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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


3rd January1966 Monday
  31/8/2000 New Info: 29/10/2000 New info:
27/04/2001: New Info


Just after celebrating new years day a MISS MONK gave birth to a baby boy at the Convent in Pinelands, Cape Town. She may have named him Jonathan Monk. She was forced to give him up for adoption. File No. 74/34448 or C40/66. This baby now known as Brendan wishes to find MISS MONK.
31/8/2000: Brendan has now advised us that he has been told who his biological mother is. (Name on our computer) She was 19 years old when he was born. Marilyn was British and came to South Africa at age 1 year. She was a member of the Methodist church and lived at , Kenilworth, Cape Town. 29/10/2000: She had fair hair, blue eyes, 5ft 4in tall and weighed 176 pounds. Biological father is JACK VAN HEERDEN. 27/04/2001: Brendan's BM was at first married to a Mr. Cronje and then to a Mr. du Toit. She lived in Riversdale on the South Coast.

4th January 1966 Tuesday Biological mother searching for adopted daughter born 4th January 1966 at Lady Rodwell, Bulawayo, Rhodesia.
She was born on 4th January 1966 at the Lady Rodwell Maternity Nursing Home in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. I have reason to believe that the late Sr A Arkell MBE (father's great aunt) had something to do with the adoption as she was closely linked with child welfare in Rhodesia at the time.  I, the biological mother married her father two years later and we subsequently had two other children.  This of course makes her a full blooded sister to them both.  Her sister is in London and her brother is in New Zealand with his wife and two children.  Unfortunately their father died fourteen years ago and I remarried, but am now divorced. Both her brother and sister would also love to have contact.
9th January 1966 Sunday
"Early into the new year of 1966, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in Pretoria. I named him David Levy. Since he was adopted I have always missed and thought of him. I believe that soon we will meet again after all these years.
28th January 1966 Friday
25/04/2003 New Info
09/05/2003 FOUND
Looking for biological mother, to let her know that all has worked out great - had a great childhood, very successful in business and now have a great family of my own - Thanks for a tough decision. I was born in Bulawayo.
25/04/2003: My biological mother's name is (we have her full names) 
(Surname may have changed since divorced) DOB is 1939 - Last know worked in QWE QWE Zimbabwe in 1966.

5th February 1966 Saturday

Jurie Van Wyk a male adoptee with green eyes and blond hair was born to SUSARA VAN WYK at the HF. Verword Hospital in Pretoria. Jurie now wishes to trace his biological mother.

19th February 1966

I gave you (my son Sean born in Pretoria) away because I could not give you the opportunities and upbringing I wanted you to have.  I have looked for your face in the crowd on countless occasions and I have never stopped loving you.  My wildest dream is that one day I will experience the miracle of meeting you. 

23rd February 1966 Wednesday
07/04/2003 New Info
Ek Francois is opsoek na 'n suster, ongeveer 3 tot 5 jaar ouer as ekself. Sy is as kind in pleegsorg by 'n ongetroude tante in Pretoria geplaas en ons verneem sy het in onderwys gestudeer. 
07/04/2003: Hulle biologiese moeder is Maria Magdalena Naude (Gebore), Getroud Coverwell, Greyling en toe Norris.
27th February 1966 Sunday
1/2/2006 FOUND
Mac Van Rooyen (birth name) wishes to trace his biological mother, Rachel Charlotte Van Rooyen urgently.
28th February 1966 Monday Looking for sister, think she was born in1962, last known address was in Bertrams in Johannesburtg. Mother s last address was President street, Johannesburg in 1990. Surname at birth was Britts first name maybe Martina. Our MOTHERS name was Susanne Sophia Britts,Father Johannes J Britts. Believe would be Afrikaans.

8th March 1966 Tuesday

My name is Glen Dove, I was born on 8/3/1966 in Durban. I would like to make contact with my biological mother.

9th March 1966 Wednesday

Rowean Misplon (birth name) a female adoptee, who was born in Cape Town, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER probably a MISS MISPLON.

11th April 1966 Monday

Pieter Veldman (Birth name), now Pieter Loftus would like to find his biological Mother Petro Johanna Isobel Veldman (maiden name).born 27th December 1948.18 at the time of Pieter's birth. She was a secretary in the Free State. Her father was presumably a bus driver born 1945. Pieter was born at Mowbray Hospital, Cape Town. His biological father is Willem Bouer. and was presumably a bus driver born 1945.

2nd May 1966 Monday

My name is Jacqueline. If you are a biological mother who gave birth to a baby girl on this day in Johannesburg, then had to have her adopted, please make contact. I very much would like to meet you.

3rd May 1966 Tuesday

A baby boy born as Hendrik Kröhn and given up for adoption on 23rd September 1966, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Hendrik was born in Johannesburg

3rd May 1966 Tuesday
FOUND 11/10/2004

Ek Elaine Beverley Lombaard is opsoek na my biologiese moeder Margaret Rose Lombaard was met tye van my geboorte woonagtig te 5 Northdene Laan in Brakpan, sy was ongeveer 13 jaar oud toe ek gebore is. Sy is later getroud met Lodewyk Jansen Van Rensburg. Haar geboorte datum is 21 of 25 Augustus 1953. Haar broer Desmond Ronald Lombaard of haar seun Lodewyk Jansen Van Rensburg Jr. kan ons ook dalk help.

9th May 1966 Friday.   

NEVILLE HOWATT  a biological father, who may have been a teacher in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) is being sought by his adopted daughter Cheryl Cauvin. Cheryl was born in Bulawayo and adopted on 19th May 1966. Her biological mother is JEAN PATRICIA Mc MULLEN nee DOUGLAS. Come on Neville give us a call.

6th June 1966 Monday

Bonita (birth name) is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER for medical reasons. Bonita was born in Wynberg Cape. No further details are available

29th June 1966 Wednesday

Janine Malyon a female adoptee who was born in the beautiful little town of Ndola, Zambia, writes: I would like to find my BIRTH MOTHER, and any help would be much appreciated, I believe she may now be living in South Africa.  Thanks.  Janine.

6th July 1966 Wednesday:
10/12/2000 New Info

Amanda (birth name) who was born at the Magdalena Tehuis in Cape Town is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available. 
10th December 2000: Amanda has established her biological mother's name.

12th July 1966 Tuesday

Francois Smit wishes to trace his adopted sister MARIE THIART or THEART (birth name) who was born at Magdalena Tehuis (City/Town unknown) No further details are available.

17th July 1966 Sunday

Irene Van Rooyen (birth name) is searching for her biological parents. I would love to have more information regarding medical issues.

27th July 1966 Wednesday
21/05/ 2002 New info

A girl (Karen Ferreira) was born on 27 July 1966 in Durban. Looking for biological father. He is English speaking with blond hair and blue eyes. Biological mother's name was Aletta Yvonne Ferreira (born 12 Sept 1944). Was adopted through Christelik-Maatskaplike Raad of Durban.
Karen's biological mother was Aletta Yvonne Ferreira / Ras.  she died in 1987. 
I am hoping that my Biological mother's children (2) from her marriage to a Mr. Hendrik Willem Ras will see this or maybe some of her family to let me know what my biological father's name is.

11th August 1966 Thursday

JOEY LOUISE GROBLER (birth name) is a female adoptee born in Johannesburg, wishes to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHERJOHANNA SUSARA GROBLER who was one of five sisters, who lived on a farm near Johannesburg.

12th August 1966 Friday
Found 23/08/2010
I am searching for my biological mother Susan Claire Pinder  born on 11/01/1948 or biological father Leondion Constantinou Panicos.  I was born at Mothers Hospital Durban 12/08/66 named Jane Gwendolynne Pinder.  I accept if they don't want to see me but I just want to know if they are still alive and well.  I have only just found out that I was adopted, when my adoptive mom passed away recently.

13th August 1966 Saturday
27/08/2003 New Info
10/09/2004 FOUND

On 13 August 1966, a baby boy was born in the Queen Victoria Hospital in JHB. The biological mother was 17 yrs of age at the time. He was adopted by a couple from Roodepoort. This boy would like to make contact with his biological mother. He respects her choice of giving him up for adoption at the time.
27/08/2003: The baby boy, born in the Queen Victoria Hospital in Hillbrow, on 13 August 1966, was given the names Lawrence Gregory Wilmot, by his biological mother.

20th August 1966 Saturday

Another Port Elizabeth baby namely Marietha Esterhuizen (Birth name) wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.  It is believed that her parents may have been married at the time and that there could be other brothers and sisters.

26th August 1966 Friday

A baby girl born in the Queen Victoria hospital in Johannesburg and who was named Elmarie Swanepoel at birth, is searching for her biological mom H.M.A. SWANEPOEL. She had blond hair, blue eyes, was 1 of 6 or 8 children. During 1965 twins were born into the family.

2nd September 1966 Friday

Kevin Smiley a male adoptee who was born at the Park Lane Clinic in Parktown Johannesburg want to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at present.

17th September 1966 Saturday

Veronica a female adoptee born in Virginia, Orange Free State is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available.

29th September 1966 Thursday
13/10/2003 New Info

I am looking for my biological mother, maiden name Kotze. She gave me up for adoption through the CMR in Cape Town, she was 20 years old at the time. My name was Reneker Kotze, male.
I would love to make contact and meet her. If anyone knows of persons who could help, please make contact.
13/10/2003: Reneker Kotze's biological mother's name is Jacoba Johanna Laubsher Kotze, born on 7 January 1946. Her family lived in Springbok, Northern Cape and that she herself moved around quite a lot in the Northern Cape whilst working for Spoornet.

3rd October 1966 Monday

Gert van Niekerk (present name), a male adoptee has brown eyes and brown hair. He wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL PARENTS. No further information is available at present.

6th October 1966 Thursday

Jannie De Swardt (birth name) was born in Wynberg, is searching for his biological mother Maria Magdalena De Swart, who lived in Bellville Cape Town at the time of my birth.

2nd November 1966 Wednesday
18/10/2002 New Info

Lindsey Prinsloo nee Claasens looking for son Robert Claasens born on !st or 2nd November 1966 at moedersbond in Pretoria.
18/10/2002:I was forced by my parents to give him up for adoption. Not a day goes by that I do not think of him. I have made enquiries and have been informed me that both the adoptive Mother and Father have passed away, and therefore cannot give me any further information about the adoption which took place in 1967. They are not sure whether he was told of his adoption and therefore are reluctant to contact him. My date of birth is 15/09/1950.

15th November 1966 Tuesday

Pamela Cornel writes to her biological mother FELICITY CORNELL as follows: Dear Mum,
I think about you a lot, especially on my birthday, when I can feel you thinking of me.  I want you to know that you gave me a wonderful life, my parents are wonderful people, and I love them very dearly.  We are good friends and have a sound family relationship, full of love, laughter, support and caring.  I am an only child.
I thank you from the depths of my heart for carrying me for 9 months and unselfishly sharing your body and your life force with me.  I cannot imagine how difficult your decision was, I both thank and admire you for it.  I would so love to meet you, an amazing woman who has been a deep part of me all my life. 
Love Dyanne (Pamela)

25th November 1966 Friday

A biological mom, Rosemary wishes to find her adopted daughter. She was named JOANNE MOMOGOS at birth. She was born in the Princess Alice Nursing home in Johannesburg.

1th December 1966 Thursday

Adopted Daughter of Bridgette Nel (maiden name) from Johannesburg, born at Ou Moedersbond, Pretoria and stayed at the Fatima House, in Pretoria North prior to the birth would like to make contact with her biological mother Brigette Nel.

5th December 1966 Monday

Suna-ILLse a female adoptee born in Port Elizabeth as MOYRA VAN ROOYEN and who was adopted through the Child welfare is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER.

7th December 1966 Wednesday

The hardest thing I ever had to do was  say good-bye. I did this for the best of reasons, you were so loved, I was only wanting the best in this  world for you. Not a day goes by when I don't think of my beautiful son.

11th December 1966 Saturday

Louis Albertyn a male adoptee, is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was born in Wynberg Cape Town and has blue eyes and light brown hair. His biological mother was a Miss de Goede

21st December 1966 Wednesday
20/11/2000 New Info

A baby girl (now Alison Barnard) adopted on the 2nd of January 1967 in Pretoria through "Die Kindersorg" is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, who was unmarried, was a typist, 23 years of age, light with blue eyes and is 5ft. 8in tall at the time of birth. The biological father was a well known South African Sportsman.
20/11/2000: Alison was born as Helen Morris, her biological mother's maiden name was HELEN (rest of name withheld) She was English speaking and came from Carltonville.

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