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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


25th January 1959 Sunday.  Iris De Villiers is searching for her adopted brother named ANTON VAN WYK at birth. It is believed he is now ANTON JACOBS. He was born in cape Town.. 
1st February 1959 Sunday Charlene Van Heerden (Birth name) is a female adoptee who wishes to trace her biological mother PAULINA MARIA VAN HEERDEN (maiden name). Charlene was born in Pretoria, she has brown hair and breen eyes.
8th February 1959
 I was born in Addington Hospital on 8 February 1959, I am 44 years old and would like to obtain some idea of who my biological parents were and if I have any other biological siblings.
25th March 1959 Wednesday A baby girl named Delice Margueritte Mapp at birth, who was born in Johannesburg, would to attain information about her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Delice was adopted on 13th February 1960. She probably lived with her biological mother for the first ten months of her life.
 1st April 1959 Wednesday 
12/03/2005 FOUND
12/03/2005 New Info
05/05/2005: SISTER FOUND
Oop soek na biologiese moeder Martha Catharina Dorothea Janse van Rensburg. Gebore te Bloemfontein, het in Dealsville gewoon voor verhuis het na Rhodesia in Oktober 1959.
12/03/2005: Found. But biological mother refuses to meet her adopted son.
12/03/2005: Now searching for adopted sister from same biological mother, who was born about one year later.
1st April 1959 Op soek na moeder Martha Catharina Dorothea Janse van Rensburg. Ek is gebore te Bloemfontein het in Dealsville gewoon voor verhuis het na Rodiesia in Oktober 1959
31st May 1959 Sunday Laura Walklett (birth name) a female adoptee who was born in Pretoria and had brown eyes and brown hair, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER probably a MISS WALKLETT who was born in 1944.
June 1959 
04/06/ 2002 Found
Dawie Kruger wishes to find his BIOLOGICAL BROTHER. whose biological mother is Catharina Magdalena Nicklin nee Janse Van Rensburg. He was born in Primrose.
18th June 1959
30/03/2010 FOUND
I was born at the Lady Rodwell hospital in Bulawayo. I am searching for my biological mother.
20th June 1959 Saturday A Gentleman, Stephen Gough, born at the Dalview Nursing Home in Brakpan wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL PARENTS. No further details are available at present.
23rd June 1959 Tuesday


Belinda Wreyford is trying to trace her adopted brother, MARK ANTONY GORDON'S OR SIMPSON (name at birth) born at the Queen Victoria Maternity Home in Johannesburg. Their mother is Valerie Elaine Robinson (nee Gordon). Mark's biological father is Donald Simpson.
16th July 1959 Thursday I was adopted along with my younger sister Cecilia Maria born 5-12-60 at the Landdrost office in Krugerdorp. The commissioner of Child Welfare was A.L.Breedt. Who can help me find my parents and / or family?.
16th July 1959 Thursday My name at birth was Mary Trollip. I was adopted from a Catholic hospital in Warmbaths in 1959. I'm desperately trying to contact my birth mother Enid Robart who lives in Thabazimbi. PLEASE! Contact me. I may have also been a twin.
22nd July 1959 Wednesday Leon Roos 'n manlike aangenome persoon, wie in Kaapstad gebore is, wil graag sy biologiese moeder opspoor. Haar naam is LEA sy is Afrikaans sprekend, was 'n lid van die NG Kerk, was 23 jaar oud en het ses broers en susters.
7th August 1959 Friday Another lady is trying to trace her adopted brother. Esme Bardenhorst wishes to find JACOB BRITS, who was born to Wilhelmina Stephina Du Toit (now deceased) in Pretoria. His biological mother resided in Brakpan at the time.
24th August 1959 Monday George Naude (name at birth), born at the Uitkoms Tehuis in Malvern, is searching for his biological mother in recognition of her strength and love.
2nd September 1959 Wednesday If you gave birth to a  baby girl on this day and gave her up for adoption please contact Adoption Reunions click here.
28th November 1959 Saturday My name at birth was Derick Jansen Van Vuuren. I have heard a lot of different stories as to my birth mother, and am interested to know if I do have an extended family, and if possible would like to get to know them. I know that a Miss Christoper handled the adoption. Looking forward to hear from you. Dave
17th December 1959 Thursday
26/02/2003 FOUND
A baby girl born in Wynberg: Cape Town, now known as Maria Beukes is trying to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Maria was adopted during January 1960.
19th December 1959 Saturday Johan Smith gebore  as Johannes Mathuisen te Bloemfontein, soek na sy biologiese moeder, MAGDELENA MATHUISEN. Sy het in Spoorweg Huis Nr. 3 De Aar gewoon teen tye van Johannes se geboorte. Johannes het 'n kort neus.


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