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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1963 I would dearly like to find my adopted son, I was at St clares for the duration of my pregnancy I believe he was adopted by a professional couple he weighed almost 10Lbs at birth. I was told they where emigrating I have searched for years

In 1963 I gave up my baby boy James.I was too young to give him a home. I would love to be able to hold him and tell him how much I love him and have loved him all these years. He was born in the Marymount Johannesburg hospital.

3rd January 1963 Thursday

I would like to contact Barbara Elizabeth Bowne who lived in Bulawayo, Rhodesia in 1962/3 or anyone who knew her.

11th January 1963 Friday.
18/10/2000: Joanie has found her Biological Mother.

Joanne Renetta Atkinson (birth name) born in Pretoria, is searching for her biological mother who was known as a Mary Atkinson, and who lived at 5 Graaff Cresent, Bulawayo, Rhodesia. She came to Pretoria from Rhodesia for the birth of Joanne, and was born on 5th August 1940. At the time she was young and unmarried.
18/10/2000: Joanie has found her BM, and is now corresponding with her.

13th February 1963 Wednesday

Michael Smith (a baby boy) was born in the Groote Schuur or Mowbray hospital in Cape Town to a young lady called JESSICA DE WIT. She was unmarried at the time but has since married and has the name JESSICA KENT. She may be now living in the Gordons Bay, Strand or Somerset West area. She has another son namley RODNEY DOUGLAS CAIRNS who was legally adopted. Date of Birth 19th March 1961. ID. 610319 5224 080. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Jessica or Rodney, please call.

13th February 1963 Wednesday

We are searching for Davis Irene van der Vyfer who gave birth to Theuns van der vyfer. Her date of birth and Id number are unknown. The baby was born in the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital in Johannesburg. Her last known address was 89 - 9th Ave. Bezuidenhouts Valley Johannesburg.

22nd February 1963 Friday
24/03/2001: New Info

On this day Rosemarie Webster gave birth a baby boy At the Mariefont Maternity Home in Pretoria, she named him ANTHONY TERRANCE WEBSTER. (birth name). Soon afterwards Anthony was adopted through the Catholic Adoption Agency. It is believed that he was adopted by a doctor and his family residing in Pretoria at the time. 
24/03/2001 Rosemarie has been advised that her son has been found,

16th March 1963 Saturday

Deon Stanley Van Winkel (Birth name)is looking for his Birth Parents & maybe sisters/brothers. He was born in Welkom March 1963. He found out by accident that he was adopted when his adopted Mother died in January 2004.

20th March 1963 Wednesday

A baby boy named John Anthony Allan by his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER DOREEN, wishes to trace her. John was born in Durban and adopted on 5th April 1963. (Mother's full names available).

3rd April 1963 Wednesday

My name is Al. I am trying to find out who my biological parents were or might still be. I was born in Bulawayo in Rhodesia.

May 1963 I have recently found out that I have a half sister that was adopted out in 1963 In Johannesburg, SA and would dearly love to locate her.  Our mother's maiden name was Swanepoel.  Our mother was in an orphanage most of her life and was unmarried at the time she had my sister in about May 1963.

1st May 1963 Wednesday
7th May 2006 New Info


Michael Luck born as Owen gibbon in the South Rand Hospital in Johannesburg  and adopted through the Johannesburg Child Welfare,is looking for his biological mother KATHLEEN GIBBON (Maiden name). Kathleen resided in Johannesburg at the time of adoption. Mr. George Lymber may be able to help with the search.
07/05/2006: Michael's biological sister (on his father's side called today from Greece.

8th May 1963 Wednesday:
29/08/2001: New Info
FOUND 15/04/2007

Danny Halsall (birth name) is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Danny was born in Cape Town, has brown hair, blue eyes. No further details are available at this stage. 
29/08/2001.New info: Danny's biological mother was/is JOY FLORENCE HALSALL.

15/04/2007: Danny's brother who was also adopted called us today.

8th May 1963 Wednesday
FOUND 15/04/2007

Will anyone knowing the whereabouts of DRUMMOND GRIESEL or JOY FLORENCE HALSALL (Maiden name) please contact us.
15/4/2007: We have found Joy's oldest adopted son called Garry. We have been informed that Joy was found several years ago by her other adopted son and her Grandson, who placed this advert.

23rd May 1963 Thursday

A young lady namley SARAH ELIZABETH BROWN of Ndola Northern Rhodesia, (Now Zambia) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in Lusaka, then was forced to give the baby up for adoption. It is presumed that an attorney arranged for the adoption. Sarah your baby girl now known as Sian Jones is searching for you.

1st June 1963 Saturday

Ek Jacobus Kruger gebore in die  Wellington Distrik wil baie graag my ouers leer ken en my sisters en broers, as ek het. Dit sal n' plus punt in my lewe wees. ASB gee my n' kans.

23rd June 1963 Sunday

My adoptive parents named me Elmarie. I wish to trace my biological mother, who gave me life in Alberton, on that cold, sunny day of June 1963. I have brown hair and Hazel eyes.

26th June 1963 Wednesday

My moeder was 'n mej Hefer en my oupa 'n Mnr. Andries Johannes Hefer van die Bloemhof distrik. Ek is gebore in Potchefstroom op 26 Jun 1963. Aangeneem in Kimberley op +_ 29 Junie 1963.

19th July 1963
Trevor has found his brother.

Trevor Swartz. 35 years old. Lives in Randburg was an orphan, is looking for HESTER JOHANNA ELIZABETH SWARTZ   (Nee Van der Skyff nee Jordaan) his Birth Mom and his brother STEVEN VAN DER SKYFF Skyff who was born in 1961, attended Malvern West school in 1968 and Joubert Park School in 1971, Steven presumably lives in Edenvale Gauteng.
Trevor has found his brother, who has advised him that his mother is deceased

1st August 1963 Thursday
30/5/2006 New Info
22/11/2009 FOUND
It would be wonderful to know something about my biological parents to share with my children and to know the medical history, family genes and likenesses which are a mystery to me.  I was blessed with wonderful loving adoptive parents and seek only information - a relationship would be a bonus. I was born in Bulawayo.
BM's name was Merinda de Wet, born in the Orange Free State on 3 JULY, 1945.

22nd August 1963 a Thursday 
New Info 04/10/2001

A baby girl born in Bulawayo to a young schoolgirl who came from a good home, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. It is believed she was of British decent. The biological father may have been a tool or instrument maker. 
New Info 04/10/2001 Baby Girl writes: I'M FOUND !!! 

My birth father found a posting for me on an adoption site, contacted the site, they contacted me ... we are now corresponding through the site and everything is wonderful!!! Thank you for providing such a valuable service ... it was such a relief to find a site specifically dedicated to those of us connected to Southern Africa.

27th August 1963 Tuesday

Adoptee named Paul Eugene Sherwood, born August 27, 1963 in Salisbury, Rhodesia. I am 39 years old, have blue eyes, and had blonde hair at birth. Was adopted by American missionaries stationed at Rusombo. Adoption paper says adopted at Bindura. Sorry I don't know any more Mom, but that's how sketchy life has been without you.

11th September 1963 Wednesday

Swedish adoptee looking for her biological father, JOHN THOMAS ROBINSON. Born 29th August 1930, or half siblings in South Africa. Anyone knowing wheabouts, please get in touch. John worked for Borini Prono in Nigeria in 1963.

13th September 1963 Friday

Karen Raubenheimer is a female adoptee who is searching for her biological mother, AGNES BARBARA LOWE, (maiden name). Karen was born in Pretoria.

14th September 1963 Saturday

Biological mom Dale Barry (maiden name) wishes to trace her adopted daughter who she named ZELDA BARRY. She was born in Claremont Cape. Her biological father is G. de Koch

19th September 1963 Thursday

I would love to let Kathleen and Rui know that they are the grandparents of 4 gorgeous children, including 10 month old twin girls, Erin & Hanna.  Look into Guy's boys beautiful dark brown eyes with l o n g eyelashes and tell me where they come. Where does Luc's amazing imagination come from?  I'd love to know.  Please.......

7th October 1963 Monday
21/01/2002 New info

An adoptee with blue eyes and dark curly hair named Felicity Hall, wants to find her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Felicity was born in Salisbury in the old Rhodesia. It is believed thet her BM was Catholic and possibly married.
21/01/2002: I have some additional information to add to my details:
Birthplace: A mission station (run by Nazareth House sisters?) at Ruwa, near Salisbury. Adoption arranged privately by a female Dr Decker

22 October 1963 Tuesday Girl born 22nd October 1963 at Maryfont Nursing Home Johannesburg and named Frances Gregor at birth is looking for her birthmother. Adoption arranged through Catholic Women's League.

27th October 1963 Sunday: 
28/11/2000: New Info: 30/04/2001 new info

A baby girl named Anne Frost at birth in Cape Town and then adopted on 06/11/1963, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER (full names known) , both biological parents are from Cape Town.
28/11/2000: It has been established that contact was made with the biological mother and father, they both however declined to meet their daughter. 
30/04/2001/ Anne writes: I had a fantastic reunion with my father in Cape Town.


30th October 1963 Wednesday

Adele a female adoptee born as Yvonne Ladner in Klerksdorp is searching for her Biological mother, name unknown. Yvonne was adopted through the Stilfontein Child Welfare on 14th November 1963.

15th November 1963 Friday

I was adopted at 10 days old as a baby girl by Anna & Murdoch MacKenzie, after being born on the 15th of November 1963 at the 2nd Military Hospital, Wineberg, Cape Town. Apparently my birthmother was 35 years old, unmarried and not able to support me. I would love to find her, if she is still alive! I think her surname was Farmer.

11th December 1963 Wednesday

Jacobus Van der Westuizen (birth name) a male adoptee wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He was born in Wynberg in the Cape Province.

18th December 1963 Wednesday

Ronald Charles Jack born in Johannesburg is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, She was apparently in matric. Biological father was a motor car salesman. Her parents were of english origin. Ronald writes: I would like to have a medical history report of my biological mother (and father if possible)

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