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Adoptees Year
of Birth



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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

 Date of Adoptees' Birth


7th January 1954 Thursday

Phillip Harper a male adoptee, born as John Keegan in Johannesburg is seeking his biological mother KATHERINE HYPATEA KEEGAN (Maiden name) who lived in Johannesburg at the time of his adoption.

27th January 1954 Wednesday 

Barry Patrick Payne is searching for his sister CHARMAINE PAMELA PAYNE (Birth name)  (Born 27/01/1954) who was placed in Wylie House in Durban in April 1959. She has an elder sister SHARON PAMELA PAYNE (Born 24/08/1952) and a younger brother ROBIN IVAN PAYNE. (born 26/12/1955 or 26/02/1955) 
Barry has discovered that Charmaine Passed away about 10 years ago

16th February 1954 Tuesday My name is Gertrude I was born in Bulawayo. I have very little to go on other than I was about 4 days old when adopted. Jewish parents adopted me. I am searching for my biological mother.

14th March 1954 Sunday

An adoptee named John Cecil Brunette at birth and born in Bloemfontein to CLARA ISABELLA SWANEPOEL (nee VENTER) (maiden name) is searching for his biological brother. His Biological father is THOMAS MELVILLE BRUNETTE. If your mother or father has the same names please give us a call.

1st May 1954

A male adoptee born at the Queen Vic. Maternity Home as PIETER ANDRIES DELPORT, is searching for his biological mother, CHRISTINA FRANCINA DELPORT (Maiden Name) Pieter was adopted at about three weeks after birth, from a home for unmarried mothers in Bellvue Johannesburg

6th October 1954 Wednesday We are searching for biological mother, Johanna du Plessis who was born on 28th August 1934. She gave birth to Annalize du plessis at the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital in Johannesburg. Her last known address was Steynskraal, Post Office Fortuna, Heidelberg.

21st October 1954 Thursday

Another Cotlands baby Kathleen Stocker is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER (name unknown) Kathleen was born in Johannesburg.

6th November 1954 Saturday

Charlene Van Wyk (birth name) a female adoptee, born at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Johannesburg, and adopted through the Child Welfare on 19th March 1955, is trying to find her biological mother MARLENE VAN WYK, who was born in 1935. Her biological father is Louis Basson.

17th November 1954 Wednesday

I Jan would very much like to meet my biological father. I only know that he comes from big family and musical talent. My biological motherís name was Ethell at the time of my birth.

26th November 1954 Friday

I am trying to contact my birth mother, MARIA MAGDALENA PEPLER. I was registered at birth as LEONIE PEPLER. My natural mother, who was unmarried, gave consent to the adoption on the 2nd DECEMBER 1954, in the presence of the Commissioner of Child Welfare, PRETORIA. Any assistance in tracing her whereabouts, or information regarding my natural father would be greatly appreciated.

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