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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1st January 1968 Monday: 
01/03/2001: New Info
On this new years day a young english speaking lady who belonged to the Methodist church and was a divorced gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl in Krugersdorp, and named her Tessa Jeffree.  Anne who now lives Down Under wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.
01/03/2001"Tessa has established her BM's name, and that she was english speaking and attended the Methodist church.
9thrd January 1968 Tuesday Ek is gebore te Port Elizabeth en is Owen Van Rooyen genoem. Ek is opsoek na my Biologiese Moeder.
20th January 1968 Saturday:             
01/01/ 2001: New info
Vanessa Groenewald wishes to trace her adopted brother. He was named GAVIN GROENEWALD at birth. Gavin was born in the Mowbray Hospital in Cape Town and was renamed as DANIE after he was adopted His biological mother is Yvonne Jean Groenewald.
01/01/2001New info: Gavins's correct birth name, present first name, and correct date of birth established.
23rd January 1968 Tuesday Elmas, just to let you know I have had a wonderful life and have 2 children of my own. I would love to meet you if you are willing. Thank you for being so unselfish in your decision to give me up.
10th February 1968 Saturday Alison Jane (nee Bareiter) Punzul born in Cape Town wishes to trace her biological mom.
18th February 1968 Sunday
 09/05/2000: FOUND
JAMES PHILLIP HARDEN please contact us. Your biological mother Joyce Elizabeth Salmon (Maiden name) who lives in the UK. is searching for you. Your birth name was JAMES JOHN SALMON you were born in London and your adoptive parents emigrated to South Africa soon after you were adopted.
09/05/2000: James Phillip Harden has been found and is living in Johannesburg. Contact has been made with his adoptive father. July 2000: Joyce has advised us that she and James are corresponding with one another.
26th February 1968 Monday Adoptee Patrick Madden who was born in Ladysmith Natal writes - 33 years have passed and as I'm about to become a parent myself I would like to know my biological family.
3 March 1968 Saturday Pieter (birth name Kimberly Cronje registered as Kimberly Cross) is looking for his birth father surname Cross and mother Karen Jean Cronje born 6th July 1948. Pieter was born in Cape Town on 26th March 1968. His mother is believed to be living in California USA at present.
20th March 1968 Wednesday I am a male adoptee and would like to meet the persons (My biological mother and father)  who got me here and thank them for the wonderful opportunities I have had in life through their unselfish decision to give me to a fantastic couple.
22nd March 1968 Friday Andre' Viljoen (birth name) is searching for his biological mom. She was a secretary at a school in the Witriver / Nelspruit Area his father was a teacher the relationship that they had was brief, not a lasting relationship at all.
4th April 1968 Thursday Marion Lyons (nee Smith) would very much like to contact her adopted son Mark (born 4th April 1968) The adoptive parents were patients of a Dr.Bloom and on a visit to S.Africa I attempted to make contact through a Dr.Altschul, without success. Mark is often in my thoughts and there is much sadness that circumstances brought about the adoption.
11th April 1968
New info 27/7/2010
Ek is op 11 April 1968 gebore as Corrie van Heerden in die Susanna Coetzee Huis in Bloemfontein. Ek wil baie graag kontak maak met my biologiese moeder Martha Magdalene van Heerden. Sy was ongetroud ten tye van my geboorte en het in Van der Merwestraat 8, Kroonstad gebly
27/7/2010 New Info Nog inligting oor my biologiese moeder:
Haar geboortedatum was 15.08.1947
Haar ouers (my biologiese oupa en ouma aan moederskant) was:
Stefanus Phillipus van Heerden gebore 05.04.1922, oorlede 1983
Susanna Elizabeth Pretorius gebore 18.01.1923, oorlede 2004 in Trichardt
Hulle is getroud op 05.05.1943 in Kroonstad
15th April 1968 Monday
15/02/2004 FOUND
I desperately want to trace my daughter, who was adopted at birth. Her birth name was Nathalie Mathews, she was born on 15th April 1968 at Mothers Hospital in Durban, her adoption was organized by the Durban child welfare association.
18th April 1968 Thursday Named Riaan by B/mother. Was adopted on 16 December 1970 or 1971. I would dearly love to meet my biological parents.
20th April 1968 Saturday This message is for Odile my biological mother. When you are ready I would like to meet you.
30th April 1968 Saturday A young lady born as Selma Estherhuizen is searching for her Biological mother  MARIA ESTERHUIZEN. Selma was born in Calvinia, she was adopted through the CMR. 
6th May 1968 Monday
Sue Warren a biological mother is searching for her adopted daughter whom she named GEORGINA at birth. She was born in the Salisbury (now Harare) hospital, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia. Georgina's present name is not known 
19th May 1968 Sunday Michelle Anne Griesel (birth name) is searching for my Biological mother Yvonne Mary Griesel (maiden name) who lived in Klerksdorp when I was born.
29th May 1968 Wednesday The daughter  (Charlotte Mare) of a young mother who gave her baby up for adoption is searching for her brother, who was named NICO MARAIS or BRONKHORST at birth. His biological mother is Hendrina Johanna Marais. Maiden name).
6th July 1968. Saturday Eleanor Shepherd a female adoptee born in Bulawayo writes:- Would love to meet my biological parents.  I am happily married with 4 children and still live in Zim.  Please contact me.
7th July 1968 Sunday This is Maria Elizabeth Smit formerly Maria Elizabeth Van der Westhuizen and mostly known to all as Ria for short. I am looking for my little girl who I had to give up at birth against my will. I named her Monica Sharon Van der Westhuizen but wasn't even allowed to see my baby. I have been looking for her and hope that one day we will meet.
18th July 1968 Thursday
New Info 22/07/2003

17/08/2007 New Info
Anista Barnard a female adoptee wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Anista was born in Johannesburg. No further details are available.
22/07/2003:Names given by biological mother: Anista Barnard. Place of birth: Johannesburg
Biological mother's names: Marina Stoffelina Barnard
17/08/2008: I was informed that she (Marina Stoffelina Barnard) had died in August 2004 in the Eastern Cape of lung cancer. I would therefore like to encourage any family I might have to make contact with me.
30th or 31st July 1968 
29/03/2001: New info. 07/05/2001 New Info
A biological mother Susan wishes to trace her ADOPTED SON, who was born at the Lady Rodwell Hospital in Bulawayo Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). 
29/03/2001:It has been confirmed that he was adopted by a Bulawayo Couple.No further details are available at this stage. 
07/05/2001 Susan writes:
Just to let you know that I went up to Byo on the 11th April to meet my son, Colin. The meeting went quite well and we are in contact mainly by phone at the moment
17th August 1968
I was named Johan Kapp at birth. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I know that my mother attended D.F. Malherbe High School in Port Elizabeth and was approximately 16 year! s old when I was born. I would like to get hold of her and phone her.
29th August 1968 Thursday My name is Kevin Coleman, I have blond hair, green hazel eyes and of small build. I wish to find my biological mother, of whom I have no details at present.
4th September 1968 Wednesday Male adoptee Gilbert Lawton born in Wynberg Cape Town wishes to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. His surname at birth was Otto.
7th September 1968 Saturday
08/07/2003 New Info
At birth I was named Anthony Glen Hudson. I was born at the Queen Victoria maternity Hospital in Johannesburg. I am looking for my birth mother.
08/07/2003: Anthony has established that his biological's maiden name was Diana Elizabeth Hudson from Zambia.
20th September 1968 Friday Maria Swart a female adoptee is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available.
26th September 1968 Thursday Am trying to find my SON WHO WAS ADOPTED. He was born at Lady Rodwell in Bulawayo, Rhodesia on 26/9/68. I was forced to have him adopted and am desperate to find him, I have been trying for 10 years now. Should you read this know I LOVE YOU.
4th October 1968 Friday One great spring day a beautiful baby girl was born to MARIA CORNELIA and BAREND VAN DER MERWE of Witbank. They named their baby Sonja, who had a birthmark on her lower left jaw and another from her chest to her navel. Sonja also had a Sister named KAREN who was born in 1962 and a brother JOHANNES who was born in 1964. Sonja has been searching for her biological parents for 16 years. Come on, Witbankers give us a call.
10th October 1968 Thursday A baby girl born at the Lady Chancellor Hospital in Salisbury now known as Nicola, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. It is believed her biological mom shared and her adoptive parents shared the same GP. Dr. Ivan Kotzen.
19th October 1968 Saturday A birth mother gave consent to the adoption on 28th October 1968.  The Catholic Women's League, Pretoria placed Cheryl Anne Haskins (birth name) in the care of her adoptive parents. Cheryl now wants to trace her BM JENNIFER ANNE HASKINS.
19th October 1968 Saturday
2/11/2003 New Info 
I have been looking for my birth mother for a long time now, I was born at the Lady Rodwell in Bulawayo. For whatever reason you gave me up, I would like to meet you. You have two beautiful grand children. My name now is Lyndsay, I was adopted ten days after birth.
02/11/2003: New info:Finally we have been issued her a full birth certificate, revealing the following info.Birth Mother: Helen Mary Pilsworth Residential address at the time:  45 Strand Street, Gweru, Zimbabwe.
7th November 1968 Wednesday
Riaan du Plessis is a male adoptee  born in Port Elizabeth, who wishes to trace his biological mother DINAH BARLOW (Maiden name). She may be in the Pietersburg Area, she come from a large family from the Eastern Cape. Her date of birth is 28th August 1951.
FOUND 25/02/2002
18th November 1968 Monday We are looking for a biological mother namely HEATHER DUNCAN (maiden name) who was a bank clerk, must be about 52 years old at present and was unmarried at the time she gave her baby girl up for adoption. Her baby was born in Durban.
19th November 1968 Tuesday Born 19th November 1968 in Salisbury and adopted soon after (adoptive parents lived in Que-Que).  Have recently become a mother myself and have always wanted to find biological mom - apparently an attractive blond lady with an Italian boyfriend at the time of my adoption.
29th November 1968 Friday Baby Patricia Freislich (Birth name) who was born in Johannesburg, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Patricia was born with blue eyes, curly dark brown hair and big ears, and has a mole on her right elbow.
4th December 1968 Wednesday I was told my biological mother was an Afrikaans girl. My father a French rugby player. I wish to trace my biological mother. I was born in Alberton.
10th December 1968 Thursday Margaret a biological Mom is searching for her ADOPTED SON. she writes: Please contact me at my e mail if you were born on this day, your biological mother would like to know of your welfare if you wish to seek her out, if not let me know and I will just be a go between, she's a fantastic lady and misses you, It was not her fault and will fill you in if interested
12th December 1968 Saturday I am a male trying to find my biological parents.  I was born on 12 December 1968 at the Lady Rodwell hospital in Zimbabwe. 
14th December 1968 Saturday Roelof Petrus Du Toit (birth name) born in Welkom wishes to trace his biological father ROELOF PETRUS DU-TOIT known as TOIKIE. It is believed that Toikie is living in Johannesburg
19th December 1968 thursday I would love to trace my daughter who was gave up for adoption at birth.  Her birth name was CATHERINE ARNOLD and she was born at the Queen Victoria Hospital/Johannesburg.  Adoption arranged by Child Welfare/Princess Alice Adoption Home.
22nd December 1968 Sunday I am looking for my daughter, Marajean, who was born on 22 December 1968. I am Doreen Gough. She was born in Pretoria and adopted at the New Year. I would love to know where she is, what has happened to her and to let her known I have thought of her every single day since she was born.

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