 Friday Birth mother searching for my adopted daughter born Lady Rodwell Bulawayo 6 September 1974 . I need to know that you are well. Please contact me.

26th September 1974 Thursday
29/05/2007 NEW INFO


Leslee Smith (Birth name)  a female adoptee is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Leslee was born in Durban and was adopted 1 month after birth. No further details are available at this time.
29/05/2007: Birth Mother: Brenda Smith. She attended Danville Park Girls High. Please assist in tracing her as I
have lots to chat to her about.

17th September 1974 Tuesday

Dale John Radue, a male adoptee, now living outside of South Africa, is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Dale was born in Durban

27th September 1974 Friday

Arthur Debrito a male adoptee born in Johannesburg and adopted in October 1974, is trying to trace his Biolgical mother, a MISS. MULLER who resided in Pretoria at the time of the adoption. She was 20 years old at the tome and worked for BMW as a receptionist. She was unmarried.

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