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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Date of Birth
 1961 Exact Date Unkown I am searching for my biological brother who I believe was born sometime in the last part of 1961. The exact date is not known but we are desperate to hear from him. I believe he would have a very light skin and possibly red hair as our Mom had red hair. He has 2 biological sisters and 1 biological brother and we would love to complete the circle and get to know him.
4th January 1961 Wednesday Cornel Lombardt (Birth name) born in Pretoria is searching for her biological mother FRANCINA LOMBARDT, (maiden name) who was from Bloemfontein and was unmarried at the time.
24th January 1961 Tuesday HANLIE VAN NIEKERK, (maiden name) who resided in Springbok, gave birth to a baby boy Heinrich Van Niekerk at Buxton House Cape Town on 24th January 1961, and was forced to give him up for adoption. HANLIE your baby has grown into a fine man and is now searching for you.
11th February 1961 Saturday

     HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN? CONNIE DU TOIT, her adopted daughter Cheryl Deirdre born in Pietermaritzburg is now trying to locate the mother who gave her life. CONNIE lived with Cheryl's adoptive parents      ( The Linsley-Noakes) before the birth in Chapel Street P/Maritzburg.      Cheryl inherited her Biological mother's Brown hair, brown eyes, receding top jaw and a gap in her front teeth.

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10th March 1961 Friday Sharon Folcher (birth name) is searching for her biological mother or any information re adoption of Christina Alice Folcher born in Cape Town on 10th march 1961.
14th May 1961 Sunday Lisa a baby girl born at ST. Augustines in Durban, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at present.
22nd June  1961 Thursday Pa Henning,dankie, ek weet pa kon nie anders nie. Wonderlike ouers het my aangeneem ek sal net graag meer wil weet van my biologiese familie.
30th June 1961 Friday I was named Shelby Dawson after birth. I am looking for my biological father. My mother is June Wilkin (Dawson) born 30 June 1943.My grandmother adopted me. Her name is Annette Zimmerman. Maybe if anyone remembers the family I would be able to get some information. At the time they lived in East London
18th August 1961 Friday
17/05/2004 New Info
15/07/2004 FOUND
Looking for my birth mother. I was born in Port Elizabeth in August 1961, and adopted immediately. My adopted mother has recently died of Altzheimers. 
17/05/2004: My biological mothers' maiden name was Hilary Anne Featherstone. She was from a farm in the district of Miller in the Eastern Cape. She named me Beaulah, which is unusual spelling.
27th August 1961

Iím looking for my biological parents and my children are wanting to know our family history.
Details of Adoption:
Magistrates Ref no 33/1/2-13/61
Registrars Ref No SWC. 66 / 40341 (c)

Entry number 4027 / 1961

19th September 1961 Tuesday
16/08/2009 FOUND
Baby Pieter Ernest Janse Van Rensburg (a male adoptee) wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER who lived in Durban at the time of Pieter's birth. She was born on 23/08/1943, her last known address was Braamfontein. Mothers full names are known.
16/08/2009: Pieter's biological brother phoned Adoption Reunions, and is very excited. Pieter's biological mother is still alive.
3rd October 1961 Tuesday Jean-Paul de Villiers is seeking his biological mother. He was born in Port Elizabeth.
3rd October 1961 Tuesday Amanda is looking for her biological mother.  I don't know any details about her.  She apparently was a 16 year old school girl when I was born in Bulawayo.
12th October 1961 Thursday Barbara Rightfoot Robertson (birthname) who was born in Cape Town at the Mowbray Maternity Home wishes to find her BIOLOGICAL FATHER. He may remember Barbara"s Biological mother Helen, who was unmarried at the time and came from Rhodesia.
20th October 1961
A male adoptee , Ian Huyser who was born in Johannesburg, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this stage.
27th October 1961 Friday
I am looking for my biological mother, Ernestine Louise Engelbrecht who gave her daughter, Charmain Mary Ann up for adoption 04 June 1963 in Harare.  I was born 27 October 1961 in Lusaka Zambia and believe that my Grandmother looked after me.  I have so many questions? Any information relating to my mother i.e living or deceased would be beneficial.
4th November 1961 Saturday William Ernest Rasmussen, (birth name) looking to trace my biological mother as well as any brothers and sisters which I may have.
18th November 1961 Saturday Ek is op soek na my biologiese moeder Hermina Sophia Christina Maria Oosthuizen. Ek is gebore 18 November 1961 in Brakpan as Karlien Liebenberg.
21st November 1961  Tuesday
17/07/2001 New Info
09/10/2002 Found
23/02/2003 New Info
It is of great importance that the lady who gave birth to a baby boy at the Lady Chancellor Nursing Home in Salisbury, Rhodesia on 21st November 1961 contact us A.S.A.P. John Keith Rowland Urgently needs to find his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. The adoption file is B/E NO SB7 or Y/2851/61.
17/07/2001 New info: Keith was born as William Wolno, his BM is
09/10/2002: Biological mother deceased. Biological sister found.
23/02/2003 Keith has a cousin in Somerset West(Cape Town) and they met for the first time on Wednesday past.Keith will meet one of his sister over the Easter weekend. One of the Aunt's will also be coming down from Pietermaritzburg during April.
22nd November 1961 Wednesday
29/05/2003 FOUND
Urgently looking for my half brother Wynand Van Rensburg, (present name), Allan George Reynolds  or Rousseau (birth name) or before returning to America at the end of October 2002.
2nd December 1961 Saturday An male adoptee who was adopted the day after Christmas 1961, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Gavin Rees was born in Cape Town, and may have been named Ferdinand von Mollendorf
20th December 1961 Wednesday Christell Goss (Birth name) a female adoptee is searching for her Biological father namely NORMAN DE VILLIERS who lived in Pretoria at the time of her birth. Her biological mother was Hannetjie Goss at the time
28th December 1961 Thursday
27/01/2009 found
A biological mom is searching for my son born 28th December 1961 at the Lady Rodwell in Bulawayo. Birth date may be a little earlier.
27/01/2009: the adopted son contacted Adoption Reunions from Hong Kong.

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