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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


7th January 1967
 Miss MATHEWS gave birth to a baby girl at the Sandford Hospital in Port Elizabeth, then named her Moira Thomas Mathews. Moira now a beautiful lady wishes to trace her biological mother.
10th January 1967 Tuesday
New info19/7/2002
Aletta Catharina Sinclair [nooiensvan] het op 10 januarie 1967 geboorte geskenk aan n seuntjie genaamd Johan grootste begeerte is om jou te ontmoet en net lekker gesels.ek hoop u sal kontak maak,dit sal baie vir my beteken.  
New Info 19/7/2002: Baie dankie vir jou moeite sover ek wardeer dit baie. Ek het meer inligting gekry omtent my biologiese moeder. Sy was 20 en my biologiese vader was 21 tydens my geboorte.altwee was ook pa was een van sewe kinders en hy was tweede ma was die eenigste kind gewees uit haar ouers se huwelik. Haar moeder is oorlede toe sy 11. Toe ek gebore was het sy gewerk by die pos kantoor as klerk en my pa was n swaar~vragmotor bestuurder. Hy was skraal kort ligbruin hare donker oe. My pa se vader was n boer  en moeder was n huisvrou.
Ek weet ook dat my biologiese pa en ma vir mekaar omgegee het nadat die swangerskap bekend geraak het en hy haar finansieel en emosioneel ondersteun het.
23rd January 1967 Monday Annamarie Schutte a female adoptee is seeking her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER (name unknown) Annamarie was born in Johannesburg and adopted through Nasereth House Johannesburg. She may not use any Penecilian medication.
11th February 1967 Saturday Angelique de Bruin, born in Pretoria on 11 February 1967, blonde hair, blue eyes, looking for her biological parents. 
13th February 1967 Monday
Lara is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. She was single and 25 years of age at the time.
25th September 2000: We have been advised by Lara that Contact has been established.
26th February 1967 Sunday A baby girl born in Pretoria and named Lu-Anne Lamport  at birth,wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this stage.
11th March 1967 Saturday
31/08/2005 New Info
Hendro Theart a male adoptee born in Cape Town is seeking his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, who it is believed was a Miss. NEL
31/08/2005: It has been established that Hendro was registered as Nico Nel by his biological mother Maria Petronella Nel.
29th March 1967 Wednesday You were born at the Pretoria general Hospital, registered as Bernadette Tricker. Your  adoption  was arranged through the Catholic Womens League. I did not know until it was to late that your grandparents had given you up for adoption. Your father and I have both been looking for you since your birth. Only know you where placed in a wealth family. Please come home.
29th march 1967
Ek is op 29 Maart 1967 gebore as Sandra van der Merwe in Queen Victoria hospitaal in Johannesburg ( nie doodseker van hospitaal nie) Ek wil baie graag kontak maak met my biologiese moeder Susanna Van der Merwe. Sy was by die Uitkomste Tehuis. My aanneming is deur die CMR gedoen vermoedelik aan die Wesrand
31st March 1967 Friday Norman Bull the grandson of GEORGE and ANN BULL wishes to trace his biological mother SHIRLEY ANN BULL (maiden name. Present surname available) His adoption was arranged by his grandparents in Lusaka Zambia.
6th April 1967 Thursday I would dearly like to contact my daughter who was born in Cape Town early April in 1967. Her birth name was Carol Trevelyan.
9th April 1967 Sunday Tracy Collingridge is trying to locate her brother, who was born in Salisburg at the Lady Chancelor
12th April 1967 Wednesday A gentleman namely Cor Bezuidenhout born in Wynberg and probably born as a baby Hattingh, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER., Who was a kindergarten teacher at the time. She had Red curly hair, Medium build, and was athletic.
16th April 1967 Sunday. 
22/08/2001 new info
01/09/2002 Found
Baby Belinda Nora McKay (birth name) who was born in Wynberg Cape Town, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER
22/08/2001 New Info: Belinda has established her biological mother's name. ( Full names  on our computer) She was unmarried, English speaking, attended the Methodist church at the time of  Belinda's birth
01/09/2002: I year ago I started my search for my biological mother. I am please to
announce that, my biological mother has been found. I have made contact with her and she is an absolutely wonderful person. We contact each other everyday and meet on weekends. I amazes me how much I look like her and how much we have in common. .
19th April 1967 Wednesday
22/04/2003 New Info
21/11/2003 FOUND
I was registered as Gerda Roets by my biological mother. I Am now 35 years old and searching for my biological mother. I have two children and really need medical information about my biological family.
22/04/2003: Gerda has established that her name was Gerda Maree Roets. Her biological mother's maiden name was Naomi Roets. She was unmarried, Afrikaans-speaking, belonged to the NG Church. The whole adoption was done by the C.M.R. in Port Elizabeth.
21/11/2003: She married another man and had 4 children (my half- brothers and sister). Unfortunately, she was killed in a car accident in 1977. (I was 10 then)
16th May 1967 Tuesday
Found 14/10/2002
Would like information leading to the whereabouts of my biological mother, Elaine Harvey or my biological father. Am a mother myself now of two beautiful children and would like to know where we come from exactly!
19th May 1967 Friday Was jy negentien jaar oud, 'n baba gehad op hierdie dag. Was jy 'n boekhouer, Afrikaans, N.G.Kerk. Het U Swart Hare, groen Ųe, is jy 5vt 7dm lank,vriendelik, netjes, lief vir naaldwerk en kosmaak. Was jy die middelste kind van 3 kinders (n suster English broer) was jou naam FRANCINA ELIZABETH PRETORIUS. Indien Ja, skakel ons dadelik. Jou aangenome dogter Erica Pretorius soek na jou.
5th June 1967 Monday Herman van Niekerk (birthname) born in Pretoria, is looking for his biological parents. Any info will be appreciated
14th June 1967 Wednesday
28/06/2005: FOUND
Biological Mom Elizabeth Anne Falconer is searching for her ADOPTED SON who was born at the Bulawayo General Hospital in Bulawayo Rhodesia, on Wednesday 14th June 1967.
18th June 1967 Sunday Duncan Frost from Zimbabwe is trying to locate his SISTER, who was born at the Lady Chancellor Hospital in Salisbury. Her biological mother is Boni Frost nee Duncan.
10th August 1967 Thursday Brenda Barnard (birth name) would love to meet my biological parents Margaret Elizabeth and Johannes Hendrik Barnard.  They were married on 9th May 1961 but separated on 30th November 1966. Please help me find them!
20th August 1967 Sunday
03/03/2002 New Info
2005 Trudie found BM
22/01/2011 SISTER FOUND
Ek wil graag kontak maak met my eerste ouers. My geboorte naam was Annetjie Groenwald en gebore te Kaapstad.  "How can I know where I'm going, if I do not know where I come from".
03/03/2003: Daar is vasgestel dat my biologiese moeder Anna Aletta Groenewald is.
29th August 1967 Tuesday
New Info 29/9/2010
Stephen Best looking for his biological sister born 29 July\August 1967 or 1968 in Cape Town. She was named Nicolene or Nicolette at birth. Her biological mother is Viola Ada Swanepoel.New parents could be a Doctor and Matron, or close friends of Viola & Ronald.
New Info 29/9/2010: my mothers maiden name "Swanepoel"
and the name of my sister at birth was apparently Nicolene or Nicolette:
Your adoption was arranged through the Catholic Womens league......It was to late that your grandparents had given you up for adoption....
9th September 1967 Tuesday A young man namely Andrew Bird,  was born in Salisbury, he was adopted soon after birth, Andrew now wants to find his biological mother KATHLEEN JEAN MEDHURST nee RUSSELL.
14th September 1967
Searching for biological mother, I was born on 14 September 1967 at Lady Rodwell Maternity Hospital, Bulawayo, (Rhodesia) Zimbabwe. I am a married mother of one.
5th October 1967 Thursday
15/05/2002 New info
I was born on the 5th October 1967 at the Marymount hospital in Johannesburg and am looking for any details on my biological parents. My name is Samantha Thompson (nee Ziehl)
15/05/2002 New info:  I apparently spent almost 18 months at Cotlands as NORAH did not want to sign the consent papers. She was an unmarried Roman Catholic and 18 years old at the time.
9th October 1967 Monday Graeme Read - Born 9th October 1967 in Salisbury / Harare, Zimbabwe. Adopted 1 month later. Now seeking either info or contact with biological parents as I now have a son and his full family and medical history is important.
14th October 1967 Wednesday Another adoptive mother is assisting her adopted son, born as Gustaff Olivier probably in Johannesburg to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.
20th October 1967 Friday Rhona or Rhoda Proudfoot (birth name) a female adoptee, born in Bloemfontein, is trying to find her biological mother, RHONA OR RHODA PROUDFOOT. (maiden name)  She had 2 sons aged about nine and eleven years old at the time of adoption.
23rd October 1967
A Birth Mother seeking Adoptee born 23 October 1967 in Addington Hospital, Durban. Adoption Officer, Mrs, Marais from CMR, Durban. Baby named Mario Elliott on first Birth Certificate.
Mother's name: Sonia Elliott.
5th November 1967 Saturday Marietjie Cronje (birth name) is a female adoptee who is trying to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Marietjie was born in Montague. No further details are available at this time.
28th November 1967 Tuesday Hi. My name is Sheena I am looking for my son who I named Rob. He was born in Pretoria . If you are out there please contact me.
29th November 1967 Wednesday My name is Louis Andrew. I think I was born in East London on the 29 November 1967. I do not have any more details. My life will not be complete until I find my birth mother.
5th December 1967 Tuesday.
16/03/2004 New Info
04/04/2004 New Info
Wouter Johan Oberholster (geboorte naam) wil graag sy biologiese ouers (en broers en susters) probeer vind na 35 jaar. Biological mother was unmarried, 1st year student College (Stellenbosch?), her father was a bank manager, all details very scetchy.
16/03/2004: My biological fathers parents were thought to have been farmers from the Klawer / Upington area;
I was born in the Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands, Cape Town ; My biological motherís parents initially decided to keep me, but later decided against it and the adoption went through.  
04/04/2004: My biological motherís name was Elsie, i.e.
Elsie Oberholster.
12th December 1967 Tuesday. Tracy-Lyn writes - My father, Hendrik van Staden, would love to see his son again, IAN WAYNE VAN STADEN, he last saw his son in Rhodesia, biological mother moved to S.A. with son when he was a child.
29th December 1967 Friday A baby girl named Jaqueline Angelique Gloy at birth and born in Delmas, who was adopted through the CMR is now searching for  her biological father ANDY or ANDREW LACEI or LACAY. Her mother M.M. Gloy has since passed away, but was not married to Jaqueline's biological father.

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