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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

Adoptees' Date of Birth


1955 - 1960. Exact date unknown

Ek is op soek na Justin Hudson. Gebore tussen 1950 English 1960 in Krugersdorp. Hy het vermoedelik 'n gebrek aan een van sy voete of bene gehad. Biologiese Moeder wa Johanna Helen Zwarts (nooiensvan Van der Merwe. Jou suster wil jou graag opspoor.

1955 Exact date unknown

Corrie Harmse wishes to find his biological brother, who was named THOMAS JOHNSON when he was born in Brakpan. His biological mother, who was unmarried at the time was Raghnild Johnson.

13th January 1955 Thursday

A baby girl named Erica Pride (Birth name) is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, name unknown. Erica was born in Johannesburg. No further details are available

23rd April 1955 Saturday Just to attain peace of mind, I LALITHA SINGH (birth name) would like to know where my biological mother CHINTHAMONEY BECHAN nee SINGH is. This question will dwell within me for the rest of my life. Anyone with any information pertaining to her contact details should contact me as a matter of some urgency.

27th June 1955 Sunday

A baby girl born at the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Johannesburg, who was named Deborah Cooke (birth name), is searching for her Biological Mother JOZANNE MARGARET COOKE. (maiden Name) who was born in May 1935. Although she was from Port Elizabeth, she Lived in Bertrams JHB. when Deborah was born.

July 1955

Rose Farquharson was born in Allanridge in the Free State. Her mother Thelma (nee Wiggot) divorced when she was still a baby. She and her sister and brother (Alice and Sam), were placed in the Rhodesia Children's home and then adopted individually. She was renamed Margaret and may now be living in England. Margaret had a God Mother who lived in Pinetown KZN in 1993. One of your biological siblings is looking for you.

19th July 1955 Tuesday

Ronda Van Deventer (Birth name) a female adoptee was only adopted at 18 months of age, after spending sometime at the Elizabeth Benson Home for Babies, in Durban. She wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, her BIOLOGICAL FATHER (names unknown) and her brother PETER VAN DEVENTER.  It is possible that her parents were divorced and therefore put into a home for adoption

23 July 1955 

Seeking for biological sister, Lourina Brits (birth name) Born 23 July 1955 in Cape Town.

23 August 1955 Tuesday

The adopted son of MAGGIE MAGRIETHA CORNELIA JOUBERT namely Walter Martin Joubert (Birth name) wishes to trace his biological mother. She was presumably from Windhoek at the time, and was 17 years old when she gave birth to Walter.

18th September 1955 Sunday

On this day a baby boy was born to Rhona Carstens and Christian Heyns, they named him CHRISTIE HEYNS. As they were not married and as Rhona was under 21 years of age, she was forced to give the baby up for adoption. However, Later the couple married and had a baby girl namely Yvonne Veronica  Collocott who is now searching for her brother.

27th September 1955 Tuesday

Sam Gee from London is searching for her adopted brother, PAUL KINGSLEY (birth name) who was born in Johannesburg. His Mother was called DAWN.

4th October 1955 Tuesday

Francis Gerhardus Roets wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL PARENTS. He was at the Maria Maria Klopper Childrens Home and at The Abraham Kriel Childrens Home until December 1972.

30th October 1955 Sunday
14/11/2004 FOUND

Do not know biological mother's name, was told she was a Rhodesian aged 17, fell pregnant by Greek man (don't know name). She was too young to keep me so she put me up for adoption when I was born in Bulawayo.
14/11/2004: Biological mother found through this website.

8th November 1955 Tuesday
01/10/2002 New Info

Werner soek na sy biologiese moeder. Hy wil net graag weet wat die omstandighede en agtergrond was waaronder ek vir aanneming aangebied was.
01/10/2002 New info: Werner was named John Minnaar at birth. His biological mother was Gerda Minnaar.

26th December 1955 Monday or 26th January 1955  
New Information

ROBIN IVAN PAYNE your brother Barry Patrick Payne is searching for you and your sisters, SHARON PAMELA PAYNE  (Born 24/08/1952) and CHARMAINE PAMELA PAYNE (Born 27/01/1954)(birth names). You and your siblings were placed at Nazareth House Pretoria from 1956 until 1959. Your grandmother then looked after you for a few months, then placed you in Malvern Children's Home in Durban.
Barry has made contact with Robin's adoptive mother


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