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This page was last updated on 09 July 2011

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I am looking for my biological sister who was adopted during 1953 and probably born in Brakpan. Our mother was Elizabeth Vorster / Carr (maiden name), who was born on 5th December 1935. Now deceased. The adoption was a private adoption and possibly arranged by a Sister Kruger.

1953 or 1954

Tracey Van Heerden is trying to trace her adopted brother, who was born as GRAHAM (Surname) in Cape Town. His mother was Claudine Cecile Graham at the time of birth. Tracey is not certain about her brother's date of birth. But watch this space.

7th January 1953 Wednesday

John Lesheim who was born in Johannesburg writes: Born to an unmarried mother in Jo'burg on 7-1-53, I am searching for my natural parents and siblings if any. Raised (lovingly!) by a German-Jewish couple, I believe that I am, however, of Afrikaans origin. Possible surname - Pelser. Birth certificate issued 16-7-53, #485/53

12th January 1953 Monday

On 27th March Maria Swanepoel (Birth name) a female adoptee was given up for adoption.  She was born in Pretoria to ELIZABETH SWANEPOEL who she now wishes to contact. Elizabeth was originally from Nylstroom in the Northern Transvaal and was unmarried at the time. Her adoption number is 745/53

21st February 1953 Saturday

Seeking my biological mother, Francis Nola Leyland.   I was born Veronica Leyland on the 21st February, 1953 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. My name was changed to Sandra Spence on adoption.

5th March 1953 Thursday

We are searching for Maria Elizabeth Louw, a biological mother who gave birth to Hester Matilda Brink, presumably in the Queen Vic. in Johannesburg. She was in the uitkomstehuis for unwed mothers. Her last known address was Lemoendraai, Upington.

16th March 1953 Monday

Baby Alice or Dorothy Gilroy wishes to trace her biological mother, who may have been DOROTHY or ALICE GILROY. Baby Alice was born in Durban.

24th March 1953 Thursday

This female adoptee Peggylou (name after adoption) has a light birthmark on her right foot and a mole on her left breast. She wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER who gave birth to her in Durban.

25th March 1953 Wednesday

Catharina Gertruida Smit (Birth name) and her brother David is searching for their BIOLOGICAL FATHER who was Jewish. It is possible that his name is COHEN. Marion's mother MARTHA KATRINA SUSANNA ROUX SMIT was not Jewish at the time. Marion was adopted with her brother David (Date of birth 2nd May 1952) David may have a twin brother. A person who is identical to David was seen on South African TV.  Marion was born in Pretoria.

26th March 1953 Thursday

I desperately need to know who my biological mother or father are or was, just a name would do. I am led to believe that I have about 5-6 brothers and sisters and that Dr Gordon Brander in Salisbury, Rhodesia,/Zimbabwe arranged my adoption.  Any contact with brothers or sisters would be welcome. My adoptive parents are deceased Dr. Brander  Just a name so I might know who I really am. Please help.

6th April 1953 Monday

I am searching for my father's, Ivor Louw (birth name), biological family. He was adopted from Cotlands and was born in Johannesburg. know that he was born into a large family.

14th April 1953 Tuesday

Carol Stein (birth name) a female adoptee, who was born in Johannesburg and adopted through the Alice Adoption Home, Number 1654/53 on 17th July 1953, is seeking her biological mother JEAN. Her father SAMUEL JACK STEIN may be able to help in the search. Jean may remember that Carol had a birth mark on top of her right leg. Jean may have kept Carol for 3 months.

19th April 1953 Sunday

A baby girl Jean Lake born at the Lady Chancellor Hospital in Salisbury, wishes to trace her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER no other details are available.

22nd April 1953 Wednesday

We were adopted in Odendaalsrus.  2 brothers were adopted the same time by the same couple. My adopted father was a policeman and my mother was a teacher.  We 3 children were apparently one weekend left at a farm with friends of my parents and they never came back to fetch us. We were then taken to a children's home where my adopted parents adopted all three of us.  Apparently I, the youngest, was adopted first, and 2 weeks later they adopted my 2 brothers also.  I would really like to know if I have other brothers and sisters.

7th July 1953 Tuesday.
27/12/2000: New info

One bright and sunny winters day MARITA KERWAN a young unmarried Catholic nurse 20 years old, gave birth to a baby girl called Catherine Isobel Kerwan at Frangwen Maternity Home in Johannesburg. Catherine is now searching for her biological mom. Doctor Ivan Orr who may possibly be Catherine's biological father, arranged for her to be adopted. Catherine may have siblings in South Africa. 
27/12/2000 It has been established that Marita Kerwan lived in Krugersdorp but died aged 59 years. Catherine has made contact with her Aunt and has several siblings.

8th July 1953 Wednesday

A male adoptee born in Wynberg Cape Town and named Gerhard Lesch is searching for his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER probably a MISS LESCH. No further details are available at present.

8th August 1953 Saturday
14/04/2002 New info 

Baby Heather Ritchie (birth name) wishes to trace her biological mother, 
VIOLET MAY RITCHIE (maiden name). She also wants to find her BROTHER who was put up for adoption the year before she was born.
14/04/2002 My biological brother who was put up for adoption the year before me.  He was born to the same mother Violet May Ritchie at Addington Hospital on 14th February 1952.  Additional information available is that my biological mother gave him the name Victor.  Shortly after his placement with the adoptive parents they apparently applied to the Minister for special permission to travel overseas with him to somewhere in Hampshire, England.  They apparently needed this  special permission as the adoption papers had not gone through the official courts at that stage.

14th September 1953 Monday

On 14th September I was born in the Benoni / Boksburg Hospital. My name now is Alta and would dearly love to meet my biological mother.

18th September 1953 Friday
22/08/2002 New Info

Ronald Joubert  (Birth name) a male adoptee born 18 Sept. 1953 in Johannesburg  at Queen Victoria Hospital is searching for his biological mother  or any relatives.

26th September 1953 Saturday
20/06/2000: FOUND

WINIFRED DOROTHY MAHER or EDWARD RUSSELL CONDON MAHER your adopted daughter that you named Beverley Ann Maher is searching for you. You resided or may still reside at 146 Currie Road, Durban. Beverley was only adopted on 9th March 1954, so you may have kept her for a few months. 
20/6/2000: Sue has found a half brother Edward (56) and three
Sue has found a Half brother and 3 half sisters half sisters, Sandra, Olive and Yvonne. They are all still looking for their biological mother, who may be living in Cape Town.

27th September 1953 or 1954 Sunday

Sam Gee from London is searching for her adopted brother, PAUL KINGSLEY (birth name) who was born in Johannesburg. His Mother was called DAWN. He may have been born in 1953 or 1954.

1st October 1953 Thursday

George Theron (birth name) a male adoptee born in Mossel Bay, wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, who it is believed was Afrikaans speaking. His biological father was from Scottish decent.

5th October 1953 Monday

Martha Sopia Malan gave birth to Cornell Malan registered as Cornell Jacobs at 03h30 on 5th October 1953 in Pretoria. Cornell was the second of twins, the first born was a girl registered as Suzanna Jacobs. Martha was divorced from Abraham Hugo Malan on 19th April 1949

23rd October 1953 Friday

Are you a biological father with the name NICO NAGEL? Your daughter Lena Coetzee, whom you last saw when she was 15 years old wishes to see you again. You are about 72 to 75 years old.

23rd October 1953 Friday

On 23rd October I gave birth to a baby girl in Cape Town and named her Elizabeth Gradwell. If you are that young lady, I am your birth mother and would love to meet you. Please contact Adoption reunions.

3rd November 1953
Male adopted Nov 1953. Privately arranged, no adoption records are available . Arranged thru Doctor and families . Birthdates may not be 100% accurate as they were sometimes changed in private adoptions . Seeking any info on biological family .

8th November 1953 Sunday

Baby Martha Maria Human born at the East Rand Hospital in Springs, is searching for her BIOLOGICAL MOTHER  MARIA HUMAN. No further details are available at this time.

11th November 1953 Thursday

Johanna Van Heerden is searching for her biological mother. She was born in Germiston. No further details are available at present.

13th November 1953
I am looking for my biological father who stayed in Pietermaritzburg. Arthur Matthews my mothers name was Rene. I was registered as Ingrid Matthews.

12th December 1953 Saturday
18/09/2001 New Info.

Christo Levine a male adoptee who was born in Roodepoort wishes to trace his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. He was adopted on 1st April 1954. 
18/09/2001 Christo has discovered that he was born as Albert Rudolph Schultz, to a young lady namely GUSTIE, who resided at No.1 - 10th street, Mariasburg. Full names available on our computer.

25th December 1953 Saturday

Am I your son ? Born Christmas day 1953, Bulawayo Southern Rhodesia - picture in the Chronicle 27/12/1953. 
To my birth parents: I think about finding you constantly, please make contact - if anyone else reading this remembers the smallest details - please contact this site.

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