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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1957 Looking for our biological brother named Carl Zietsman at birth. Born at Moedersbond, Pretoria, in 1957 (I think). Adopted by a Jewish couple from Johannesburg..
7th November 1956 or 1957 If you are a FEMALE ADOPTEE born in Bulawayo Rhodesia on 7th November 1956 or 1957, then you may be the baby that was given up for adoption immediately after birth. Your biological mother Doreen Nellie Wingrave is now searching for you.
10th January 1957 Thursday The biological mother (Vivienne) of EILEEN BORCHER (birth name) wishes to trace the baby girl she gave up for adoption. Eileen was born in Pretoria at the Ou Moedersbond Hospital.
12th January 1957 Saturday Louise Visser (Birth name) is a female adoptee wishes to trace her biological mother PETRO JOHANNA VISSER (maiden name) who resided at Burbank street, Fairview Estate Paarl. Louise was born in Port Elizabeth, was adopted through the C.M.R. and has the adoption file number 266/29530C.
31st January 1957 Thursday
12/11/2001 New Info
Michael Gordon ( birth name) wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. ( Michael was born in Pinelands in Cape Town. He was adopted on 25th February 1957. Michael is looking for his biological mother and/or father to have clarity on this important chapter of his life.
12/11/2001: Biological mother's full names are now known. She resided at 107 Grenada Court, Tamboeskloof Road, Tamboeskloof, Cape Town.
3rd February 1957 Sunday Thilorthambal would really like to know who my biological parents are.  I think all parties concerned in this issue do not want to talk about it.  The Durban Indian Child Welfare has a huge file concerning the Adopted Mother.
14th February 1957 Valentines Day Thursday
17/12/2003 FOUND
A biological mother Sarah Martin (maiden name) is seeking her adopted daughter ROSE ANN STONELL (birth name her present name is unknown). She was born in the Mafeking Hospital and adopted through Child Welfare in Benoni. Her father is Harry Stonell who lived in Mafeking at the time.
17/12/2003: We have been informed that Sarah has found her adopted daughter.
1st March 1957 Friday A baby girl born "Amber Cockcroft" is searching for her biological mother "Mercia Veronica Cockcroft" or any other members of her family.
19th March 1957 Tuesday My birth name was Cheryl-Ann Stagman, born in Durban. I am trying to trace my biological mother. I was adopted six (6) months after birth.
14th April 1957 Sunday Anton Vosloo (birth name) born in Port Elizabeth wishes to trace his biological mother ANNA JOHANNA VOSLOO. She was unmarried, was Afrikaans speaking, she gave permission for the adoption on 27th April 1957. Anton skryf: Ek sal baie bly wees as ek een van my BIOLOGIESE OUERS (ma of pa of beide) of broer(s) of suster(s) kan opspoor en met hulle in verbinding kan tree of hulle met my. Dit sal 'n hoogtepunt in my lewe wees en baie bekommernisse uitskakel om my identiteit te vestig. André was born in Port Elizabeth.
4th May 1957 Saturday
17/09/2002 New info 
I was born as Hester Aletta Bodenstein at the Princess Alice Nursing Home In Johannesburg. I would love to meet my biological mom.
17/09/2002: Hester's biological parents were married at the time of her birth. Both signed the adoption papers. We are now searching for John William and Elena Elizabeth Bodenstein. They resided at 45B Juta Street, Braamfontein during 1957.
21st May 1957 Tuesday ANNA CORNELIA WILHELMINA NEL (maiden name), was forced to put her baby Geraldine Nel up for adoption. Geraldine now wants to trace her biological mother. Geraldine was born in Pretoria, she has brown hair and blue eyes.
8th June 1957 Saturday.

08/01/2006 FOUND

Looking for biological parents and siblings. I am female, dark hair, green eyes.  Born in Lady Chancellor , Salisbury, Rhodesia 8th June1957. Adopted 28/8/58. My biological parents' surname was Farquharson. I believe Father Irish, Mother English. They may have had 4 other children. My biological father was allegedly a mercenary.
14 July 1957 Sunday Baby Denis Van Wyk or Van Wijk wishes to trace his biological mother. He was born in Pretoria. His biological mother is MARA AGATHA MAGDELENA VAN WYK or VAN WIJK, who resided at 25 Queen Street Bertrams Johannesburg at the time.
6th August 1957 Tuesday I did not want to apply until my adopted mother passed away. I have no clue as to identity of biological parents but have been led to understand there are other siblings.
16th August 1957 Friday Ockert Hamilton (birth name) who was born in Nigel wishes to trace family of his Biological Mother who was named MARTINA. It is believed she is deceased.
28th August 1957 Wednesday
20/09/2000: New Info
A baby girl born in Pretoria and named Lynette Beukes after she was adopted is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this stage, but watch this space.
20/09/2000: It has been established that Lynette was named Ronel Coertze at birth. Her BM's name has also been established.
3rd September 1957 Tuesday Sylvia Estelle Strydom (Birth name) wishes to find her biological mother Estelle Strydom, who was engaged to Andries Beyers in 1959 to married in 4th April 1959 studied at Stellenbosh for a  music degree  she was a lecturer in Afrikaans at the university of Pretoria Andries worked as a land surveyor at Germiston.
6th September 1957 Friday
25/07/2005 New Info
PIERRE MINNAAR now DEREK JACKSON born on the 6th September 1957 at moedersbond hospital Pretoria, wishes to get in touch with his biological mother.
25/07/2005 New Info: Pierre's biological mother was Margaretha Getruida Johanna Minnaar.
9th September 1957 Monday Edward Kruger who was born in Wynberg Cape Town writes:I would like to trace my BIOLOGICAL MOTHER whom could be residing in Kwa-Zulu Natal.
19th October 1957 Thursday Ek soek enige van my biologiese familie. Ek is gebore as Frances Patterson in Germiston. Is 3 weke na geboorte aangeneem. Is geregistreer as Cornelia van Jaarsveld.
17th November 1957 Sunday A gentleman Richard Barrow wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Richard was born in Durban, and is now a gentleman his biological mom would be proud of.
2nd November 1957
I really want to meet you mom, if you're still out there. I want to know where I came from, and why you gave me away. I want to let you know you have grandchildren who are beautiful. I turned out gay, but am in a happy relationship at present.
23rd November 1957 Saturday Looking for birth mother, I was born in East London on November 23 1957. On my birth certificate it shows my mothers name as Heath.
3rd December 1957 Wednesday Female adoptee Helen Anne Wallace ( Birth name) writes:- I am looking for my biological mother for closure. Mothers maiden name Margaret Ann Wallace. Margaret was 17 when I was born thus she is 61 this year. Born in Johannesburg.
5th December 1957. Thursday An adoptee that was at the Abram Kriel Kinder Tehuis in Johannesburg, namely Wynand Naude (name before adoption) wishes to trace his FATHER, MOTHER AND BROTHER . His parents are Mr. Nicolaas Marthinus Naude and Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Naude nee
le Roux
8th December 1957 Sunday
16/02/2003 FOUND
Until recently I knew nothing about my birth family. My birth name was Noel Phipps.  Chris Phipps, one of my brothers currently living in northeast South Africa called to fill me in on some of the family details.  After having a bit of time to think - I would like to know more about this extended family from which I originated.
10th December

Margaret Ann who was born on the 10th December 1957 in Salisbury, Rhodesia is looking for her birth mother.  Margaret is married with 2 grown-up children of her own and lives in Cape Town.

27th December 1957 Friday
23/06/2003 FOUND
 Your adopted son, is looking for you. He was born in Johannesburg and adopted through the N.G. Kerk.

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