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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1956/1957 Looking for Kevin Joubert (Swan) who may have been born 1956/7 at Addington hospital in Durban. He was then adopted at about age 2.  We would really like to make contact with you as we have only recently found out about you. Your biological mother was Shirley Gloria Swan (maiden name)
25th February 1956 Saturday Will NEVILLE SMITH who was a bus driver in East London during 1956, please contact us. Your adopted son named Voster Smith at birth, and who was born in East London, wishes to meet you.
20th March 1956 Tuesday Where is MARIA ELIZABETH VERMAAK the biological mother of Hendrika Johanna Vermaak? Hendrika wishes to trace her BM. Her last know address was 115 Von Hagen street Pretoria West.
20th April 1956 Friday I am looking for information about my family history as most of my direct family have passed away. I am Amelda Beale-Roberts (birth name) and was adopted by my step dad at the age of 7 Robert Louis Jones whom married my mother at the time. I have retaken my birth names. My mother and both my dads have passed away and I would like to find out more about my family. please help me as I have been looking for more than 20 years.
29th April 1956 Sunday A female adoptee born as Valerie Ingram in The Far East Rand Hospital in Springs, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. No further details are available at this time.
18th May 1956 Friday Amanda Lombard was born at the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital in Pretoria. She has dark blond hair with green eyes. She wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, whose maiden name was MAGDALEEN BARKHUIZEN.
12th June 1956
Eben Du Toit male adoptee from Zimbabwe. Born in Bulawayo, Searching for his birth mother, JUNE SHIRLEY SAUNDERS. Date of Birth 22 June 1936. Her maiden name was Roswag and was also married to a Mr.Clarke and Robinson. Date of adoption 17th June 1956. June is believed to be in Johannesburg.
22nd August 1956 The biological sister of Magdalena Maryna Van der Watt (birth name) who were the daughters of Magdalena Maria Maryna Van der Watt, nee Becker born 5/9/1924, would like to trace her sister and other siblings. Also see our entry at 4th May 1965.
19th September 1956 It is never to late please, looking for my biological mother born 1956 September 19th, Bulawayo Rhodesia. Who can help with the finding of the Openshaw family who lived in Bulawayo during this time?.
2nd October 1956 Tuesday A baby girl born at Koffeefontein Marietjie Van Niekerk (Name after adoption) is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER Who may have been a MISS DU TOIT. Marietjie has blue eyes and dark hair.
8th October 1956 Monday Adele Simpson (birth name) born at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg, is searching for her biological mom JEANETTE THORNTON nee BOTHA. Her last known address was Margate Airport. She was 19 years old at the time of giving birth. She was born on 18th January 1937.
7th November 1956 or 1957 If you are a FEMALE ADOPTEE born in Bulawayo Rhodesia on 7th November 1956 or 1957, then you may be the baby that was given up for adoption immediately after birth. Your biological mother Doreen Nellie Wingrave is now searching for you.

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